Andy Timmons, Mike Daane: WHO tribute: Baba O'Riley

Tony Iommi, Mario Parga: Great Lefty: Live Forever - Tony heaps praise on Mario's work

Chelsea Constable, Grace Constable: Taylor Guitars - A Tribute To Jerry Reed - Jerry's Breakdown - stunning!

Ivan Mihaljevic, Julio Stotz: teaser and solo for new EP.

Jake Bowen: Isometric - Periphery guitarist with new ambient electronic electronic trip hop album

David Preston, Kevin Glasgow, Laurie Lowe: announce new EP - expect classy fusion

Luis Galang: ESP Teenage Guns contest winner - Guthrie Govan's "Waves"

Tosin Abasi: Animals As Leaders - reissue of debut album due in July

Tom Caufield: Breakthrough Release ‘Things I Heard While in the Womb’

Stuart Hamm, Alex Skolnick, Joel Taylor: Stu announces East Coast Tour Dates

News: Popdose Compilation to Raise Funds to Fight Multiple Myeloma to Be Released June 2

News: PRS Guitars 30th Anniversary Thank You Gift Event

Simone Dow: The Deluxe Limited Edition Double Vinyl version of "V" is available now.

Paul Wardingham: new album details announced

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Tom Morello: RUSH perform spine surgery on Tim Commerford Future User - Voodoo Juju

Samantha Fish: Wild Heart CD - pre order

Jason Sadites: ngwie inspired diminished craziness

Tom Quayle: updated the gear section of the web site!