Lucky Singh: happy after all that sorrow?

Lucky Singh just got some tier 2 promo too for the guitar idol final. Lucky Singh says:
Lucky here, just posting to let you know im on BBC Radio Shropshire tonight at around 6:30pm to talk about Guitar Idol 2009 and also to discuss the band "7ucky" and a little about myself and the guitar. After hearing my story and then seeing my GI09 entry they were more than happy to show me thier support. They will be playing the studio version of "Sorrow" and then after the interview i might be playing a completely "improvised" guitar piece live on air (rather nerve racking i know lol)cNot only that...... Myself and the band will be performing live in the studio this Friday for the Friday Night Gerbil Sessions also held at BBC Radio Shropshire so please stay tuned for that:

Ive already been in the local Paper "The Shropshire Star" and will be hopefully front page on the "Telford Journal" this Thursday too!

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