Mamoru Morishita: Kind of Funk 2002

Rohan Stevenson: i built the sky - Humilis (Watch in 4K)

Paul Gilbert: Performance Guitar Solo

Pritesh Walia: Guitar Idol 2016 | Chromatic Systems

Niko Humavoid: Amoral Shred Guitar

Anthony Lipari, Tom Geldschläger, John Strieder: Brennenburg by Thoren new album of progressive metal technical metal

Thorsten Praest: GUT teaser - Good German fusion band :)

Dave Weckl, Mohini Dey,Sandeep Mohan: plus Abhijith P S Nair - SARASWATI Official Teaser...!!!

Andy James: Murderface feat Deadface "Gunpoint Confession"

Bob Gjika: New Gjika single ended 10^n (Powers of Ten Amp Redux) Shawn Lane

Scott Jones: Listening to the first sessions for the Project - something wicked this way comes!

Rafael Moreira: Magnetico's "Death Race" and Bogner Shiva Amp

Jan Laurenz: Tim Donahue harp guitar

Fran Alonso: Les Paul Guitar Luthier Epicaster Demo - sizzling soloing

Takajii: Outburst - G5 2016 Official Guitar Playthrough

Andy Timmons, Sydnei Carvalho: Excerpt from future CD / DVD BossaHits - woah great guitar!!

Vladimir Chernoklinov: Albinoni Adagio - Heart Strings 2016

Matthew Mills: Italian Tour Video compilation of Clips from the 2016 tour - neoclassical shredding!

Greg Howe: Mark Power Wristband

Nick Johnston: The Making of Remarkably Human

Tosin Abasi: Guitar Center Presents

Sam Parry, Jonny White: The Mechanist - Minds & Machines - Djent

Jess Lewis: Fierce

Youri De Groote: She doesn't like it solo demo from Guitar Idol 2016

Samuli Federley: a melodic solo in E major

Doug Cartwright: So many notes. So little time - super tasty noodle

Blues Saraceno: Throwback Thursday From the MI Library 11/07/1996

Senri Kawaguchi, Kiyomi Otaka: Chocoboo Live! and Trick or Treat - super JFusion

Aquiles Priester, Cristiano Wortmann: Hanger - Reality is a Prison, Just Like Heaven from Stronger than Ever 2016

Angela Maldonado: great cover of Kiko Loureiro - Reflective

Sarah Longfield: The Fine Constant - Eternal Flight - Congratulations on 100,000 YouTube Subscribers

Andy Othling: Terra Incognita - The Ojito Wilderness

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Oneiric Pool by Bucketheadland

Angel Ruiz: new album of classic instrumental rock from Madrid

Jeyson Zímerer: Noodle time - Expomusic 2016 with his New Guitar by Gbspro

Paulo Grua: Zoe Trio - fusion instrumental post-rock from Rio De Janeiro

Daniel Rezende: Jam of the Month - October 2016 Leaving You Today

David Gilmour: Pink Floyd - Green Is The Colour is a Roger Waters song

Robert Ritchiesse: Non Brewed Condiment, theme and solo

Katalina González, Laura Klinkert, Sus Vasquez: New album and a house full for Medellin Guitar Masters!

Frank Gambale: Why he does not use tubes anymore

Filipe Paiva: Making melodies - Suhr Classic Pro

Alex Verghese: Short section from a track called "Peering Through The Veil"

Thiago Trinsi: 10 Guitar Studies to Boost Your Alternate Picking Technique