Keven Eknes: Neunaber Neuron - Preamp with Cab-Sim, Comp, Gate, Eq & Midi

Checking out the new Preamp pedal from Neunaber Audio: Neuron Gain Intelligence. This incredible pedal features Speaker Simulator, Compressor, Noise Gate, 3-Band EQ + Hi- and Low-Pass Filter, Presets and MIDI. Providing pristine gain from sparkle clean tones to heavy distortion.
In this demonstration we go through a variety of ways you can use the pedal: Direct, Direct with other pedals, in the FX Loop in Amp, FX Return Only (acting as the preamp), As a Compressor, Cab Sim On/Off etc. This pedal is unbelievably versatile!

NEUNABER NEURON - Preamp with Cab-Sim, Comp, Gate, EQ & MIDI