Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Ozielzinho: Expomusic 2014 Music Hall

09/21/2014 - Presentation of musician Oziel Filho (Ozielzinho) at Music Hall of Music Expo 2014.

Ozielzinho - Expomusic 2014 Music Hall

Lari Basílio: plays live at Expomusic 2014 in Brasil

Lari Basilio plays live at Expomusic 2014 in Brasil

Lari Basilio

Lari Basilio - Hey brother (Expomusic 2014)

Timo Somers: Delain supporting Nightwish on their 2015 North American tour!

Timo Somers

Cool news! We will be supporting Nightwish on their 2015 North American tour!

Rick Graham: ESP - Back In Business - Meet my new guitar!

Back In Business - Meet my new guitar!
Rick Graham
Thanks for your continued support, hope you enjoy the vid!
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Drewsif Stalin: DSME - Nightfall (Official Video)

It's finally here! After lots and lots of shooting, editing, mixing, and more... the debut DSME Music Video!

► Free/Donate Download: https://drewsifstalin.bandcamp.com/tr...
► Bandcamp: https://drewsifstalin.bandcamp.com/
► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrewsifStali...
► Twitter: https://twitter.com/drewsifstalin
► Instagram: http://instagram.com/drewsifstalin

Big thanks to our stars Sam Lukowski, and Jenette Nelligan!
Another enormous thank you to the DC Stunt Coalition, who absolutely nailed it!
check them out here:

More thanks to Cotty Rasse, Zack Lukowski, and Claire Brooks.
DSME - Nightfall (Official Video)

Michael Casswell: Complaints about the noise - the new album

Michael Casswell: Complaints about the noise

By Michael Casswell

UK session guitarist and Lick Library contributor Michael Casswell has released his solo blues/fusion instrumental guitar album 'Complaints about the Noise'. The album is a blend of huge technical ability, taste, with a high level of composition and arrangement . This 10 track CD demonstrates the many sides to Mikes playing as well as taking the instrument to the limits of what seems possible on a guitar.

Jay Parmar: ESP George Lynch Mr Scary Contest

Hey peeps,
My very good friend Tony Fuentes messaged me a couple of weeks ago and said that I had to do this competition! Haha! And he was right! A cover of George Lynch's Mr Scary - too tempting to resist! I've played this song so many times and love playing it every time. I wanted to make this one different so have added in lots of variations - See if you can spot the various Lynch Lycks that I included ;) Many, many thanks to Tony for the heads up :) You're a star my friend.
Just to let you know, the video was one take - audio was recorded at the same time to Cubase via my Line 6 DT25 (Soldano setting) using a Golden Age R1 Active ribbon mid and a Red 5 Audio RVD30 dynamic - then the audio was simply dropped into Final Cut Pro and synched with the camera audio :)


Panos Arvanitis: Disco Metal-Symphony opus 60 and Rituale Romanum

This is an old 80's disco song(don't recall it)..and i tried to arrange the song into a Metal version.I hope you like it.
Gear used
My old lady Heartfield Talon Frost red 1993
POD XT pro Rack Line6.
Thank you all.


Disco Metal-Symphony opus 60

Panos A Arvanitis Rituale Romanum.Inspired by the sad story of Anneliese Michel,a German woman who underwent Catholic exorcism rites in 1975 and died the next year, due to lack of medical care. Later investigation determined that she was malnourished and dehydrated; her parents and the priests responsible were charged with negligent homicide. The case attracted media and public attention because of the Catholic Church's unusual decision to employ the 400-year-old ritual of exorcism, something that had been rarely seen since the 18th Century. The film The Exorcism of Emily Rose is loosely based on her story.
I hope you like it.Watch it on HD
Gear used :Panos Arvanitis Signature EAS Les Paul
POD XT pro Rack Line6
Elixir 011-60

Panos A Arvanitis - Rituale Romanum

Kirk Fletcher: The UK Tour 2014

Hi Everyone, I have been asked a lot recently about the format of The Kirk Fletcher UK Tour 2014 - you are in for a treat at every show!

So the show is different in each location opened by a fantastic Award winning Act highly regarded by The British Blues Scene - see tour poster for details.

After this set I will be playing a set with the Katie Bradley Band who are:Dudley Ross - Guitar (Robben Ford, Imelda May) Vic Martin - Keys (Gary Moore) Roger Inniss (Chaka Khan) and the superb Wez Johnson - the shuffle King..

Kirk Fletcher will follow playing a blinding set with the same band and I will guest on a number or two. We have invited most of the BEST harp players in the UK to join Kirk for his set too - There will be electricity, fun and amazing musicianship - guaranteed!! ...How does that sound?...

Get Your Tickets Now: www.kirkuktour.co.uk

Kirk Fletcher will visit the UK in October as part of a wider European tour.

The former Fabulous Thunderbrids guitarist will be on the road with Katie Sings The Blues and Dudley Ross.

At the beginning of the year he reported he had two albums in the works, one live and one studio.

Tour dates
Oct 16: Folkestone Chambers
Oct 17: Maidstone Pizza Express
Oct 18: London Borderline
Oct 19: Cranleigh Arts Centre
Oct 20: Brighton Komedia
Oct 21: Banbury Mill Arts Centre
Oct 22: Norwich Waterfront
Oct 23: Bolton Railway
Oct 24: Cumbria Bar Continental
Oct 25: Newcastle Forest Hall Club
Oct 26: Edinburgh Voodoo Rooms
Oct 27: Kendal Bootleggers Bar
Oct 28: Leicester Musician
Oct 29: Gloucester Convent Club
Nov 01: Devon South Devon Arts Centre
Nov 02: Southampton Talking Heads
Nov 03: Oxford Art Bar
Nov 04: Canterbury Christchurch University Clinic
Nov 05: Whitstable Dukes

Mike Martin:The Dreaded Marco - NEW ALBUM featuring Black Label Society drummer Mike Froedge

Former BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Drummer MIKE FROEDGE and Former FOZZY Guitarist Mike Martin To Release New THE DREADED MARCO

SOCIETY/DOUBLEDRIVE drummer Mike Froedge, reveal the artwork and track list for its second album, "Safe Word". The CD, which was recorded at Froedge's own recording studio, Open Sky Studio in Atlanta, will be available for the first time on Friday, October 3, 2014 at The Star Bar in Atlanta, Georgia and is the first featuring former FOZZY/STUCK MOJO guitarist Mike Martin. Pre-ordering information for physical CD's and digital formats as well as release date coming soon.

“Safe Word” - Track List:
1. A Positive Message (For A Change)
2. Panda Slide
3. Alligator F**khouse
4. San Francisco Show & Tell
5. I Run Cloud City
6. Safe Word
7. The Lesser of Two Evils
8. Bruce's Magic Kite Circus
9. Soul For Sale
10. Oh, Bernice!
11. Hide and Seek
Album release show: October 3

the Dreaded Marco is: Charlie Sheets, Mike Froedge, Scott Williams, & Mike Martin.

Visit :
on Twitter: www.twitter.com/dreadedmarco
on Facebook: www.facebook.com/DreadedMarco

Marco Sfogli: to support Elina Laivera

Elina Laivera Official8 hours agoIt is with great joy and honor that we announce the magical guitar power of MARCO SFOGLI in our team!

Guitar player, composer and arranger, Marco needs normally no further introduction but for those of you who might not know, Marco has also been lending his sensational guitar sounds to James LaBrie (being also member of his solo band) and Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Alex Argento, Virgil Donati, LALU and more!

''Being a James LaBrie fan myself, I listened to Marco's playing for the first time on the album ''Elements Of Persuasion'' and I was blown away. I could never imagine that years later, I would meet Marco in Frankfurt, Germany at the legendary Musikmesse in March 2014. I watched his performance at the DV MARK booth with my producer Viv Lalu by my side and I told him right away ''I want to have him on my album! Such musicality and power! That's it!'', states Elina.
Official Marco Sfogli Website: http://www.marcosfogli.com/ Stay tuned for more!

George Lynch: ESP Guitars: Mr. Scary Contest

Here’s your opportunity to jam on a tune by one of the world’s most respected guitar players, and get a chance to win big as a result! How it works: visit our contest page and register as a member of the ESP site, then download the backing tracks. Play along with the song on a video, and George will choose a winner who will get a Lynch Signature guitar and more. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Details:http://www.espguitars.com/pages/lynch...

ESP Guitars: Mr. Scary Contest with George Lynch

Nick Barrett: Pendragon - Men Who Climb Mountains Tour 2014

Almost at the summit

We are very almost at the summit and it's not long now until Men Who Climb Mountains will be unleashed and the wait will finally be over.

All pre-ordered copies will be signed by Nick and dispatched on Monday 6th October, if you've not ordered yours yet you can do so here. You can read Nick's latest blog too which will give you an idea of what we've been up to and what's in store for the album and tour dates coming up.

Some of the venues are getting very close to sold out on the tour, if you're planning on travelling to a show it's a good idea to book your tickets in advance to avoid being left out in the cold, all the dates and tickets links are below.

We've teamed up with CD Baby for digital downloads. So far we've added The Jewel - remastered edition, Live in Krakow -1996 and Utrecht... the Final Frontier. These live albums have been out of stock for years now, so it's a great opportunity to pick up a copy via download. We hope to add some more of these more obscure albums later in the year.

We will be releasing Men Who Climb Mountains as digital download via CD Baby on October 10th, so if you're no longer a fan of discs and booklets or hate waiting for the postman you can buy the new album via download before the start of the tour. (The digital version will NOT include "Live at Twig's - the acoustic live album)

There is only a week and a bit to go before MegaDaze now, we all very much look forward to seeing some of you there, and then it'll be tour time!

See you very soon,


Men Who Climb Mountains Tour 2014


Sat 4th & Sun 5th Megadaze Weekender Riffs UK

Fri 10th Spirit Of 66 Verviers Belgium

Sat 11th The Boerderij Zoetermeer Holland

Sun 12th Zeche Bochum Germany

Mon 13th Bergkeller Reichenbach Germany

Tues 14th Blue Note Poznan Poland

Wed 15th Kuznia Bydogoszcz Poland

Thurs 16th Rialto Katowice Poland

Fri 17th Das Rind Russelsheim Germany

Sat 18th Z7 Pratteln Switzerland

Sun 19th Il Giardino Verona Italy

Tues 21st Le Moulin Marseille France

Weds 22nd La Carpa Del Forum Barcelona Spain

Thurs 23rd Sala Lemon Madrid Spain

Fri 24th Ampli Billere , nr Pau France

Sat 25th Rock school Barbey Bordeaux France

Mon 27th Ninkasi Kao Lyon France

Tues 28th Divan du Monde Paris France


Thurs 6th The Ferry Glasgow UK

Fri 7th The Citadel St Helens Merseyside UK

Sat 8th 229 The Venue London UK

Richie Allan: guitarmessenger.com Interstellar Abduction Lesson

Heavy Metal Ninjas: Richie Allan Lesson – Interstellar Abduction

[Richie's Ibanez RGD-7 string guitar is in Standard tuning: B E A D G B E, and his Strat-type custom guitar is in Drop-B tuning: B F# B E G# C#.] In this lesson, Richie Allan breaks down several sections from the title track of the Heavy Metal Ninjas album, Interstellar Abduction: Introduction (0:09 – 0:39) The intro to ‘Interstellar Abduction’ consists of clean guitar chords, paired with an interesting multi-delay effect, which plays back each echo two octaves higher and in reverse. The part starts out with a C power chord with a doubled fifth, which establishes the key of the progression

The previous lesson

Heavy Metal Ninjas / Richie Allan: Design Lesson

Tymon Kruidenier: Deeply Woven - Exivious

Tymon playing Deeply Woven from Exivious' new album Liminal.


Gear used:

- Parker Fly Mojo with Seymour Duncan pickups (JB & Jazz) through a Fractal Audio

Exivious - Tymon playing Deeply Woven

Gretchen Menn, Angeline Saris: Zepparella the album available on download

Gretchen Menn, Angeline Saris: Zepparella
1. Whole Lotta Love 09:22
2. Communication Breakdown 02:38
3. What Is and What Should Never Be 05:19
4. In My Time of Dying 11:41
5. We're Gonna Groove 03:10
6. The Wanton Song 04:17
7. Kashmir 08:22
8. Ramble On 05:56
9. The Ocean 04:39
10. Bring It On Home 04:30

Produced by Zepparella and Robert Preston
Recorded and Mixed by Robert Preston, GetReel Productions, San Francisco, CA
Mastered by Mike Wells in Hollywood, CA
Package design and photography by Max Crace, except back cover photo by Gretchen Menn
Published and Copyright Zepparella Inc. 2014
PO Box 330372
San Francisco, cA 94133
released 22 September 2014

Vocals: Noelle Doughty (noelledoughty.com)
Guitar: Gretchen Menn (gretchenmenn.com)
Bass: Angeline Saris (angelinesaris.com)
Drums: Clementine (clemthegreat.com)


Greg Howe: European Clinic Tour Dates 2014

San Giovanni Alla Vena, Italy
BLITZ Live Music Pub

Telese Terme (BN), Italy
Mamas Music Store

Rome, Italy
Your Music

Krakow, Poland
Sklad Muzyczny

LODZ, Poland
Guitar Center

Fellback, Germany
Soundland GmbH

Aiterhofen, Germany
Music Station

Nietap, Netherlands
Muziekhuis Da Capo

Alphen, Netherlands
Kauffmann's Guitar Store

Morges, Switzerland
Boullard Musique

Sursee, Switzerland
Musik Center Sursee GmbH

Derryl Gabel: GPS - Guitar Fretboard Positioning System

Guitar Fretboard Positioning System
 In this one hour video I show you a systematic approach for memorizing the notes on the fretboard. This is a time tested, proven method that I have used with my students. This is a new and improved method that I use to call Note Recognition which was shown on my FIT video. Most everyone that I have shown this new method to, once mastered, is able to instantly know the notes on the guitar without even looking at the fretboard. I've found that most new students master a string within 15 minutes or less! If you are serious about becoming a better musician and guitarist this DVD is for you. It doesn't matter what style you play. Knowing the notes instantly will make you exponentially better on your instrument. Let me show you how! As an added bonus I have included a live in studio performance which includes the transcription.
Look folks, this is not just for beginner / intermediate players. If you have chops but you're constantly getting lost when playing through changes because you don't know the notes, this is for you.
If you are a teacher and your looking for a methodical, systematic approach that will quickly help your students memorize the notes, this is for you.  
I will be putting out a series of DVDs in the near future and in order to use the material to it's fullest potential you must have this down.  This will set the foundation.   Think about this, if I were to show you a system of how to master all 12 keys on the guitar in any position how would you be able to do it if you don't know the notes first?  
  1. Introduction
  2. Chromatic and Major
  3. Guitar Layout
  4. Mapping Out the E String
  5. Mapping Out the A String
  6. Mapping Out the D String
  7. Mapping Out the G String
  8. Mapping Out the B String
  9. In Studio Live Performance ( Pud Wud )
  Included on the DVD are neck diagram and document files that will help you follow along.

When purchasing the DVD or Blu-ray you will also get the download version.  Once your order is placed you will be redirected to the "Thank You" page that will have the download links.  Also, you will receive an email with the download links but if it doesn't show in your inbox check your spam folder. The download will include all the documentation and neck diagrams.  This will also be located on the DVD and Blu-ray as well.
Blu-ray : $45.00
S & H : $5.00
Click Here to order the Blu-ray Edition

DVD : $35.00    
 S & H: $5.00

Download version: $30.00