Masato Dime: Masa Tooo N! - Hometown Ep Trailer

【Limited benefits for CD】
・Two bonus tracks
・The cd jacket that illustrator, hisaho worked
・The same preset for Fractal Audio - axe fx2 that I used for my recording this time
・The tabs for Star puppy(.tgx/.pdf/.midi)

※You can get them from QR code of this CD

Plus! You can get this CD in 1500 yen from internet but you can buy this CD for 1000 yen, if you come to my gig and meet me in person.

Enjoy the magical tour everywhere you are.

1500JPY / 13.5$ / 12€
日本国内 (Japan Only)

※If you are in foreign countries please send me a message to my E-Mail and tell me you wanna get this CD.

配信 Stream(iTunes/Apple Music/Spotifyなどの配信サービスは2/26より配信開始)

【Special Thanks】
Re:Authentic(CDのみ収録)ゲストボーカル : Dustbox
Re:Authentic (a limited track for CD ) is sung by guest vocalist, Dustbox

ジャケット及びCDデザイン : Hisaho
Jacket and CD designed by Hisaho
Official HP

1.Authentic 03:37
2.YOKOSUKA 03:33
3.Life in Deep 02:27
released January 1, 2019