Sunday, 22 June 2014

Marco Sfogli: Toontrack EZ Drummer 2 - Metal Machine Library

Here's a video showing the possibilities of EZ Drummer 2 within an already mixed song. No further eq or compression used.

Gear used
Presonus Studio One 2
Ibanez Guitars
DV Mark amps
Toontrack EZ Drummer 2 w/Metal Machine Library

Marco Sfogli - EZ Drummer 2 Playthrough

Tom Quayle, Martin Miller: Duo Clips - Bergamo, Italy 2014

Tom Quayle and Martin Miller Duo Clips
Tom Quayle
Some clips from our recent set of gigs in Bergamo, Italy. Hope you enjoy!

David Furrevig,Misha Mansoor: Being - Anthropocene Invoco - new album features Periphery guitarist

David Furrevig,Misha Mansoor: Being - Anthropocene Invoco

Anthropocene Invoco
Guitar, Synth & Programming: David Furrevig
Drums & Programming: Jason Novalis
Vocals, Lyrics, Piano & Synth: Casprin Haruna
Bass: Will Donnelly (Villains Like You)
Instrumental Production by Taylor Larson & Casprin Haruna
Vocal Production by Spencer Sotelo & Casprin Haruna
Engineering by Will Donnelly & Casprin Haruna
Mixed by Taylor Larson
Mastered by Taylor Larson
Written and Composed at Dualism Studios
Produced and Engineered at Oceanic Recording
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1. Cosmonaut (Misha Mansoor - Periphery) 05:04
2. DNA 05:30
3. Mindflay 03:22
4. Story For A Muse 04:22
5. A Part, Apart (Brian Kohlhoff - An Obscure Signal) 04:28
6. Perpetual Groove 07:19
7. Arcane Academic (Travis Orbin - Darkest Hour) 08:08
8. Escape (I.V. & Royal - The Fresh Republic) 06:34
9. Sorrow 05:12
10. Air Atlantic 03:54
11. The Singularity - Terrans I 06:14
12. The Singularity - Cosmists II 04:44
13. The Anthropocene Epoch 07:51

Víctor Santiago: #Bicio #DVMark Competition

Víctor Santiago with his Bicio DVMark Competition solo

#Bicio #DVMark Competition [Víctor Santiago]

Entry details

Bicio DV Mark "Alien Abduction" Guitar Competition 2014

Ronny Heimdal: Sunday guitar - smoking fusion

Ronny Heimdal TAF Mk2c with 412 Greenbacks Cab (T.Owens).

Dean Wells: Marty Friedman - Inferno solo - more killer guitar

Marty Friedman- Inferno- DEAN WELLS ENTRY

Richard Tull: Marty Friedman Inferno solo - killer soloing

Richard Tull - Inferno solo

News: the Hammer Jammer - hammering device for innovative techniques guitar

Guitar Invention - hammering device for innovative techniques guitar. Also for handicapped players.

The Hammer Jammer was invented in the 90's, with about 2000 samples produced at that time which were never pushed into the mainstream guitar market for a number of reasons. However, Ken McCaw, inventor of the Hammer Jammer, who is also a film composer, used the Hammer Jammer on a trailer for a feature film released in Europe about five years ago. From that, interest for this unique invention began to grow around the world. The demonstration video in this Kickstarter program was posted on YouTube in January 2014, which went viral. It became obvious quickly that this unique invention is now ready for the guitar market. All Hammer Jammer samples were sold within a couple weeks, to players in 60 countries, many of them young guitarists beginning their careers. This Kickerstarter program is for the purpose of building new tools for the device, which will include some requested modifications which will provide additional instrument applications. It has also been learned recently that the Hammer Jammer provides a legitimate and highly useful device for handicapped persons, and players with arthritis and other issues which make finger picking and standard picking technique prohibitive.

Joe Marro: Transcendental Blue Demo Clip: Instrumental

Joe Marro
It's so important to demo your songs, you get a better feel for things. Now I know what I need to work on, take out, and add. I also have been thinking that maybe I need a full-time saxophone player...I know everyone has been jumping on the sax train, because of bands like Tesseract, Ever Forthright, etc...but I first heard sax in metal from Ihsahn and was so impressed. So much I want to do with this project!!!

This is about 80% of the song. I decided to go back through the demo and add a little lead. As you can hear, the intonation is a bit off but these demos are made for my vocalist. Enjoy this little tease.

Jason Becker: Check out my CD ‘Collection.’ from Shrapnel Records

Jason Becker
Check out my CD ‘Collection.’ from Shrapnel Records

You can get the CD or download here:

"Collection" not only contains some of Jason's favorite moments from his Shrapnel and David Lee Roth recordings, it also features three new Becker compositions, each as impressive as anything he has recorded in the past. Jason has enlisted some of the largest names in instrumental guitar music and has as many as three guitarists per track trading off riveting performances.Including performances by Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Michael Lee Firkins, Marty Friedman and Greg Howe.  "Collection" is exactly the kind of record that Becker fans have been waiting for.

Simone Sitti Boarini: #Bicio #DVMark Competition

Simone Sitti Boarini with his entry for the Bicio DV Mark competition

#Bicio #DVMark Competition [Simone Sitti Boarini]

Bicio DV Mark "Alien Abduction" Guitar Competition 2014

Ayman Mokdad: #Bicio #DVMark Competition

Ayman Mokdad with his entry for the Bicio DVMark Competition

#Bicio #DVMark Competition [AYMAN MOKDAD]

Valère Coignet: #Bicio #DVMark Competition

Valère Coignet with his entry for the competition

#Bicio #DVMark Competition Valère Coignet

Eddie Head: serving up an horderve from Haji's Kitchen - Epic

This is an early-form demo of one of the newer tracks from the upcoming Haji album. Orchestration, drums and bass all scratch. Enjoy.

Allan Holdsworth,Jimmy Haslip,Virgil Donati: more dates added to US tour

Allan Holdsworth

Two more gigs (HOLLYWOOD, and FRESNO) added just now in August of ALLAN HOLDSWORTH BAND featuring Jimmy Haslip on bass and Virgil Donati on drums.
They will be posted shortly and on two venues websites.

AUGUST 14, THU - PHOENIX, AZ - Rhythm Room
AUGUST 16, SAT - RAMONA, CA - Ramona's Mainstage
The Coach House
AUGUST 28, THU - SANTA CRUZ, CA - Kuumbwa Jazz
AUGUST 29, FRI - MODESTO, CA - State Theater
AUGUST 31, SUN - FRESNO, CA - The Painted Table
Yoshi's San Francisco
Yoshi's San Francisco
SEPTEMBER 4, THU - OAKLAND, CA - Yoshi's Oakland