Giacomo Castellano,Gianni Rojatti: Ibanez Day | Racer Café | Salumeria della Musica | 2015

Milan Polak: This Time - the new album drops

Eric Calderone: 331Erock - The Bear and the Maiden Fair (ft. Miracle of Sound) Meets Metal

Jeff Kiesel: Q and A at Kiesel Carvin Guitars

Keith Merrow,Wes Hauch: Yamaha THR10X Practice Amp Demo

Jude Gold: plays tune Salamander

Russ Parrish: Satchel and the Steel Panther boys Alcatraz Milano 2015

Derryl Gabel: releases 16th instructional video - 12 Key Mastery

Guthrie Govan, Adrian Smith: play prog classics with Royal Philharmonic