Thursday, 2 April 2009

New: truth in shredding new monthly peak


18,463 visits in the month of March... thanks to all those involved... that means you!

Ciro Manna: supporting paul gilbert


Ciro Manna, will be supporting Paul Gilbert, Friday, Apr 10, 2009 9:00 PM at the Oddly shed, Caserta.

Clinic with Paul Gilbert accompanied by Ciro Manna band, beginning at 21 hours Oddly Shed, Caserta Nord exit of the A1 motorway, for info and reservations write to

Lori Linstruth: don't buy illegal ice age demos!

Lori Linstruth says:
Just a quick public service announcement on behalf of my friend Pia Nyström (co-founder of the kickass all-female Swedish band Ice Age).

Pia has informed me that Ice Age’s former (like, waaaay former) manager is illegally selling vintage Ice Age demos in an attempt to make a few quick bucks. The illegal demos are being released on the label “Nemesis International.” According to Pia, Ice Age never signed a record contract with Nemesis or any other label, and thus nobody has the right to sell the demos except Ice Age themselves.

Pia and the rest of Ice Age don’t want to see people turning over over any hard-earned cash to this crook, so they have made their entire demo collection available for FREE DOWNLOAD on Just search for the keywords ICE AGE DEMO COLLECTION, or click this handy

This is an example of the kind of slimy music management trick that I really hate hearing about.

Emir Hot: scorching lick lesson

For more lessons visit For $10 discount use this link to subscribe

Francesco Congia: tribute to guthrie govan

Francesco Congia cover Govan's fives


News: musikmesse here we come

Gets over news shock that Lufthansa have stopped flying from Bristol... delayed until the end of the month...phew that was close... all packed?... Euros in place... check, flight booked... check, hotel booked... check, musikmesse tickets booked... check, all printed out ... check, google maps... check, google earth walk through ... check... video camera ... check, camera ... check, all packed... check... alarm set... check, alarm 2 set ... check, alarm 3... check... paranoia... check, missed flight by over sleeping... check...AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaGgghhhhhhhhhhHHhhhhhhh.

OK so if you see some crazy looking old bloke in camo, making him easier to spot with a young looking dude... well that's likely to be me... pop on over and say hello... you never know you might make it on to the blog... hopefully blog posting will continue as hotel has wifi!

Niels Vejlyt: tapping book now available from amazon


Learn the fine art of Advanced Tapping. This is the first book of guitar instructional material from Niels Vejlyt

About the Author
Niels Vejlyt did two instructional videos for Chops from Hell and one for Shred Academy. And is also the composer and guitar player of Infinity Overture

News: guitar fight club day 1 musikmesse

Day 1 of guitar fight club at the musikmesse.

Guitar Fight Club | Musikmesse FFM 2009 | Tag 1

Torben Enevoldsen: hard rock project


Torben Enevoldsen says:
All the songs for the hard rock project has now been written and we are almost completely done with the recordings. The project will feature different singers, including Tony Mills (TNT), Geir Rönning (Radioactive), Lars Säfsund (W.O.A.), Torben Lysholm (Pangea) and Guilherme Oliveira (Auras).

I am also singing on a couple of songs myself, as well as playing the guitar, keyboards and bass. Thomas Heintzelmann (Section A) is playing the drums and Carsten Neumann (Savage Affair) helped out with the bass. I am very happy with all the material and I expect for the album to be mixed next month.

Alex Skolnick: trio cover highway star live

Alex Skolnick in jazz fusion mode.

Highway Star (live)-Alex Skolnick Trio

Oziel Zinho: tribute to andy timmons

Oziel Zinho, with an excellent cover... enjoy!

Hiroshima - Andy Timmons

Cesar Huesca: new cd tracks posted

Order Cesar Huesca CD at:

6 videos promoting the CD

A mix of different instrumental styles and colors from soft mellow textures to mean heavy riff flashes and everything in between by an electric guitar. Crank this album up at all places at all moods and listen what the guitar actually sings on each track

1 Rockin' Red Carpet
2 Risk 24/7
3 En Un Mejor Lugar
4 Fantasmagoria (Child's Nightmare)
5 Eternidad
6 Tus Ojos
7 Como El Mar Y La Luna
8 Despertar

Guitars: Ibanez JEM7VSBL, Ibanez Double Edge RG2020X modified, Ibanez RGT42DXFX, Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster, Ovation Celebrity CS253.
Pedals: Dunlop GCB-95 wah, Xotic BB Preamp, TC Electronic G-Minor MIDI controller.
Rack: Mesa/Boogie Rectifier Recording Preamp, TC Electronic G-Major multieffects processor.
Amp: Marshall 30th Anniversary 6101 made in 1992 (only poweramp stage used)

News: guitar world june preview


Here's a sneak peak at what's going to be on the upcoming June '09 disc that comes with Guitar World magazine (on sale starting April 7th).

Guitar World Disc Preview: June 2009

Check out exclusive videos with Mark Tremonti from Alterbridge and Creed, Black Label Society's Zakk Wylde, Paul Gilbert, Michael Angelo Batio, plus gear reviews with Paul Riario, and much more!

News: first ever twitter concert... april the first has gone so is this true!


Moonalice to Become the First Band to Twitter Concert Music Downloads in Real Time

Tech-Savvy Band to Release T Bone Burnett-Produced, XOΔE Audio-Enhanced Debut Studio Album on April 14th

It's one small step for man, but one giant step for music. Moonalice, the Bay Area act that features musical all-stars including GE Smith and Barry Sless, is going where no band has gone before – a real-time Twitter concert. Always at the forefront of the latest digital developments, Moonalice will post their upcoming CD release show and party on April 3rd at Slim’s in San Francisco at Immediately following each song during the show, Moonalice’s sound team will take that song's audio, digitize it, upload it and “Tweet” about its availability — all before the group finishes playing the very next song. This is the first time that any artist has broadcast a concert in real time on the Twitter platform.

Twitter CEO Evan Williams says, “We are amazed by all the new ways people are using Twitter, and what Moonalice is doing exemplifies this to the core. Twittering a live show is a new and profoundly cool way for a band to reach its fan base and beyond. We hope to see more of this as bands see the value of connecting to their audience in new ways.”

In addition to Smith (Saturday Night Live house band, Hall & Oates, Bob Dylan) and Sless (David Nelson Band, Phil Lesh & Friends), Moonalice includes veteran players Pete Sears (Rod Stewart, Jefferson Starship), Ann McNamee (Flying Other Brothers, Ann Atomic), Jimmy Sanchez (Boz Scaggs, Bonnie Raitt), Roger McNamee (Flying Other Brothers) and occasional seventh member Jack Casady (Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna).

On April 14th, 2009, Moonalice will release their self-titled debut studio effort. The band entrusted legendary producer T Bone Burnett to help transform the highly regarded Moonalice live act into a gem of studio wizardry. Burnett recently won both “Record of the Year” and “Album of the Year” Grammy Awards for his work on Robert Plant & Alison Krauss’ Raising Sand. Listeners are sure to notice the sound quality of Moonalice, due not only to its sterling musicianship and exceptional production, but also because it features Burnett’s innovative new XOΔE (CODE in Greek letters) mastering technology. In addition to the CD, the DVD-V is packed with a high-resolution stereo version (24-bit/96 kHz), as well as optimized MP3, AAC and FLAC formats, plus two music videos. The entire package comes at the price of a regular, single CD.

In addition to their Twitter CD release show, Moonalice is currently racking up the miles on a nationwide 2009 tour (see for full schedule). At every show, the audience receives a free, limited edition poster, as well as local updates to the Moonalice legend. All posters are four-color offset lithographs, created by San Francisco’s finest poster artists.

For more information, visit:

To find Moonalice on Twitter, visit:

Russ Parrish: steel panther joined by anthrax

STEEL PANTHER's debut album, "Feel The Steel", will be released on June 9 via Universal/Republic.... in the meantime enjoy the heavy metal lunacy!

some live photos

Uli Jon Roth: sky academy back

Kudos blabbermouth
2 0 0 9 - Sky Academy Seminars, To Be Announced Soon! Italy, Germany, USA, New Zealand, Romania:

Sky Academy seminar to Los Angeles/Orange County for the fourth straight year in June. The aim is to enable students to get to a higher level of playing ability, overall musical awareness and inspiration.

Comments Uli Jon Roth:
"it has always been one of my talents to spot the talent of others and to help make it grow by pointing out certain things which are apparent to me, but not necessarily to the eyes and ears of the student.

"My own journey through music and life has revealed to me a way of approaching the instrument and music in such a fashion that maximum progress can be achieved in the shortest amount of time. I don't know whether I have stumbled upon a secret here, or rather just a series of interactive laws, but whatever it is — it sure works, and it's about time that I share some of that knowledge with the younger generations."

Los Angeles / Orange County
June 18-20, 2009
Location: Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana, CA

San Diego
June 25, 2009 (single-day program)
Location: Brick by Brick in San Diego, CA

Jason Becker and Uli Jon Roth

Hedras Ramos: shredding for blues jam tracks

After his entry in heat 1 guitar idol 2009 and his recent Saxon competition entry, Hedras Ramos gets picked up by Blues Jam Tracks: Look for more video posted soon.

Hedras Ramos, a fantastic young guitarist from Guatemala. Hedras will be showcasing three of his stunning instrumental rock tracks, which will be downloadable, complete with videos, backing tracks and accurate Tab! Join our mailing list at to hear as soon as this new set is released!

Adam Fulara: fanaberia club ostrow wielkopolski, march 2009

Adam Fulara live photos posted:

Paul Gilbert: new reissue announced

The suspenseful wait is over! As voted online: the PGM300 is the winning axe. It is the fourth guitar to be issued or re-issued for Paul Gilbert in 2009.

Over to metalichika to see how the other guitars stacked up

It’s specifications are:

neck: 1pc Maple
body: Basswood
frets: Jumbo
fretboard: Maple
bridge: Lo-Pro Edge
Hardware color: Cosmo Black
color: WH (white)
Pickups :

DiMarzio® PAF Pro® (H) neck
DiMarzio® FS-1™ (S) middle
DiMarzio® PAF Pro® (H) bridg2