Russ Parrish: Satchel rig run down... IMHO Rebecca Dirks does the best rig run down, you decide?

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We caught up with Satchel, the guitarist for ’80s shock-rockers Steel Panther, during a stop in Des Moines, IA, at the Val Air Ballroom. Even though his rig is rather simple, Satchel took the time to discuss his signature Kramer, high-gain amps, and his time spent on safari in Africa.

When you shred like Satchel, the only logical choice is to play our own signature models. Other than the tunings and finishes, the collection of flamboyant guitars shown here are nearly identical. Each one features a maple body with an oiled maple neck, Floyd Rose tremolo, and Seymour Duncan pickups (SH-4 and SH-2n).

To continue learning about Satchel's setup, visit:
Rig Rundown - Steel Panther's Satchel [2015]

Compare this to the original and best with Rebecca Dirks - nearing 500,000 views

Rig Rundown - Steel Panther's Satchel