Rafael Moreira: Magnetico's "Death Race" and Bogner Shiva Amp

Rafael Moreira: Magnetico's "Death Race" and Bogner Shiva Amp
SUBSCRIBE! The incredible guitarist Rafael Moreira talks with Reinhold Bogner about his brand new Magnetico release "DEATH RACE". Listen to his new music and the journey making the record, plus hear him ripping through his Bogner Shiva amps!
Magnetico "DEATH RACE" is available at:
iTunes - Magnetico Death Race

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Bogner Amps - Rafael Moreira, Magnetico's "Death Race" and Shiva Amp

Hello my friends and fans, it's official!! I finally finished the new Magnetico album "Death Race" and you can pre-order it on the itunes link, the physical Album drops on the 31st world wide! Please share it

Para todos meus amigos e fans, é oficial!! Eu finalmente terminei o disco novo do Magnetico que se chama "Death Race" e você já pode garantir o seu download antecipadamente no link do itunes, o CD fisico será lançado dia 31 desse mes no mundo todo!

I would like to thank Ben White and Jerry Roe for all the hard work and amazing playing! Want to thank Claudio Bergamin for the art, Dave Estrada for the layout, Jay Ruston for the mixes, Paul Logus for the masters, Alf Rodenas for the live sessions and all the amazing people who contributed with their talents and energy for the completion of this album! Moogie Canazio, Alex Alessandroni Jr., Vida Simon, Urban Olsson, Sean McLaughlin, Mith Niles @maziarohadi @atiliopaschal @mikebjarami Simeon Spiegel, Gilad Koriski, Barra Pesada, Alan Sosa, Leandro Moreira, Marili Moreira, Mari Cüry, Gabriel Riveros.