Eric Calderone: the game might be a train wreck on PC... but here's Fallout Meets Metal

Fallout Meets Metal
**Streaming Concert Aug 23, 2015:

Hey guys!!

So one of the shining moments of E3 for a lot of us was Fallout 4. The first one I played was Fallout 2 back in '98 I think it was and have been loving not just the game but the idea of it ever since. I went to FB to get some suggestions from you all and decided to give the Fallout 3 theme a shot along with some oldie tunes, Blue Moon - I didnt base it off of the Sinatra version in the game, and Ain't that a kick in the head. I wish I could have included all the oldies but I need Tony Bennett with me :) I also did my best to accent the game as much as I could. Thank you guys so much for everything! It means the world. BIG BIG ups for always rocking my casbah!

Best to ya