Panos Arvanitis: Shredding Around Vol 7 - or should that be volume 11?

Shredding Around Vol 7
Panos Arvanitis
Hi there.After 6 hours of recordings i thought it was good idea to test the ZOOM Q3 HD.I'm using my Signature Hand made ,Hand wired ARV-100 by Kourbis Engineering and my handmade Charvel Jake E Lee masterbuild by EAS Basses & guitars.Unfortunatel­y the Q5 couldn't capture the massive sound of my ARV-100 but you ll get a small sample of the clarity of the sound.Watch it on HD.Special thanks to Mr Panos Kourbis& Andrew Kourbis for the endorsement and special thanx to Fotis Anagnostou (EAS Basses) for building me this extra ordinary guitar.Special thanx to my buddies and brothers bandmates Dim Vlg,Theo Goumas,Michael Alma.Plz comment,like,share,subscribe.

Gear used :Kourbis ARV-100 Signature Panos Arvanitis 100 Watt Head point 2 point
Charvel Jake E Lee handmade replica masterbuilf by EAS Handmade basses& Guitars
VHT 2 X 12 Fat bottom Cab with original VHT speakers
Kourbis Cables.
Elixir Strings 010