Saturday, 19 December 2015

Pete Cottrell: Siggi Braun Fafnyr 7 String - Metal

Today, we're rocking the exquisite Siggi Braun Fafnyr 7 String!

Siggi Braun:

Full Specs:
Bolt on construction
Fanned Fret (648mm - 673mm)
Mixing Frets (12/12)
Aspen Body
Poplar Burl Top
Hardmaple/Cambala Neck
Zebra Wood Fretboard
Bare Knuckle Pickups Black Dog (Bridge), Painkiller (Neck)
FF-7 String Thru Bridge
Volume, Tone
3 Way Switch (w/ Coil Split)
Sperzel Locking Tuners
Textured Dragon Skin Finish
Jungle Green Colour

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Signal Chain:
Siggi Braun Fafnyr 7 String Custom
Positive Grid Bias/JamUp Pro
Edirol UA-25
Cubase 6

Siggi Braun Fafnyr 7 String - Metal | Pete Cottrell

Siggi Braun Fafnyr 8 String Guitar - Metal | Pete Cottrell

Bruno Monello: promo trailer for the Coordinator and head of the Modern Music Institute for Sicily - tasty licks

Coordinator and head of the Modern Music Institute for Sicily (MMI collaborates as a transcriber and teacher for the historic Italian magazine Guitar Club, writes a column entitled "guitar fitness" by focusing on the technical / articulate and melodic / harmonic. Bruno Monello specializes in guitar rock / fusion with Master Alex Stornello, attending the Modern Music Institute in Verona.

Thanks to his advice and teachings can develop a style more and more well-defined, characterized especially by bebop phrasing applied to music and rock sounds, tapping fingers 8 (influenced by Daniele Gottardo and Ignazio Di Salvo in particular), the technique of interlacing especially tied with color, fingerstyle guitar rock / jazz. Subsequently continued his studies by himself, listening to records of different kind of music, transcribing and studying the language of bebop saxophonists, hard bop, contemporary jazz (from Parker John Coltrane and Chris Potter all) up to the musicians rock / contemporary fusion of great as Tom Quayle, Guthrie Govan, Martin Miller, Alex Hutchings, Daniele Gottardo, Feodor Dosumov, Jack Gardiner and many others. It organizes and attends to the MMI , numerous master classes and clinics of the aforementioned artists at the premises of the Sicilian same school. In 2012 began to write and record, under the supervision of Alex Stornello, the Treaty on the "Guitar Fitness" from the title "Magic Fingers". This is a text divided in three volumes designed for individuals who want to learn properly, through countless years of gradual difficulty, to develop the technique on the instrument in a functional way, without neglecting the melodic / harmonic / rhythmic phrasing. Today, as a young teacher now said the country, the magazine Guitar Club dedicates several times of interviews and articles. Since 2011 he plays and conducts regular workshops, clinics and master classes throughout Italy, for the most important trade fairs as (SHG Milan, Guitar and Friendzy other) or at music schools and educational workshops. It performs clinics and demo tour as a demonstrator for various brands of international instruments on the Italian territory. He is currently the national spokesperson and endorser for brands: D'Addario STRINGS, Blackstar, SUHR GUITARS . In 2014 and in 2015 with Andrea Martongelli plays clinic tours throughout Italy for MMI, on topics ranging from bebop to metal to fusion. In January 2016 will play again an Italian clinic tour that will take him around Italy supported by Backline distributor for the brand of guitar SUHR. By now almost five years working with Alex Stornello actively dissemination nationwide program of Modern Music Institute teaching the new reality established and coordinated by the Stornello with several offices on the national territory. It carries live performances by rock formations / progressive, with the Hot Jazz Orchestra (23 elements), and a trio of instrumental rock / fusion. Bruno Monello is qualified teacher for the course complement the MMI Guitar Fitness, tapping and polyphonic improvisation on the guitar rock / fusion. Register to MMI a instructional DVD on the development of the technique of modern tied, available to order on his personal Facebook profile ( has been teaching exclusively for the Modern Guitar Institute in the appropriate fora. Offered educational activities also via Skype. Information and reservations:

Trailer Bruno Monello @MMI CZ 24/01/2016

Janne Nieminen: Buckethead improvised Jordan 2015 - Chop city

Most of it is improvised but it was fun to mess around with it :)

Buckethead jordan 2015

Rick Graham: The sickest quick legato lick ever!

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Quick Slick Legato Lick

Panos Arvanitis: Yngwie J Malmsteen- Priest of the Unholy Improvisation

Panos Arvanitis: Yngwie J Malmsteen- Priest of the Unholy Improvisation

Hi there.A long impro with lots of mistakes,but it was fun.I forgot to adjust the delay over my POD x3 and the result is chaotic.Sorry for that.

Yngwie J Malmsteen- Priest of the Unholy Impro by Panos A Arvanitis

Dave Martone: demos the Mono Vertigo Front Loading Acoustic Case

Mono Creators New Vertigo Front Loading Acoustic Case
MONO CREATORS NEW Vertigo Front Loading Acoustic Case

Dave Martone: demos the Mono Vertigo Front Loading Acoustic Case

Chris Bieniek: The Girl From Ipanema 'Revised' - True Temperament Frets and Taurus Stomp -Head 4.SL Amp

The Girl From Ipanema 'Revised':
My variation on the song.

Gear used: Taurus Stomp -Head 4.SL Amp. Love it!

True Temperament Frets: to intonate the precise notes on the fretboard. Love It! (makes so much sense)

Custom neck by Cargill custom guitars: for the fingerboard action playing ease.

The Girl From Ipanema 'Revised'

Ignazio Di Salvo: Fallen Star - Ibanez RG 3727 Prestige - mega tapping sequences

Here we go guyz! Here's my first video with Ibanez Guitars. I played this mini song with my Ibanez Rg3727 7strings. It's simply amazing... And I love to go on down tuning right now :p
Like and share as hell!!! In the meantime I'm working on new compositions but.. stop instrumental rock for now, time to write serious songs!

#ibanezguitars #hoshinobenelux #metal #shred #happy #rockIgnazio Di Salvo - Fallen Star - On Ibanez RG 3727 Prestige

Arnaud: Neo Geo - Freedom - new metal album teaser

L'album sera disponible début 2016, 10 titres et 50 minutes de Heavy Metal épique et mélodique !
Pour précommander le 20 :

PREORDERS BEGIN DECEMBER 20 ! Out early 2016, 50 minutes of epic melodic and power Heavy Metal !

AIDEZ-NOUS, HELP US !!! :D Thank you

All music copyrighted A Taste of Freedom.

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Dhalif Ali: EBMM JP15, Pod X3 Pro - Turn The World Around Improvisation

Improvisation on my EBMM JP15 played through a Pod X3 Pro
Used the middle selector parallel switch extensively

Turn The World Around Improvisation

Angel Vivaldi, Dan Sugarman: Crystal Planet - featuring Dan from Centersun and As Blood Runs Black - promo video


Featuring DAN SUGARMAN of Centersun/As Blood Runs Black


Production: Stewart Films, Inc
Tony Stewart, Director

Mixed and Mastered by Will Putney at Graphic Nature Audio

ANGEL VIVALDI - Crystal Planet feat. Dan Sugarman [OFFICIAL HD]

Luis Galang: 15 year old demos his Jackson DK XT and Positive Grid Jam Up with a cover of Sevens

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Max Rufo takes care of Luis' guitars

Guitar: Jackson DK XT

Effects: Positive Grid Jam Up
Sevens - Guthrie Govan - Cover by Luis Galang

Waves by Guthrie Govan revisited (Cover by Luis Galang)

Terry Syrek: TF Raw - new sweep picking instructional for TrueFire - coming soon - smoking solos!

Working on a new sweep picking instructional for TrueFire. Here's a quick bunch of random stuffs from it.

TF Raw

Eric Calderone: Star Wars - Duel of the Fates Meets Metal

Hi everyone!

So, on a scale of 1 - 10, this was off the chart on arranging. Besides Moonlight Sonata 3, DOTF is probably the hardest vid I've ever attempted. I didn't want to lose what my man John Williams already wrote, so I gave it a shot and re-recorded/re-mapped everything with East/West (wordbuilder for the choirs especially). Hopefully you guys dig :) And the scene where Darth Maul broke out the double sided light saber, yeah that made the movie for me haha. Thanks you so much for everything! It means the world. Big ups for ALWAYS rockin my death star.

May the force be with you



Martin Miller: Forever Eternal - Laney Ironheart, Fractal Audio Axe FX, Ibanez RG970

Here's a cool live performance of my tune "Forever Eternal" during soundcheck in Baotou. I was walking around a bit, trying to get a good sound in FOH. Not the worst, considering it was freezing out there.

Gear: Laney Ironheart, Fractal Audio Axe FX, Ibanez RG970

Cosmo Masiello, Silvio Assaiante: First Warp Experiment - Sacrifice - instrumental power trio based in Italy.

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Download FWE EP at:
For more info :

First Warp Experiment is an instrumental power trio based in Italy.

"Sacrifice", from the First Warp Experiment's FWE EP
Mixed and mastered at MMS Studio, Formia (LT) Italy by Cosmo Masiello
Directed by Paolo Conte @paolodrums

First Warp Experiment are:
Silvio Assaiante - Bass @SilvioAssaiante
Cosmo Masiello - Guitar @CosmoMasiello25
Paolo Conte - Drums @paolodrums

First Warp Experiment - Sacrifice [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Joseph Stevenson, Sithu Aye, Rohan Stevenson, Matt Harnett: StarSystems - StarSystems II - progressive ambient djent from the United Kingdom

Joseph Stevenson - Guitar/Bass/Piano
A one-man progressive metal solo project based in Scotland. Music is available to purchase on Bandcamp:

StarSystems II by StarSystems

1. Space Pirates 05:34
2. Dune (feat. i built the sky) 04:12
3. Rainbows (feat. Matt Harnett) 05:26
4. Blueshift 04:16
5. The Great Ocean 04:48

released December 19, 2014

STARSYSTEMS - Motion Blur Playthrough

STARSYSTEMS - Dreamscape ft Sithu Aye Playthrough

Ronny Heimdal, Ray Riendeau, Alex Argento: Austerity shuffle great track mixed by Alex Argento.

Austerity shuffle - Ronny Heimdal.

Ronny Heimdal : Guitar, keyboards. Ray Riendeau : Bass. Danny Handler : Drums. Alex Argento : Synth solo . Mixed by Alex Argento.

Chelsea Constable, Grace Constable: A Tribute to Mark Knopfler - Sultans Of Swing

Hello, it's Chelsea. My sister Grace (13 years old) and I are demoing a couple of wonderful Taylor Guitars! Grace is playing the Taylor T5-C1 and I am playing the Taylor T3/B. The song we chose to demo the guitars on is by one of our favorite artist, Mr. Mark Knopfler. The song is "Sultans Of Swing"...hope you enjoy!

A Tribute to Mark Knopfler - Sultans Of Swing - Performed by Chelsea and Grace Constable

Steve Vai: Steve's mirrored JEM returned!

Steve Vai

Great news everyone: Bo, Steve's mirrored JEM that went missing this past weekend, has been found left in the bushes at the gate on Steve's property. We do not have any more details on how it got there and will perhaps forever remain a mystery. The entire Vai camp is grateful for all the amazing outpouring of support we have seen regarding this issue over the last week. Bo is now ready for 2016 and all the notes she will once again be singing from Steve’s fingers and soul. — with Steve Vai.

John Huldt: Guitar Addiction 2 Guest Solo

Today's solo is for the compilation album Guitar Addiction 2, which features killer players like Leo Guzman, Mr Fastfinger, Dave Martone and many other so I felt I had to bring my A game. This solo really kicked my ass so if you're up for a challenge, share the video and I'll send you the tabs :D

Guitar Addiction 2 Guest Solo