Alex Rudinger, Greg Macklin, Gunter Ostendorp: Ordinance - "Of The Fatherland" album pre order and mega drum playthrough

Mike Semesky-Vocals

Greg Macklin-Guitars
Gunter Ostendorp-Guitars
Alex "Rudy" Rudinger-Drums

"The Ides Of March" [CD Pre-Order]
Compact Disc (CD)
"The Ides Of March" CD Pre-Order

1. Ista Quidem Vis Est
2. Bloodwine
3. Of The Fatherland
4. Heir Avid
5. Forewarn, Foresake
6. Denarius
7. Silent Senate
8. 23 Wounds
9. Divine Right
10. Winter Canvas
11. The Ides Of March
12. Fear Of Discovery
13. Shadow Mask
14. Remedy
15. The Moving Spirit

Includes digital pre-order of The Ides Of March. The moment the album is released you'll get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. less
digital album releases 26 February 2016
item ships out on or around 20 February 2016

To anyone that doesn't know - Ordinance is a studio side-project that I've been working in since I was a teenager, alongside some of my best friends from Maryland. We self-released our debut album 'Internal Monologues' back in 2011, and started working on a follow-up shortly thereafter. Life has taken many different turns for all of us since then, but we decided a long time ago to keep this project alive as a studio effort, just for fun.

This drum play-through acts as the debut for "Of The Fatherland" taken from our upcoming album 'The Ides Of March', available worldwide 2/26/16. Being that this is a drum video, I chose to keep the audio here instrumental. The album version does indeed have vocals!

To pre-order 'The Ides Of March', click here -

Mixing for this video was done by Adam 'Nolly' Getgood. As always, it's super hella mad sick. I am particularly fond of what he was able to do with the snare in this mix - gotta love that Bell Brass! Drums are all natural, minus the kick which is a blend of trigger/mic (Beta91).

This is also the first video I've done using my Tama Silverstar. Specs are as followed...

Tama Silverstar in Transparent Red Burst -

8x7 Rack Tom
10x8 Rack Tom
14x12 Floor Tom
16x14 Floor Tom
20x18 Kick Drum

14x6.5 Tama Re-Issue Bell Brass Snare

Meinl Cymbal Setup (from left to right if sitting behind the kit) -

18" Byzance Traditional Medium Crash
13" Byzance Brilliant Fast Hats
10" MB20 Rock Splash
10" Byzance Traditional Splash
20" MB20 Heavy Bell Ride
19" Byzance Brilliant Medium/Thin Crash
18" Byzance Brilliant China

Drumhead Selection as followed -

Toms - Remo Coated Emperors Top, Clear Ambassadors Bottom
Snare - Remo Coated X14 Top, Hazy Ambassador Bottom
Kick - Clear Powerstroke 3 Batter, Coated/White PS3 Tama Logo-Head Reso. (with 5" Port)

For more information & updates on Ordinance, please follow us online -

Ordinance is...

Mike Semesky
Greg Macklin
Gunter Ostendorp
Alex Rudinger

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As always, thanks for watching & stay tuned!

Alex Rudinger - Ordinance - "Of The Fatherland"