Marco Sfogli: 'Homeland' Album Available With Backings/TAB | JTC Guitar

New - Marco Sfogli's 'Homeland' Album Available With Backings/TAB | JTC Guitar
Album/Backings/TAB Here:

Marco Sfogli Filled with killer shred and subtle melodies, Marco Sfogli shakes up the Progressive Rock world once again with his brand new album ‘Homeland’, now available complete with backings and TAB/notation. From glistening open melodies to gnarly hard-hitters, this 9 track monster of a Prog-Rock album has it all!

For those of you who just want to crank your speakers and rock out, we have the album only version containing all 9 tracks in MP3 format, along with official Homeland album artwork.

But if you want to play over the official tracks just like Marco and learn his actual solos, the Deluxe edition contains 8 official album backings with full lead guitar tab/notation, along with the complete album. You’ll also get 3 bonus video tracks (Corrosion, Dawn and Get Away With It) where you can watch Marco playing through the tracks in full.

If you’ve already got the album and wish to ‘complete the set’, we also have the Backings version which comes with just the official backings and TAB/Notation.

So what are you waiting for? Marco worked tirelessly to release this absolute beast of an album, now it’s over to you to learn every single glorious note!

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New - Marco Sfogli's 'Homeland' Album Available With Backings/TAB | JTC Guitar

*EXCLUSIVE* Marco Sfogli - 'Corrosion' Full Playthrough (from New Album Homeland)


  1. I just found out about Marco's newest yesterday. It's freaking awesome!!


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