Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Tatiana Pará: Sunset - Official promo clip

SUNSET - Tatiana Pará (Official Clip)

Tatiana Pará - guitar, composition, arrangement
Walter Junior - video director and producer
Alaor Neves - drums
David Rangel - bass
Fabio Augusto - audio producer / keyboard
SUNSET - Tatiana Pará (Official Clip)

Michael Dolce: Spain quick improv and Master class promo Australia

I’ll be conducting masterclasses in the following places.

Sydney 4th October Cilia guitars Showroom

Brisbane 5th October Independent music

Canberra 18th October DW music

Newcastle 27th October Musos corner

NZ Date Venue and date TBC

Perth Venue and date TBC

Dubbo Venue and date TBC

You can book on the following link

Dean Zelinsky: Giving Away the Johnny Winter Signature Prototype Guitar

Dean Zelinsky is Giving Away the Johnny Winter Signature Prototype Guitar

Chicago, IL August 31, 2016 – Dean Zelinsky Guitars today announces they are giving away the $2,900 Johnny Winter prototype guitar used to debut the line at the 2016 Winter NAMM show. One lucky winner will be chosen through an online giveaway. The drawing will be held October 23rd, 2016.

“This Johnny Winter prototype is a truly special guitar,” stated Zelinsky. “It’s exciting that some lucky winner will have a chance to own it. I am giving away this incredibly expensive showpiece guitar to call attention to my new signature brand, sold exclusively online at factory direct pricing –”

Contestants can easily enter the drawing by simply clicking on the Fishbowl at or going to where they can also increase their chances to win by sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

The Johnny Winter Signature is the same guitar made by Zelinsky that Winter had been playing and touring with in his most recent years, until his untimely passing in July, 2014. This exclusive collector’s guitar features a highly engraved flame maple top specially designed for Winter with his name prominently embossed. Other features include an ultra-thin Mahogany body, a 25 ½” scale 24-fret maple neck, brushed satin nickel hardware, locking tuners and Dean Zelinsky Custom Humbuckers designed hot and bright achieving that Johnny Winter signature tone. Guitars will be $2899 and come complete with Tweed Tolex Hard Case.

Zelinsky launched his new line of Dean Zelinsky Guitars in August of 2013 through his ecommerce website,

Irene Ketikidi: Lesson 1 - Coffee Break Grooves - Cappuccino

My first lesson for Coffee Break Grooves, melodic phrasing and rhythmic playing on top of a groovy fusion backing track :) Free lick and full lesson for you below!
Download free lick:

Purchase full lesson:

Ketikidi Lesson 1 - Coffee Break Grooves - Cappuccino

Divaldi Addina: plays Ethereal by Andy James

Here is "Ethereal"
and Thank you very much to my dear Uncle Laurie
For Andy James Academy Material

Divaldi plays Ethereal by Andy James

Richard Hallebeek: with Frans Vollink and Niels Voskuil - Crashing Apps

Here’s another song from my new trio cd called ‘Crashing Apps’ that should be out end 2016. This song uses the diminished scale and a symmetrical scale (E-F-F#-G#-A-A#-C-C#-C) exclusively for the harmonies and the melodies. Always a challenge to solo over!
I wrote this song using the JamOrigin polyphonic guitar-to-midi software and also played the outtro solo with it. Plug your guitar into your sound card using your regular guitar output.. and it works - no audible tracking delays. Amazing technology - check it out here:

Frans Vollink - bass
Niels Voskuil - drums
Rich - everything else

All guitars are 100% Fractal Audio Axe Fx and this cd is mixed with FAS reverb. Thanks Matt Piccone. You can download the solo sound I used for this song here:

Marco Bosch custom pickups

Richard Hallebeek/Frans Vollink/Niels Voskuil - Crashing Apps

Lorenzo Venza: Prince style backing track solo

Schecter custom shop sunset custom
M-zero Overdrive (mezzabarba)
Improvised solo over this great Backing !

Lorenzo Venza - Prince style backing track solo

Chris Letchford: new solo acoustic/electronic project pre-order merch

Pre-order Now at: http://www.islndsstore.comCds, Shirts, Tab Books and package deals!
Digital pre-order and instant single download at
Chris Letchford's new solo acoustic/electronic project featuring guest vocals form Joey Secchiaroli (The Reign of Kindo) and Ashe O'Hara (ex- Tesseract). 7 Instrumentals and 2 songs with guest vocals.
Follow Chris on social media
Instagram: @chrisletchford
Islnds on social media:
"nghts" • featuring VOCALIST Ashe O'Hara (ex-TESSERACT)

Diego Godoy: JTC Jam of the Month August

My take to this cool bluesy backing track!

Diego Godoy - JTC Jam of the Month August

Kevin Glasgow: All the Things You Are

Kevin Glasgow - Electric Bass
All the Things You Are - Jerome Kern/Oscar Hammerstein II

Kevin Glasgow - All the Things You Are

Wes Thrailkill: Kickstarter for new album - Deviations

About this project

Hey guys and gals, Mammoth here... I (Wes) just want to say thanks to everyone that has been integral in support of us over the years which in hand puts in perspective how fortunate we are to continue with this musical endeavor - coming up around 12 years since I started this band in my garage as a wee teeny bopper. It's been a great journey, growing musically and getting to share what we love with people all around the world. 

Our new album 'Deviations', which marks our 5th studio release and 7th release in around 5 years is what we feel is our best effort yet, challenging us both physically and mentally. Sonically I can describe this collection of music (around 40 minutes) in direct relation to how my life has transpired over time. It is continually deviating from predisposition while still exposing random junctures that begin to materialize as less arbitrary to when they were first encountered. It is incredibly important to us that we present this material in the way it deserves and that is why we are asking for additional funding this late in the recording process (Mixing and Mastering stage) to fulfill our goal. This album has been a collective process from its inception and it only makes sense to extend our hands to you so we can complete this vision.      

Risks and challenges

We are in the final mixing stage for this album and couldn't be more excited to share what we have been hard at work with for the last year. The album art was completed by Vitaliy Havrylyuk of Portugal and it came out eye opening, which we think mirrors the musical style of this record very well. Our mixing engineer A.J. Minette of The Human Abstract whom we have worked with in the past is making great strides in presenting our sound in the best way possible. We are very fortunate to have him lend his ears and abilities in this process. There are a few guest musicians on the album, (some new, some old) and they have impressed us with their additional interpretations on our songs. During this campaign month we will be doing the final sonic tweaks to the album.

Mammoth Kickstarter for new album 'Deviations'

Marshall Harrison: Presto-Digitation! album remastered and back online

Originally released in 2010 the Presto-Digitation! album has been remastered by Marshall Harrison and is back online

My sound evolved from rock instrumental-Malmsteen and Vai-type music to legato influences from the Jazz Fusion world a la Holdsworth to Frank Gambale. Tasteful solos in Blues River, Jettisoned, and Just One Thing really do say it all: tasteful virtuosity by a bluesy "Holdsworthian legato" master. Spearheading a new approach to modern virtuosity via economy/sweep picking by applying the hybrid picking of the right hand, we were able to achieve heretofore brand new, jaw-dropping effects. Dweezil Zappa, Steve Vai, Scott Henderson, and Brett Garsed have all expressed positive feedback.

Samuli Federley: Raindrops nice clean sound tapped arpeggios

This is my latest little song called Raindrops. I had this thing going on with a clean sound where I'm using some tapped arpeggios over a barre chord. I thought that it was a really interesting sound to play two different chords on top of each other. So I needed to make a little song out if it. I hope you dig it.
Check out also

Samuli Federley - Raindrops

Luke Fortini: shredding out to E phrygian dominant

Luke Fortini: shredding out to E phrygian dominant

E phrygian dominant impro by Luke Fortini

Improvisation by Luke Fortini in Yngwie Malmsteen style.
Using phrygian dominant scale and diminished arpeggios.

Michael Wagner: 'Hot Mustard' Full Playthrough -

Michael Wagner's 'Hot Mustard' Full Playthrough |
Download The Full 20 Licks Pack Here:

Full of grit, attitude and a driving groove, Michael Wagner's latest track is filled to the brim with aggressive bluesy techniques that you can start using today! Learn this raw yet masterful new song in 20 licks, then piece them together for a serious jam!

As ever, we have included everything you need to practise and perfect the material in this package. There are video and audio tracks for you to watch/listen and study, accurately transcribed TAB/notation for you to analyse and master, and backing tracks for everything! We've even included some text notes to help you really get these parts down!

Download right now, or Premium Members hit the +MyTracks button and get instant streaming access!

Michael Wagner's 'Hot Mustard' Full Playthrough |

Chris Gordon: Picking, Tapping and Improvisation from a guy in the zone

Chris Gordon: Picking, Tapping and Improvisation from a guy in the zone

Tapping idea

Improv in B minor

Picking workout

A Dorian Improvisation

Ulisses Miyazawa: Yngwie Malmsteen - Alcatrazz Guitar Solo Medley 1984

Alcatrazz Guitar Solo Medley 1984 Yngwie Malmsteen (Ulisses Miyazawa)
From Alcatrazz - Metallic live '84 - Live in Japan

Alcatrazz Guitar Solo Medley 1984 Yngwie Malmsteen (Ulisses Miyazawa)

Steeves Hostin: Beyond The Dust - I'll Be Home


New song from our upcoming release

#BTD2K16 #ExpectUs

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Andy James: New Guitar Solo Track Performance - Sky Dreams

Andy James New Guitar Solo Track Performance - Sky Dreams

A stunning new track from Andy James which oozes emotion, melody and phrasing.

All tones from the Sky Dreams STL tones Kemper package

Stay tuned for v2.0 of the Brand New Andy James Guitar Academy - Coming Soon

Andy James New Guitar Solo Track Performance - Sky Dreams

Rony Janecek: Halabica Worn Jeans DEMO - Axe FX ULTRA

Here I've made little short Test for this amazing guitar. It was recorded with Axe FX ULTRA (without Post-processing)

Halabica Guitars Webpage:
Halabica Guitars FB-Page:

Hope you will like it :)

Rony Janecek - Halabica Worn Jeans DEMO