Richard Hallebeek: Eelco Bastiaan van Zanten - Ghosts

A track I recorded with producer/songwriter/multi instrumentalist Eelco Bastiaan van Zanten. Eelco works closely with producer Bastian (De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, did a remix for the 2001 hit ‘You’ve got My Love’

and has also worked with Tjeerd Oosterhuis and rapper Brainpower.
The track is called ‘Ghosts’ and will be featured on Eelco’s solo album that will be out end of 2014. Very nice song with challenging but musical changes to solo over- well done Eelco!
Rich - guitars / Eelco - everything else


Silence 'pon the other side
ghosts entering her mind
what she did not know just then was that they would come back
again, until (she says) oh tell me when cause i’m so scared

though the truth is hardly
half as heavy
as her self imaginated
these ghosts aren't even scary
when they are closely examined
so you would say why even bother
cause these are the ghosts of liberation
(watch them take of now)