Brad Bradbury: Four Backing Tracks to bust you out of a rut

Tore-Morten Andreassen: improvised smooth funk/fusion Blues

Ron Jarzombek: The Ink Panther

Mateus Asato: you'll be in my heart

Matt Fack, Toby Peterson-Stewart: The Omnific | The Stoic (Official Audio)

Kiko Loureiro: DV Mark Smart Multiamp

Derryl Gabel: Pentatonic Transformation Bonus Lick 3

Allen Hinds: The Captain Meets Allen Hinds

Hedras Ramos, Anthony Crawford, Andy Prado: Spain NAMM 2019

Derya Nagle, Joaquin Ardiles: Good Tiger "Float On" (Blacklight Media)

Kieran Johnston: Quick Lick Lessons - Alternate Picking and String Skipping

Garrett Peters, Andy Gillion: Star Wars Metal (with Bloopers!)

Sammy Boller: playing a 1940's Gibson

Maru Martinez: Something i'm working on :)

Yuki, Seiji: D_Drive information UK live date!

Marion Gaillard: Intrepid Spade - This is an extract from a composition that explores fusion-rock style.

Andy James: "The Watcher" Kiesel Polarity active coil split pickups

Mary Spender: These electric guitars are made out of STEEL!

Marco Sfogli: MEZZABARBA booth [NAMM 2019]

Andy Timmons, Martin Miller: Electric Gypsy - Session Band (Live in Studio)

Rusty Cooley: playing Fortin Amps at NAMM 2019 Multicam with HQ sound!

Li-sa-X: Looking back my memories -

Vinai Trinateepakdee: Knaggs Choptank Demo

Rod Zamora: Colony from Architect of the Universe - Guitar Playthrough

Andrew Virrueta: Glasshouse by Interloper Guitar Playthrough

Ed Garcia, André Casagrande: Vitalism RAMATEN and AYAHUASCA

Glenn Fricker, Ola Englund: Hanging with Ola!

Nick Johnston: Schecter Factory Tour | in the Custom Shop | Thomann

Ethan Brosh: guitar solo 2018

Jeff Loomis: Coffee with Ola - Jeff Loomis of Arch Enemy, Nevermore

Ana Popovic: Spire Center for Performing Arts 2019

Cristina Pena: Fusion Funk Backing Track F Minor

Russ Parrish: New Satchel Signature Guitar | Charvel Pro Mod DK | Thomann NAMM 2019

Kiko Loureiro: One day at the NAMM show 2019

Kiko Loureiro, Li-sa-X: jamming at the DV Mark booth

Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons: M3 live performances from Elements of Sound 2019

Sarah Longfield: Signature Strandberg 8-string Guitar | Thomann NAMM 2019

Jared James Nichols: Blackstar 2019 NAMM

Paul Gilbert: 30th Anniversary Ibanez Signature Guitar | Thomann NAMM 2019

Becky Langan, Mike Dawes, Guy Buttery, Larry Mitchell: ToneWoodAmp at Winter NAMM 2019

Marco Sfogli: The Reaction at MEZZABARBA booth NAMM 2019

Jason Richardson: OMNI, Retrograde at Ernie Ball booth NAMM 2019]

Mateus Asato: Time

Hedras Ramos: Cort X700 Duality Single Coils Test

Jeff Loomis: Coffee with Ola - Jeff Loomis of Arch Enemy, Nevermore

Rui Santos, Dan James Griffin, Zack Brannon, Gabriel Ramos: The Big Dipper by Living Impressions

Prashant Aswani: What's New From Jackson Guitars • NAMM 2019

Reinhold Bogner, Prashant Aswani: What's New From Bogner Amplifiers • NAMM 2019

Kane Roberts: "Beginning Of The End" with Alice Cooper + Alissa White-Gluz