Mike Keneally: dprp.net - extensive review of the new album

If you are either a dyed in the world Zappa-Freak or one of Keneally's growing army of supporters you've probably bought this already. If you're not in those categories then I heartily recommend that you listen to the samples and then investigate this album - and the rest of Mike's extensive catalogue - further as the world would be a much poorer place without Mike Keneally. Full review

http://www.keneally.com. From the new Mike Keneally release "You Must Be This Tall" (Exowax EX-2414). Video directed by Dimitriya (http://www.dimitriya.net).

You can get some cool stuff by helping Mike spread the word about "You Must Be This Tall': http://youtu.be/CdWie_xCtCc,
Mike Keneally - "Popes"