Sunday, 28 August 2016

Esani Dey: shredding like a freight train!

Published on 27 Aug 2016
Guitar - Esani Dey
Instagram - @esani_dey
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Jen Majura, Mattias IA Eklundh: interviewing friends with funny questions... (part 2)

Thanks to all of the great people who helped me out with my new fun hobby: INTERVIEWING COLLEAGUES!

Richie Kotzen, Mikael Karlborn, Mike Keneally, Mattias IA Eklundh, Kee Marcello...
(NOTE: Sorry - watch out for the volume differences at 1'35 when Mr. IA comes in....)
to be continued hehe....

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Jen Majura interviewing friends with funny questions... (part 2)

Esani Dey: with Tabla player Jomy George - incredible ear.

Esani Dey: with Tabla player Jomy George - incredible ear.

EsaniDey's SYNC ft. Jomy George

Jen Majura, Adrian Weiss: Video Shoot for Kick Start my heart

Yes my friends, I know from time to time my ideas do appear a little crazy... so this is what happened:

Adrian: "hey Jen, now we did this song together for my 3rd solo album, why not let's make a video...?"
Jen: "Great" Let's shoot under water!"
Adrian: " ----uhmmmmmmm"

Major thanks for the incredible support of our friends from Engl Amps (Christian Schlossarek, Martin Kleine & Team), Ibanez Guitars (Joachim Holler, Hannes Auerochs & Team), Cordial Cables (Claudia Köhler & Team), InEar Kommunikationstechnik (Marco Rämisch & Team), EMP (Marcus Schleutermann, Peter Sell & Team) and of course Andy, Julia & Christian @ UNDERWATER No1 VOERDE for the unbelievable support to make this video even happen and actual take place!!!!

The video will be shot tomorrow and will be released in december, we are excited as crazy and can't wait to present you the result of our craziness ! ! !

Music in this video: KICKSTART MY HEART by the great Mötley Crüe