Pete Cottrell: Siggi Braun Fafnyr 8 String Guitar - Metal Frying Tonight!

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart: Rush - One Little Victory - Live In Rio

Lyle Watt: Slowdown - live play through - tasteful and understated

Mark Kroos: Plays Purple Haze & Voodoo Child at the Same Time - need two brains for this one!

Jason Sadites: slippery lick from his single "Fuzzy Math"

Nick Andrew: Fishman Triple Play - amazing demo of the sounds you can get on a guitar!

Massimiliano Cona: Song for Carol - acoustic "piano" tapping guitar

Hans Van Even: Scary Hans' Blitz Lick - 8 finger tapping - with tab!

Vincenzo Avallone: Valhalla Room - Ambient Djent Space Metal Clean Guitar

Mikahel Raiden: MTV presents: Metal Series #3 "Phoenix" - 10 strings GNG

Antonello Giliberto,Dino Fiorenza, John Macaluso: First Day Lights At The Monastery - promo track from new album

Davide Pagano: Practicing a new song... short but sweet impressive progressive fusion

Tony MacAlpine: Thank you for all your help