Saturday, 19 July 2014

Travis Montgomery: Mayones/Seymour Duncan solo comp 2014

Hey guys, here's my entry for the Mayones/Seymour Duncan solo competition!

Travis Montgomery - Mayones/Seymour Duncan solo comp 2014

Rients Draaisma: The Way of the Earthling
Listen and buy:

I`m working on a new release. So I thought it might
be cool to share a solo with you guys..
More to come !

The Way of the Earthling ( Rients Draaisma )

Richie Allan,Brandon Reihana,Keegan Donovan: massive tribute to Racer X

Brandon Reihana and Richie Allan - two of New Zealand's finest guitar players. Recorded live in our store in Hamilton as part of one of our Ibanez Guitar Clinics.

Ibanez Guitar Clinic

Richie Allan & Keegan Donovan - Technical Difficulties

Keegan Donovan, Richie Allan, Marco Puglisi: Infinite - Heavy Metal Ninjas

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Playthrough of an original tune by Keegan Donovan (of Heavy Metal Ninjas) Feat. Richie Allan (also of Heavy Metal Ninjas) & Marco Puglisi

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Keegan Donovan, Richie Allan & Marco Puglisi - Infinite

Joe Bonamassa: Different Shades Of Blue - Official Video

Joe Bonamassa - Different Shades Of Blue - Official Video
Different Shades Of Blue will be released on CD, limited edition Digibook CD, LP (180 gram) and as a limited edition picture disc.

Pre- Order from us and we'll add a free poster to each order!


Panos Arvanitis: Ballad in B minor

Ballad in B minor
Panos Arvanitis
Ballad in B minor.This song speaks to my soul.I dedicate this song,to all the children who died during war among nations.Peace and love to you brothers and sisters of the world.

Ballad in B minor

Bob Zabek: Cuckoo Roots -Tapping Etude - available with TAb

Composition No.1:

"Cuckoo Roots" - Tapping Etude for Solo Guitar by Bob Zabek(composed july 13th-14th 2014)

price: 10 euros(transfer via paypal) - if you buy the TABS you don´t need to sperately buy the mp3 of the song, i will send it with the TABS

1. send an e-mail to refering to this specific song if you want to get your hand written copy(pdf, jpg) of this song

2. tell your fellow guitar friends if you think they might be interested in this as well

3. once i have 100 customers i will contact all of you guys asking for your paypal transfer, by the time the money´s arrived, you will get your TABS via e-mail

4. i will keep you guys updated daily, here on this page, telling you how many people are currently interested in "Cuckoo Roots"

5. in case there are no 100 people interested in this project i will offer it for single purchase in my online shop the R.A.W aRt X-Press some time this year

6. Thank you and much fun with this piece which hopefully inspires you to come up with your own ideas when it comes to two handed tapping

CUCKOO ROOTS by Bob Zabek july 17th 2014

Leah Marie King: Dead at 34 - tragic news - RIP

Leah Marie King: Dead at 34 - tragic news - RIP

Nashville—Extraordinary guitarist, songwriter, and rock artist Leah Marie King ended her life on June 24, 2014, at the age of 34.
Leah captivated audiences with her sensational skills as a guitarist and her passionate lyrics as a songwriter. Her music is loved by over 35,000 fans and followers across North America and around the world.
Leah Marie King moved to Nashville in 2011. It was there that her brilliant playing, engaging performances, and songwriting skills gave rise to a growing fan base and worldwide audiences and music industry attention.
Leah Marie King was born in Vancouver, Canada. Growing up in both rural Western Canada and the suburbs of New York City, Leah drew upon a wide range of experiences reflected in her strong lyrical content and unique songwriting style. She picked up her first guitar at the age of 15, highly influenced by her music-loving family. She was a self-taught guitarist and songwriter.
Leah attended the University of Lethbridge and graduated with distinction. She held a Bachelor of Arts and Science in Psychology and Philosophy. It was at University where one of her professors had a band that inspired her to consider a music career.

The full press release

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