Saturday, 23 April 2016

Michael Lee Firkins: Interview with the Southern Blues and Rock Guitar Player

Interview conducted on the occasion of Michael's concert in Vienna on 10 April 2016. We talked with Michael about his style of playing, his guitars, beginnings and the way he writes songs. Thanks go to Wolfgang Windbacher (Reigen). For more on Michael, see

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MICHAEL LEE FIRKINS - Interview with the Southern Blues and Rock Guitar Player

Slide master Michael Lee Firkins gives some tips on slide playing.

Michael Lee Firkins: on Playing Slide In Tune

Jason Becker: JB207 - Jeff unveils the newest addition to our popular Jason Becker Series

Jeff unveils the newest addition to our popular Jason Becker Series of guitars, the JB207. There have been a few changes made to the line up of JB series guitars including a return to passive electronics which Jason originally had on his guitars and the option for 5 way switch! Part of the proceeds of this guitar go directly to Jason Becker to support his ongoing medical treatment.

For more information call our custom shop experts at (858) GUITARS or send us an email at

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The NEW JB207 Jason Becker 7 String Guitar

Michael Mischjok: Sphereal - Bach - Gigue

Michael Mischjok: Sphereal - Bach - Gigue

Sphereal - Bach - Gigue

Chris Feener: Punishment smoking Guest Solo for Justin Bonfini

Hey guys. Figured I'd post a recent guest solo I did for my good friend Justin Bonfini on a track of his entitled "Punishment". Go check him out!

Chris Feener - Punishment Guest Solo (Justin Bonfini)

Rex Carroll: Free Guitar Lesson by - Learn To Play Guitar - Witch Dr. Bones

Rex Carroll guitar lessons - Witch Dr. Bones. For more information on Skype Guitar Lessons or the next Rex Carroll Rock Academy, please visit Please subscribe, share, leave a comment!

Free Guitar Lesson by Rex Carroll | Learn To Play Guitar | Witch Dr. Bones

Michael Nielsen: Friedman Guitars "The Red One"

I get to show you around the new red Friedman guitar! Mahogany body, Motor City P-90 pickups. It's an absolute beast!

01:12 cover of Govt Mule, "Brand New Angel"
Amps used: guitar signal split using Little Labs PCP, then into a Marshall 2555x (4x12) and a 60' "blackface" Bassman head (Friedman 1x12). Solo: Add a Klon Centaur in front

03:50 comparison of P-90, Single Coil & Humbucker sounds
Amps used: Friedman DS40 UAD plugin

05:07 a little tune I came up, I'm calling "The Red One"
Amps used: Egnater ie4 Preamp + VHT 2151 + 4x12, Friedman BE-100 UAD plugin

Friedman Guitars "The Red One"

Jason Heninger: example jazz solo created for the blog, Guitar Tree.

This is an example solo that I did for my blog, Guitar Tree.

The progression is one that's based on the tune "American Boy" by Estelle. (insert Kanye joke here)

The song has a fun progression that switches from E major to Eminor, and back again.

Example Solo in E Major and E Minor

Ian Grey: Jonathan Kreisberg Lick #2 with Tab

Ian Grey:
Hi guys, here is a Jonathan Kreisberg quintuplet lick, extracted from his solo from his song "Strange Resolutions." It's a very fast and fun to play line that works its way through the modes of C melodic minor and resolves on a Dmaj7 chord. I like to take the individual shapes from this lick and use them in my own soloing as part of a way of incorporating this line into improvisation. Thank you for watching, and please subscribe if you enjoy these licks/lessons! TAB/Notation:

Jonathan Kreisberg Lick #2 (TAB/Notation in description)

Bart Hennephof, Joe Tal: Textures - Paris full show 2016

Bart Hennephof, Joe Tal: Textures Paris full show 2016

Daniël de Jongh - Vocals
Bart Hennephof - Guitar
Joe Tal - Guitar
Stef Broks - Drums
Remko Tielemans - Bass
Uri Dijk - Synths

Textures Paris 26 02 2016 full show

Dhalif Ali: Ethereal Noodling

Playing my Ernieball Musicman JP15.. on this ambient ethereal backing track.. had fun !

Backing Track is by MyDarnJamTracks

Ethereal Noodling

Daniel Weiss: Free Improvisation - short but sweet

Daniel Weiss: Free Improvisation

Lari Basílio: Titanium

Lari Basílio with a performance of her track Titanium. Visit


Li-sa-X: Ooops on BIAS FX - Positive Grid

Published on 23 Apr 2016
Positive GridさんのBIAS FXというソフトを使って弾いてみました⭐︎

Hi, I tried out BIAS FX of Positive Grid.
Please check it out !

Li-sa-X on BIAS FX (Positive Grid)

Jack Gardiner: Come Together (Beatles) Guitar Arrangement


Hey guys,

I know I haven't been on here in literally months. Those of you who follow me on Facebook may have seen some of the personal struggles I've been going through, but I feel like that it's finally all beginning to pass.

I actually have a new website up and running! My lessons are currently on sale (at 50% off) for this 1st week back! Visit to find out more.

I uploaded this video to my Facebook page a while back and completely forgot it wasn't up here on YouTube. As a Scouser myself, I thought it'd be rude not to cover a Beatles tune. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Come Together (Beatles) Guitar Arrangement