Hedras Ramos: sigloxxi interview

Google translated interview with Hedras Ramos.

A game of Guitar Idol
Hedra Ramos participated in the Guitar Idol, which Guatemala has until Tuesday, May 5 to vote and support. Gabriel Arana, 21st Century | garana@sigloxxi.com
Guitar Idol is a tournament players worldwide, which convened in December 2008 over a thousand players from around the world and now, five months later, there is only one among the 120 finalists Central. He is the Guatemalan Hedra Ramos, who is at the top of the vote. The online election ends on Tuesday, May 5, and anyone with an Internet address can vote. Voting only by mail, and if Hedra remains among the top four positions will allow you to be one of 12 finalists (4 per online voting and the rest chosen by the jury) and be in the finals to be held in London, in the event that Steve Vai is offering clinics.

Hedra, a musician with a future projection "My dream is to build something great musically, some internationally, but for now looking to give priority to my career as an artist." That is the short-term vision that Hedra is his 17 years.
Far from being a musician in academia, is self-Hedra has used the Internet, DVD and methods to master the guitar. Although it is minor, you know what to expect from life and what to look for it.

From 8 years came to the guitar, but it was only 13 when he devoted himself fully to it, with seven hours of daily testing. Hedra also spoke of his dreams, which is gradually closer reach. For now it is almost certain to be in the final of Guitar Idol. Yet as a small employer plans. "I like managing money and then want to have businesses in several alternative locations. For example a restaurant. But I am clear that the only plan I know is to be a musician and succeed. " Hedra concludes: "If I win, everything will be fine. Now, if I'm not going to end, continue to struggle. That's life, everyone has failures and success does not come without having failures. I am sure I will go to London. "
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