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News: PRS Guitars Announces the 20th Anniversary Private Stock Limited Edition

PRS Guitars Announces the 20th Anniversary Private Stock Limited Edition

Celebrating 20 Years of Artistry

STEVENSVILLE, MD) December 2, 2015 – The 20th Anniversary of Private Stock is a special moment - a moment to stop and celebrate 20 years of a program that drives much of the innovation and craftsmanship at PRS. To kickoff that celebration, Private Stock has made a limited edition run of 40 instruments that are unique in many ways. Paul Reed Smith played a huge role in the overall design of these instruments, which harkens back to Howard Leese’s ‘Golden Eagle’ model. Like the Golden Eagle, these guitars have slightly modified body dimensions, with a 1/16” thinner top and 1/8” thicker back than the normal PRS “Custom” body design, for a warmer tone. Paul also specified a very precise 24.6” scale length neck and hand-selected all of the East Coast curly maple tops from what he felt were two of the best batches of maple in PRS’s history. The electronics are also unique, with a three pickup configuration consisting of two narrow 408 treble and bass pickups and a Narrowfield middle pickup. The 5-way blade switch and control placements also nod to the Golden Eagle’s original electronics layout.

“When I played the prototypes for this model, they reminded me very much of what I would be making if I was still in a two-person shop,” stated Paul Reed Smith, PRS Guitars’ founder and Managing General Partner.

PRS Guitars completed the first Private Stock on April 19, 1996. The twenty year old program had started as a way to recapture the original essence of the PRS workshop with a small team making fewer guitars with more customization. With this mentality, Private Stock has allowed customers the opportunity to design the guitar of their dreams, and along the way Private Stock has also developed exclusive models and one-off instruments of their own design. In addition to customization opportunities, Private Stock instruments are built with the finest woods, materials, and attention to detail.

“There’s something magical about these guitars because they are simultaneously art, musical Instruments, and treasured possessions to joyfully spend time with,” Paul Reed Smith.

Full specifications include:

Deep, wide-curl curly maple top, African ribbon mahogany back, 22 fret, 24.6” scale length ‘Pattern’ mahogany neck, Madagascar rosewood fingerboard with curly maple binding and crushed abalone birds with mother of pearl outlines, Madagascar rosewood headstock veneer with curly maple binding and crushed abalone Private Stock Eagle with mother of pearl outlines and mother of pearl “20th Anniversary” banner, Madagascar rosewood truss rod cover, Phase III locking tuners with gold anodized buttons, Private Stock Gen 3 tremolo with locking saddles, hybrid hardware. Electronics feature Narrow 408 treble and bass pickups with Narrowfield middle pickup, volume, tone, and 5-way blade pickup switch. The Private Stock 20th Anniversary models are strung with 10-guage PRS strings and come in a Private Stock case with black “Western” tolex and black lustre interior with an embroidered 20th Anniversary Private Stock logo.

For additional information and photos of the PRS Private Stock 20th Anniversary Limited Edition, please visit the PRS website at

Richard Daudé: Jazz Box improvising - melodic minor harmony

Richard Daudé: Jazz Box improvising - melodic minor harmony

IBANEZ AF55-TF Jazz Box improvising - melodic minor harmony

Vincenzo Fiore: Funk Machine Rock Fusion playthrough

Funk Machine is a song by Vincenzo Fiore composed and recorded in 2007.

Rock Fusion Guitar - Funk Machine by Vincenzo Fiore Full hd

News: Dean Zelinsky Guitars Announces New Dellatera Model Guitar

Dean Zelinsky Guitars Announces New Dellatera Model Guitar

Chicago, IL – Guitar designer Dean Zelinsky announces the realease of his latest model, the Dellatera. This guitar is Zelinsky’s rendition of a classic; designed to appeal to country, blues and classic rock players alike. Guitars are available factory direct through Zelinsky’s ecommerce site as well as Zelinsky’s select retail partners.

“This has been one of the most requested styles by my fan base in recent years,” stated Zelinsky. “The requests come from players who want that classic single-cut style, that single-coil sound, and play my Z-Glide neck. Many Z-Glide players tell me they cannot go back to a conventional neck! The Dellatera is simply the model they want with the neck they must have.”

Zelinsky’s patented Z-Glide reduced friction neck utilizes a laser-textured design to eliminate that sticky/tacky feel by removing 70% of the neck surface. Z-Glide puts a little air between players and their guitar letting hands glide up and down the neck.

The Dellatera Custom features a stylishly contoured alder body with beautiful flame maple-top. Customers who shop for Dellatera can choose from ten different finishes, various pickguard and pickup options, hardware packages, rosewood or maple fingerboard as well as Z-Glide neck options; totally customizing the guitar to their personal style, feel and sound.

As with all Zelinsky’s creations over the past four decades, tone is critical. The AlNiCo V, cloth wired, vintage single-coils he designed for the Dellatera, are a bit hotter and have a wider tonal range than most guitars in this category. With Zelinsky’s exclusive SideKick pickup as an option, the Dellatera will be the first guitar in this category to offer a true single-coil and vintage humbucker in the same space. Players can switch from single-coil to humbucker and the volumes absolutely match. Customers can configure their guitar with SideKick pickups in the neck, middle, or bridge position as well as any combination thereof.

Zelinsky didn’t stop with style, neck and electronic options. Dellateras can be upgraded to Zelinsky’s Tejas custom engraved hardware package, featuring a tailpiece and contol plate engraved with floral designs inspired by custom western saddle makers.

Dellatera comes stock with a rock hard canadian maple neck, compound radius fingerboard, locking tuners, Zelinsky’s Hi-Tail single-coil bridge pickup and broad-tone neck single-coil, master volume and tone control with 3-way switch, graphite nut and string retainer.

Players can customize and order their Dellatera directly from Zelinsky’s website,, starting at $499.

About Dean Zelinsky Guitars:

Dean Zelinsky Guitars is the creation of master guitar builder Dean Zelinsky. Dean Zelinsky Guitars represents the crowning point of Zelinsky’s four decades as a guitar designer to the stars. The Dean Zelinsky Guitar collection includes the Tagliare, StrettaVita, Zenyatta, and LaVoce. Selected models feature new guitar technology options, such as his patented Z-Glide (Reduced Friction) Neck and SideKick Pickup. Celebrated guitarists such as Johnny Winter, Kim Simmonds of Savoy Brown, ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, Pantera’s Dimebag Darrell, Michael Schenker, Sammy Hagar, Elliot Easton of The Cars, Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine, Heart’s Nancy Wilson, Leslie West, Kerry Livgren of Kansas, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard and scores of others have all played guitars designed and built by Zelinsky. Now, musicians can buy the same quality instrument direct from the man who created such luminary guitars.

Zelinsky launched his new line of Dean Zelinsky Guitars in August of 2013 through his ecommerce website, The company has a USA facility in the Chicago, IL suburbs, offshore manufacturing and worldwide distribution. Dean Zelinsky Guitars range from $369 to $6,000.

For more information, please visit

Steve Lukather, Tony MacAlpine: donating his signature Ernie Ball Music Man guitar for auction!

Tony MacAlpine ‏@tonymacalpine

Thanks @stevelukather for donating his signature @ernieball Music Man #guitar for auction! #auction details soon!

Yusuke Nishikawa: You-Suke release a new album entitled Infinity

1. Vortex of Wind 2:14
2. Feel 4:07
3. Wisdom 5:01
4. Reza 3:13
5. Until~in Your Eyes 5:38
6. Civilization 5:38

You-suke started his music career from his younger age with piano lesson. He began to play the guitar when he was 13 years old. He came to dream to be a professional musician when he had a guitar in his hands for the first time in his life.

You-suke joined a Japan tour as a member of visual rock band when he was 15 years old.

After his experience with some bands, he started his activity as a solo guitarist in 2010.

Admirable artists, Yngwie J Malmsteen, Dream Theater and so on, had affected his musicianship. Mixture of rock and classic is his favorite genre.

You-suke’s activity covers solo as well as supporting artists while he has released 2 solo albums from private label.

Tom Geldschläger: Fountainhead - Fretless solos Cerebric Turmoil, Helios and 999

A fretless guest guitar solo I recorded for my former band "Cerebric Turmoil"´s song "Vile Effect Momentum" off their debut album "Neural Net Meltdown", out november 13 on Amputated Vein Records. ,
Cerebric Turmoil "Vile Effect Momentum" Fretless guitar solo

Me recording a fretless guest solo for the upcoming new Counter-World Experience album "Pulsar" - a little guitar "duel" between me and CWE´s Benjamin Schwenen.
Counter-World Experience "Helios" fretless guest solo

First teaser for the upcoming new Fountainhead-record "Reverse Engineering": a rough mix of the instrumental track "999", featuring Yatziv Caspi (Django Lassi, Orphaned Land) on drums&percussion, Linus Klausenitzer (Obscura, Noneuclid) on fretless bass and Matthias A. Preisinger (Von Eden) on keyboards, mandolin and harp. Get the latest Fountainhead releases from !

Fountainhead "999" full new track preview