Paul Bielatowicz, Dave Brons, Dave Bainbridge: GB3 - GB3 live at W2, Den Bosch in the Netherlands 2015

GB3 live at W2, Den Bosch in the Netherlands on May 3th 2015.
Thanks to GB3, Arno Willems, W2 & Background Magazine.

Video Credits:
Camera: Henri Strik & Roel Strik
Video Edit: Roel Strik

Audio Credits:
Audio Edit: Arno Willems

Three outstanding guitarists in their own right coming together to create a memorable evening of virtuoso guitar music, including some inspired jamming together.

GB3 - Voyager (Multi cam)

Sounds familiar? The G3 guitar evening format was established by the like of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson and, long before them, acoustic virtuosos McLaughlin, Di Meola and de Lucia rocked out together on a Friday Night in San Francisco.

GB3 - Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Multi cam)

So, what’s different about GB3?

How about combining epic, emotive, symphonic rock music with reinterpretations of well loved classical pieces played with unbelievable dexterity and traditional Celtic reels, jigs and airs translated into powerful electric guitar explorations? Throw in some atmospheric soundscapes, virtuoso solo piano, loopstation jamming on bouzouki, plus one of the most accomplished, jaw dropping solo bassists on the planet (the WHOLE of Bohemian Rhapsody on solo bass?!) and you begin to get the picture.

GB3 - America (Multi cam)

Not just for guitar geeks; a GB3 concert is an engaging, compelling musical experience for anyone who loves music that challenges the usual stylistic boundaries. Virtuosic, yes. But also inspiring, entertaining, moving and uplifting

GB3 - Angel Of God (Multi cam)

GB3 - three great guitarists from the UK plus one astonishing bassist. Go and see them - you won’t be sorry.