Giulia Coletti: Ibanez Flying Fingers 2016 Udine, Italy

This is my entry for the Ibanez Flying Fingers Competition 2016.

My first Iove was a RG1570 Prestige (you can see it on the back) and still remains my favorite for the defined sound, precise and clear tone.
Then came a PGM30 (in the video), followed by an Iceman 700 (always on the back).
Ibanez means versatile and reliable instruments, with attention for innovation.
As well as for many guitarists, my personal guitar heroes are Ibanez players, so I’m grateful for the passion and enthusiasm they convey.
Happy to be part of the big family of Ibanez lovers!

Thanks for watching!

Recorded with: Ibanez PGM30, AxeFx Ultra, Planet Waves Cables, Focusrite Interface, Reaper
Filmed by Tancredi Cassina with Nikon D750


Ibanez Flying Fingers 2016 Giulia Coletti, Udine, Italy