Jess Lewis: Fierce

*BRAND NEW* Jess Lewis - Fierce |
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Armed with a killer axe, copious amounts of gain and a hard-hitting aggressive rock track, Jess Lewis seriously packs a powerful punch! Learn every note complete with video, backing and TAB here at JTC!
This intense, grooving, glorious track features memorable melodies and crazy guitar based mayhem for a truly exciting effect!

If you've been following JTC for any length of time then you're fully aware of who Jess is and how mesmerisingly beautiful and dynamic her playing is, but this time she's showing off just how fierce her playing can be!

In this track you'll be using pinch harmonics, natural harmonics, whammy bar work, pick tapping, bending, alternate picking, aggressive vibrato, legato, slides, soloing through multiple keys, using dorian, pentatonic and blues scales, chromatic, double stops and a whole lot more!
This track comes complete with the video file for you to watch and enjoy, but also see exactly how each part is played, then we have the accurate TAB/Notation to help you learn every single note and track notes to help you master the track. Lastly, we have the full backing track where you can practise and perfect Jess's interpretation of this awe-inspiring track or you can cut loose and solo using your own ideas!

As soon as you hear this track, you just KNOW you have to learn this one, and we've got everything you need to do exactly that!
*BRAND NEW* Jess Lewis - Fierce |