Andrew Gorny: guitar idol finalist promo winner

Andrew Gorny is one of the few acoustic players going for grand final honours. This is his current CD

This is the official debut from Pacific Northwest solo fingerstyle guitarist Andrew Gorny. Carrying the "Hedges torch," the tracks vary from the somber tribute "Michael Beautiful," to the frenetic "Pretentious," to the ominous "Aurora," a part of a classical suite for guitar. Showing a virtuosic facility over creating solo instrumental music, while still maintaining the traditional rules of good composition, this record is surely a valuable contribution to the fingerstyle
Andrew Gorny Unconditional buy

1 Pretentious
2 Vitamin C
3 You have My Heart
4 Catching Up
5 White Folk, They...
6 Beautiful Sadness7 Unconditional
8 Aurora
9 Double-Edged Sword
10 Beatin' Tha Gutz
11 Nothing Like
12 Clair De Lune
13 Michael Beautiful


Rather Walk With You