Sunday, 5 April 2015

Jennifer Batten: Polish tour and clinic dates - learn from one of the best

POLAND 2015- Batten band with Luk Gorczyca, Jacek Prokopowicz, and Tomek Dominik April 8-->19-2015
8th Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Centrum Kultury
9th Piekary Slaskie, Andaluzja
10th Bielsko Biala, Bielskie Centrum Kultury
11th Grodków, Osrodek Kultury i Rekreacji
13th Torun, Pub Pamela + clinic
14th Lubawa
15th Sępólno Krajeńskie, Ośrodek Kultury
16th Kutno, Kutnowski Dom Kultury + clinic
17th Legnica
18th Mosina, Dni Gitary + clinic
19th Gdańsk

Peter Oxley, Nicolas Meier: Chasing Tales - new album

Peter Oxley And Nicolas Meier
Chasing Tales
(MGP Records, 2015)

Pete Oxley: jazz guitar, nylon string guitar,
nylon 12-string guitar, electric 12-string guitar, slide guitar, guitar synthesizer;
Nicolas Meier: nylon string guitar, steel guitar, acoustic 12-string guitar, glissentar, fretless steel string guitar, fretless nylon string guitar, baglama.

"…a partnership that emphasises the beauty and purity of their sound."
– Bruce Lindsay, All About Jazz

"This invitingly song-based repertoire stretches wide enough to engage listeners beyond the coterie of jazz guitar fans."
– John Fordham, Guardian

"Using nylon- and steel-strung, acoustic and electric 12-string models, guitar synths, fretless guitars and the oud-like glissentar and Turkish baglama, they incorporate a world of sound possibilities into compositions that range from fairly conventional swing guitar tunes to Pat Metheny-like electric soundscapes to soundtracks from a souk. Wherever their adventures take them, the accent is firmly on melody and often joyous, song-like development. Meier's Tales goes as far as to hint at kinship to Hotel California, and while the fingers can get busy (as on Oxley's witty Breezin' On), the music always communicates with a feeling of spontaneity, passion and enjoyment."
– Rob Adams, Herald Scotland

"This album captures the lightning in a bottle effect created by the union of two perfectly matched artists and is already the front runner for my album of the year. I really can’t wait to see what Pete and Nicolas do next!"
– Ben Calverley,

"Oxley and Meier, two outstanding players of contrasting, yet complementary styles who individually composed most of the pieces on the album have built upon this glorious past and taken it into a new dimension - layering tracks, the tasteful use of some electronic wizardry and utilising nylon and steel string acoustics, electric, 12 string, fretless, slide, synth and glissentar guitars to great effect and, I hasten to add, in a manner unlikely to upset the purists.The end result is a worthy addition to the guitar duo Hall of Fame."

Jess Lewis: Four - Chord / Melody (Miles Davis)

Jess Lewis: Four - Chord / Melody (Miles Davis)

Four - Chord / Melody (Miles Davis)