Antonello Giliberto‎: announces the bassist for his new album

Hans Van Even: Quick jazz fusion improvisation with my new Siggi Braun guitar ...

Aquiles Priester,Gustavo Carmo, Vinnie Moore,Tony MacAlpine, Greg Howe, Nili Brosh: Our Lives, 13 Years Later... new album details

Jack Thammarat: Positive Grid BIAS Desktop Plug-in Blues Jam

Damjan Pejcinoski: Dark Eyes (Les yeux noirs) gypsy jazz style

Xander Demos: talking about Shawn Lane to promote the documentary fundraiser

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Our Selves - Pike number 86

Wayne Calford: Shred Alliance also featuring Per Nilsson, Michael Angelo Batio, Simone Mularon, Pete Pachio and others

Marco Iacobini: announces details of The Loner 2 - another tribute to Jeff Beck

Steve Hunter: interviewed by Talking Metal Digital

Joe Chawki: a snack from one of the upcoming tracks

Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan: Mr Big begin their 2014 tour Camden October 2014

Maru Martinez: Sylosis - Empyreal - Nice Sweep Tap.

Sam Bell: 7 String Secrets Guitar Lessons - Licklibrary

Sergey Boykov,Joop Wolters: Free track from his solo album "Falling Skies"

Ciro Manna: 20 Minor Key Fusion Licks from Jam Track Central

David Gilmour,Richard Wright: Pink Floyd - Echoes and Wearing The Inside Out

Rebecca Scammon: B-7b5 Tapping Arpeggio Lesson

Millisa Henderson: Devil Take Tomorrow - Marty Friedman - great live performance

David Gilmour: The Endless River - Southbank Timelapse

Rick Graham: Supersonic Sweep Arpeggio

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart: Rush - R40

Dean Murphy: Inanimate - 8 string clean song

Eduardo Escobar: Ibanez AR220 & TSA15H