Dejan Toracki: new cd in production

I apologise for the lack of communication. As do most musicians, I have had numerous, unorganised ideas that form the basis of songs but havn't quite been completed. The problem with coming up with a killer riff is that it sometimes takes ages for you to come up with another killer riff worthy of complementing the first one!!

HOWEVER, I am well under way in Pre-production of a second album with 9 songs now fully completed!! I am hoping to recoird drums tracks in the coming weeks/ months.

I have posted some initial ideas on the home page, but I assure the new material is awesome (If I do say so myself!!). I have decided to just go nuts and shred my backside off. I will start positing completed demos shortly for your listening pleasure.

More to come ....

You can listen to sound sample on MySpace: