Saturday, 20 June 2015

Steackmike: How To Get Yngwie Malmsteen Tone - one man band returns

How to sound like Yngwie Malmsteen (Thank you Yngwie!! You rock my life for ever!!!)


How To Get Yngwie Malmsteen Tone (Steackmike)

Allan Holdsworth: UK: one of Rolling Stones 50 Greatest Prog Rock Albums of All Time

50 Greatest Prog Rock Albums of All Time

Prog disciples looked to U.K. as one of the most promising supergroups ever — the band featured ex-members of King Crimson, Yes, Roxy Music and Soft Machine. But they only stuck around for about three years, creating an intensely melodic blend of prog and jazz fusion on their debut, achieving orchestral intricacy without drifting off into self-indulgence. Eddie Jobson's twirly keyboards and weepy electric violin duel playfully with Allan Holdsworth's soaring guitar, while John Wetton's resounding bass locks in with Bill Bruford's syncopated drumming. After the album was released, Bruford and Holdsworth bolted, expressing disinterest in working on a more elaborate follow-up. "The theory was that America needs a new ELP," explained Bruford at the time. "Half of U.K. [felt that way], and me and Holdsworth thought that America needed Holdsworth." The remaining members never quite captured the debut's groove and broke up in 1980 — though Wetton and Jobson reunited in 2012 to tour. J.W.

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Walsuan Miterran: Feelings of the Soul new album available

Walsuan Miterran is guitarist, guitarist, composer and music producer Goias and has been actively highlighting the Brazilian and international music scenario. He began his musical studies in Goiânia, in 1997, to 14 years. At 15 he joined the Institute Veiga Valle, in Goiania, where he graduated in music theory and guitar. During this period, he participated in various local evangelical bands, in addition to integrating the worship team of his church, the Presbyterian Church. Professionally he joined the music at 18, as a member of musicians framework of the Ministry Bethel, in Goiania, where he participated in big names in gospel music shows. Always focused on technique, combined with the emotion, Walsuan works melodic richness of themes and, at the same time complex and virtuoso solos. The Walsuan work is singular, but his style has inflências great guitar names such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Malmsteen and Jason Becker.
Walsuan Miterran also participates also records productions, soundtracks and advertising jingles, and give classes and workshops.

Feelings of the Soul
by Walsuan Miterran
1. Beyond the Sky
2. Heaven or Hell
3. Death Is Not the End
4. Metalbrasil
5. Eternal Love
6. Water Under the Bridge
7. God´s Time
8. Memories of You
9. Last Minute
10. Eternal Love (Playback Version)
11. Memories of You (Playback Version)

Mike Kerr: The Truth of the Lion - new album avaialble

Mike Kerr
Good morning my friends! here are a few places where you can purchase my new CD wink emoticon

Please let me know what you thing! Have a great Sunday! MK — with Mike Kerr II.The Truth of the Lion
Mike Kerr

The Truth of the Lion (feat. Adrienne Cowan & Jimmy Oliveira) 4:23
Memories of the Past 3:33
45 Days of Summer 4:01
4 KKS 3:59
5 Dark Deep Hole 4:20
6 Wasted Years 3:33
7 Latino Breeze 4:22
The Love of Playing 2:51

Sold by Amazon Digital

Sam Coulson: Plays My Guitar - Will My Face Stay Unmelted? spoiler... NO!

The Legend plays my Strat. Shred Club break.

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Sam Coulson Plays My Guitar - Will My Face Stay Unmelted?

Momo: Ship Of Fools and Brothers - great Yngwie covers from 14 year old JShredder

Yngwie is first up in the model. Pick also I have changed from rice ball type teardrop it was. It is said in the fat New Year from my father that he as rice cake .... ~ _ ~; I will various vegetarian.

momo 14years old "SHIP OF FOOLS" / Yngwie Malmsteen guitar cover

It is a nice song, but it was difficult in an atmosphere different from the usual. I tried consciously to my own Toka Toka vibrato intensity going, but not yet well represented. {(-_-)} And vegetarian.

momo 14years old 「Brothers」/ Yngwie Malmsteen guitar cover

Jesus Rico: Amazing EBow Bass Solo Player

Out of this world EBow sounds from the amazing bass solo player Jesús Rico Download Jesus's amazing music for free

Amazing EBow Bass Solo Player

Paul Gilbert: The Rock Show - keeping up with the pace of radio

Join The Rock Show
Paul Gilbert at "The Rock Show" with Ben Red (88FM)
Photography: Niv Netaneli

Paul Gilbert - Tel Aviv Blues - 88FM - בן רד - נותן ברוק