Richard Hallebeek: with Frans Vollink and Niels Voskuil - Crashing Apps

Here’s another song from my new trio cd called ‘Crashing Apps’ that should be out end 2016. This song uses the diminished scale and a symmetrical scale (E-F-F#-G#-A-A#-C-C#-C) exclusively for the harmonies and the melodies. Always a challenge to solo over!
I wrote this song using the JamOrigin polyphonic guitar-to-midi software and also played the outtro solo with it. Plug your guitar into your sound card using your regular guitar output.. and it works - no audible tracking delays. Amazing technology - check it out here:

Frans Vollink - bass
Niels Voskuil - drums
Rich - everything else

All guitars are 100% Fractal Audio Axe Fx and this cd is mixed with FAS reverb. Thanks Matt Piccone. You can download the solo sound I used for this song here:

Marco Bosch custom pickups

Richard Hallebeek/Frans Vollink/Niels Voskuil - Crashing Apps