Viacheslav Kavlenas: Chocoslayc Eternity - Change Of Loyalty

I remember the times I was just a kid watching those american MTV shows. That was the first time I saw the place with huge letters Hollywood, you know now that I'm talking about Hollywood Singh! And since then I got that strong feeling to make a break to this place, the one that had some sort of magnetic power for me. That became an aim - "Anything - to make my dream come true! One less word left to say. You always have to make your own aims and marks in your life, and go straight till the end to make them happen. Everything is possible. Everything is in your own hands. Don't wait until something happens by itself. Do something now, do something today, everyday. Success doesn't come easy, it's always some kind of different work, sometimes really hard work. If you started something and you feel that it's yours - you should go till the very end, until you're done. It takes 1 second to give everything up, and to lose anything. But remember, If you gave up - it's forever. If you're a winner - It's forever. And it's up to you to make a choice.

USA, California, Los Angeles 2015

Camera by Inna Logvin
Video editing by Lesha Misyurov
Post-Production Stas Belove
Recorded and mixed by Roman Kharyukov
CHANGE OF LOYALTY - Eternity ( official playthrough by ChocoSlayc )

Breathtaker (Instrumental)
by Change of Loyalty

1. Ashland (instrumental) 04:23
2. Vortex(instrumental) 04:00
3. Unexpected (instrumental) 04:23
4. 이 미친 짓 ((Madness) instrumental)01:23
5. Magdalene (instrumental) 03:47
6. The Pressure (instrumental) 03:02
7. Rage Fighter (instrumental) 03:45
8. Nonsense (instrumental) 03:58
9. Eternity (instrumental) 03:55

This is instrumental version of "Breathtaker"