Tosin Abasi: "Mind-Spun" - BIAS Head amplifier [4K]

Tosin Abasi​ from Animals As Leaders​ played "Mind-Spun" off the album "The Joy Of Motion", plugged into BIAS Head - amp match amplifier. Pre-order BIAS Head:

BIAS Head is a 600w standalone guitar amplifier with the revolutionary Amp Match technology, allowing musicians to capture any amp tone in the world. You can virtually design your own amp at a component level, share and download thousands of amp match models in the cloud, and it’s seamlessly integrated with BIAS Amp for mobile and desktop. BIAS Head ships with 25 factory presets, and you can expand to infinite through BIAS Amp and ToneCloud. It comes with MIDI, external pedal input, effects loop, desktop connection via USB.

Tosin Abasi - "Mind-Spun" - BIAS Head amplifier [4K]