Fran Alonso: Les Paul Guitar Luthier Epicaster Demo - sizzling soloing

Demo of a guitar "Les Paul Epicaster Luthier". Luthier of Las Palmas. Guitar specifications are:

Mahogany body with Aliso caps.
Fingerboard rosewood.
Inlays Abalone.
Cejilla as naturally carved camel bone.
Trates medium / medium.
Gibson Scale. 24.75 "- 628,6mm
Weight empty :-) 3.9 kg
Neck Pickup: Seymour Duncan SH2N
Bridge Pickup: Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB
. 2 volumes 500K with Push-Pull: Single / humbucker for each pickup
2 Tones Alpha 500K one, and the other CTS equipped with .022 Orange Drop 715.
. Dyeing to muñequilla top of Aliso with TEAL NitorTINT
Lacada hand with NitorAQUA Lacquer.
Great playing comfort. It
combines the hue of Jazz, with strong character and more aggressive.
Perfect for lovers of the Gibson Les Paul.