Marco Iacobini: announces details of The Loner 2 - another tribute to Jeff Beck

Marco Iacobini

Last year, during this period, I have had the chance to be involved in this great project by Ulrich Vormehr for ESC Records. A new tribute album dedicated to one of the most important artist of guitar's world, the amazingJeff Beck

Where is possible to listen some of my favorite guitar players ever, like:
Michael Thompson, Scott Henderson, STEF BURNS and many more.
I'm very happy and proud about it but I would like to thank all great musicians that they have shared this experience with me.

Mr. Thomas Lang for his incredible drumming, Mr.Stefano Sastro for his great phrasing, Mr. Claudio Zanghieri for his granitic groove and Mr. Francesco Desmaele to help me on production.
It's was very funny to work on a classic tune of Jeff beck: " The Pump ".
Great song co-written by the incredible Simon Phillips.
Stay tuned. Very soon more news about it.

A song from Marco Iacobini's recent album

Marco Iacobini Live Tour 2013
Song: "Sunny day with you (Intro) "
Marco Iacobini: Guitars
Stefano Sastro: Keys
Mimmo Catanzariti: Bass
Glauco di Sabatino: Drums

"The sky there'll allways be" the new cd of Marco Iacobini
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