Bob Gjika: Shawn Lane - first and last remake of the stereo gold push pull amp

Li-sa-X: Polyphia "Aviator" - scary good Japanese 10 year old is back!

John Petrucci: At Guitar Center - interview

Yngwie Malmsteen: Monsters of Rock 2015 - possibly the biggest number of Marshall's assembled in one place?

Jeff Loomis: Arch Enemy Stolen Life Play Through

Paolo Schianchi: 49-string guitar - Michael Jackson Tribute

Dave Martone: Nacimiento - acoustic album featuring Satriani, Batten and Howe amongst others

Milan Polak: Fake - live @ La Scimmia Nuda 2015

Denis Shvarts: Spiral Structures - Guitar Playthrough

Rob Scallon: MAY-tallica is on! - Enter Sandman in reverse

Rick Graham: Joe Satriani - Time

Wes Thrailkill: Fatal Flaw Exposition

Wes Thrailkill: Mammoth - inate - great new progressive metal digital album

Xavi Reija, Dusan Jevtovic: XADU - Random Abstract

Agam Hamzah,Ade Irawan: LIGRO "Dictionary 3"