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Tom Quayle, George Marios: Fibenare guitars, T42 funking groovers musikmesse II

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These guys are awesome... vote now and vote often! Check out the Fibenare amazing guitars

Sorry there wasn't more footage on this day.. but George Marios and myself discussed the guitars, Frankfurt, Musikmesse, players we;d seen, times gone by, guitar sound, players I missed, players I should see... you know how it is... memo to oneself... book tickets for next years musikmesse...

Tom Quayle and George Marios: Guitar Idol 2009 T42 musikmesse day2 part 2

Tom Quayle and George Marios: Guitar Idol 2009 T42 musikmesse day2 part 1

News: guitar idol the little guys!

OK, I know some players won't pimp their video as it's much cooler for them to have real fan results... but what if the miss out?

So I dedicate this thread to the little guys who are great... don't like the marketing aspect... but are really great but just haven't been voted for yet!

First up Damjan Pejcinoski... currently only 26 votes... this guy is awesome!


Plus prove this guy is more than a one hit wonder

OK... I had my say... now name the little guys that you think should be voted for!

post on the thread

Plus remember what is at stake:
There are more prizes available for Guitar Idol 2009 than any previous Guitar contest staged so make sure you check these out:

Paul Reed Smith and Marshall will present top of the range products to the Guitar Idol 2009 Outright Winner.
But that's not all - not by a long stretch!

Polish custom guitar builder Mayones have built a unique Guitar Idol Custom 7 string, Ernie Ball/Musicman are supplying a MusicMan Sillhouette and English master luthier Rob Williams will be offering his Set Neck Standard for their own Special Award Winners!

Rising stars UK amp masters Blackstar are offering the Blackstar HT-5S Amp and with further prizes from Rotosound and Rockschool Guitar Idol 2009 is well and truly living up to it's name...but it gets better!

Steve Vai's very own record label Favored Nations have confirmed that they will be releasing the Guitar Idol 2009 album in digital format!

Renowned guitarist/producer Steven Loveday - whose work has been heard on some of Hollywood's biggest films including Julia Roberts film 'The Pelican Brief' as well as worldwide syndicated TV shows such as 'Friends' and 'Long Way Down' - is also offering a fully paid world class recording session for one lucky guitarist.

News: guitar idol online final update


This Is It! The Final Heat of Guitar Idol 2009!

Don't waste any time folks - head over to Guitar Idol and check out the 120 Online Finalists - it's up to you to now to support your favourite players to give them the best chance possible in getting through to the live Grand Final at the massive London International Music Show on Saturday June 13th 2009.

Many of the contestants have submitted fantastic new videos, so make sure you check out the amazing new videos and remember to help your favourite players by posting their video links on all forums and social networking sites you can think of. Every vote counts!

Don't miss the Live Final at The London International Music Show. Last years show was a triumph, and supported once again by the finest live band supplied by The Guitar Institute, this years show looks destined to blow London away once more!


There are more prizes available for Guitar Idol 2009 than any previous Guitar contest staged so make sure you check these out:

Paul Reed Smith and Marshall will present top of the range products to the Guitar Idol 2009 Outright Winner.

But that's not all - not by a long stretch!

Polish custom guitar builder Mayones have built a unique Guitar Idol Custom 7 string, Ernie Ball/Musicman are supplying a MusicMan Sillhouette and English master luthier Rob Williams will be offering his Set Neck Standard for their own Special Award Winners!

Rising stars UK amp masters Blackstar are offering the Blackstar HT-5S Amp and with further prizes from Rotosound and Rockschool Guitar Idol 2009 is well and truly living up to it's name...but it gets better!

Steve Vai's very own record label Favored Nations have confirmed that they will be releasing the Guitar Idol 2009 album in digital format!

Renowned guitarist/producer Steven Loveday - whose work has been heard on some of Hollywood's biggest films including Julia Roberts film 'The Pelican Brief' as well as worldwide syndicated TV shows such as 'Friends' and 'Long Way Down' - is also offering a fully paid world class recording session for one lucky guitarist.

News: nightwish tour dates


Nightwish is performing at a city near you! Take a look at the upcoming tour dates and secure your tickets before it's too late!

Don't forget to buy your copy of Nightwish's latest release "Made in Hong Kong (and various other places);" info is on their release page. CLICK HERE!

5/1/2009 Webster Theatre
31 Webster St.
Hartford, CT 06114 United States All Ages: NIGHTWISH Headline, Volbeat support .

5/2/2009 Nokia Theatre
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036 United States All Ages: NIGHWISH Headline, Volbeat support.

5/3/2009 Crocodile Rock
520-524 Hamilton St.
Allentown, PA 18101 United States All Ages: NIGHTWISH Headline, Volbeat support.

5/5/2009 Sonar
407 E. Saratoga Street
Baltimore, MD 21202 United States All Ages: NIGHTWISH Headline, Volbeat support.

5/6/2009 Club Oasis
8114 Shobe Lane
Louisville, KY 40223 United States All Ages: NIGHWISH Headline, Volbeat support.

5/8/2009 Pop's
1403 Mississippi Ave
Sauget, IL 62201 United States All Ages: NIGHTWISH Headline, Volbeat support.

5/9/2009 Diamond Ballroom
8001 S. Eastern Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73149 United States All Ages: NIGHTWISH Headline, Volbeat support.

5/11/2009 Pavillion @ Concrete Street
717 Power St
Corpus Christi, TX 85201 United States All Ages: NIGHTWISH Headline, Volbeat support.

5/12/2009 Warehouse Live
813 St. Emanuel Street
Houston, TX 77003 United States All Ages: NIGHTWISH Headline, Volbeat support.

5/14/2009 The Masquerade
695 North Ave. NE
Atlanta, GA 30308 United States All Ages: NIGHTWISH Headline, Volbeat support

Made in Hong Kong
Artist: Nightwish
Release Date: March 31, 2009
Rating for this release:
(4 ratings)
To rate this release, write a review
Description: Fans can't get enough of this special Finnish band, and this CD/DVD release offers an intimate look into the band during their tour for 'Dark Passion Play'. Audio CD features material recorded live in Korea, plus some extra special bits and pieces, while the DVD features a documentary titled 'Back In The Day...Is Now' and video clips for "Amaranth," "Bye Bye Beautiful" and "The Islander."

Guitarist details: Emppu Vuorinen

Ricky Garcia: ultimate seven

Live Performance with Backing Track using a Mesa Boogie Lonestar with a Celestion Vintage30 Iso Cabinet and then recorded directly into my computer using Cubase 5.

Video shot with an HD Video Camera in front of Greenscreen.... visit his youtube for more details on CD options

Ricky Garcia - Ultimate Seven (Live) watch in HD!! (more videos SOON!!)

Jayce Landberg: new album in production

Jayce Landberg and his band have entered Playyard Studios in Stockholm to record Jayce's second solo album. So far all the drum tracks of the album have been completed as well as some bass.

The line up for the album is:
Erik Jayce Landberg: All guitars & piano
Goran Edman: Vocals
Jens Bock: Drums
Christian Petterson: Bass
Guest artists:
John Leven: Bass
Jonathan Lundberg: Drums

Christophe Godin: laney amp demos

I know by the comments that you guys dig Christophe Godin... great news three new, to me, videos featuring the humour laden guitar star featuring a bunch of Laney amps.

Laney Lionheart L20H + LT212 demo

Laney LH50 Valve Head Demo

Laney LX CAMO - Christophe Godin

Jan Laurenz: megatar and the box

Jan Laurenz is very impressive to me, whether on the Stu Box guitar or the Megatar... two more for you to check out!

Tendinitis song by Jan Laurenz on megatar

kitsch song by Jan Laurenz on box guitar

News: little wing - 12 string chapman!

A new video channel for guitars:

Little Wing 12 string tapping Chapman Stick

News: premier guitar musikmesse gallery part 2

Yes.. it finished a week ago but still the news is arriving... this time part 2 of the photo gallery from Premier Guitars.

full gallery

Billy Sheehan: holy cow.. a free date!


April 30, 2009, bassist Billy Sheehan performs tracks from his new solo album, Holy Cow!, (released yesterday on Mascot Records U.S.A.) at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. The event is free and open to the public with seating for 500 fans on a first come basis. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and the show starts at 6.

Marcus Jidell: royal hunt collision course - paradox 2

The Making of Collision Course - Paradox 2... Awesome Mark Boals! This sounds good to me on an AOR sort of way... While the band is about to get ready to record their new album, we can as well entertain you a little and let you take a peek “inside” by assembling some of the footage filmed during the recordings of RH´s latest release to date – “Collision Course–Paradox II” – into a video clip...



Marcus Jidell was born In Stockholm on September 11th. Raised in a big family where everybody played music, it came natural to him to start playing an instrument himself, so he picked up cello at the age of 8. A bit later he had been chosen to be a member of the Stockholm Opera children’s choir as well. Marcus was about 14 when he fell in love with the sound of electric guitar - after listening to albums by Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Van Halen. Promptly he locked himself in the cellar in his parent’s house during his entire teen years... to practice. At the age of 19 he joined his first metal band “Jekyll & Hyde”, recorded three albums with them and did a long string of shows. Since then he has been recording / touring with different artists, such as Bruce Kulik (KISS), Meja and The Ring, doing studio sessions and crafting his chops. When Marcus heard about the opening in ROYAL HUNT in November 2004, he immediately saw the possibility to unfold his creativity in such a diverse musical environment... a couple of months later he was heading for the NorthPoint Studio in Denmark to record his first album with ROYAL HUNT – Paper Blood. His understanding of ROYAL HUNT’s complexity to play, yet simple to sing-along compositions, brings the band lavish guitar solos and solid rhythms.

Royal Hunt - Exit Wound

News: UK and ASIA fans take note

No Dave Kilminster... but Bravewords post:

Metal Mind Productions will release JOHN WETTON's Agenda/Amorata/Amata Box on May 25th in Europe and July 14th in North America via MVD.

The tracklist of Amata includes compositions such as ‘Heat Of The Moment’ (recorded with Asia) and ‘Book Of Saturday’ (recorded with King Crimson), all in new, unique acoustic versions.

Agenda and Amorata DVD feature concert recorded in the following line-up: John Wetton - lead vocal, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, John Mitchell - guitar, harmony vocal, Martin Orford - keyboards, harmony vocal, Steve Christey - drums.

The tracklist includes such classics as ‘Starless’, ‘Red’ and ‘Book Of Saturday’, ‘In The Dead Of The Night’ and ‘Rendezvous 602’ (recorded with UK), ‘Heat Of The Moment’. The DVD also includes an interview with John Wetton, artist's biography plus individual members' profiles, discography, photo gallery, desktop images and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound.


CD1 - Agenda: ‘Red’, ‘Sole Survivor’, ‘Nothing's Gonna Stand In Our Way’, ‘Book Of Saturday’, ‘Emma’, ‘The Smile Has Left Your Eyes’, ‘In The Dead Of Night’, ‘Easy Money’, ‘After All’, ‘Rendezvous 602’, ‘Starless’, ‘Battle Lines’ and ‘Heat Of The Moment’.

CD 2 - Amata: ‘The Circle Of St. Giles (Introduction)’, ‘Mondrago’, ‘Heat Of The Moment’, ‘Book Of Saturday’, ‘The Smile Has Left Your Eyes’, ‘Hold Me Now’, ‘Emma’, ‘Battle Lines’, ‘Night Watch’, ‘You're Not The Only One’ and ‘I Believe In You’.

DVD - Amorata: ‘Red’, ‘Sole Survivor’, ‘Nothing's Gonna Stand In Our Way’, ‘Book Of Saturday’, ‘Emma’, ‘The Smile Has Left Your Face’, ‘In The Dead Of Night’, ‘Easy Money’, ‘After All’, ‘Rendezvous 602’, ‘Starless’, ‘Battle Lines’ and ‘Heat Of The Moment’.

Jeff Kollman: glen hughes and chad smith!!!!!

Monster find! The voice of rock, lord Glenn of Hughes, with uber shredder Jeff Kollman, and chickenfoot boy Chad Smith... plus Kosmosquad!

"Crave" Glenn Hughes @ Whisky 04-04-09

"Burn" Chad Smith & Jeff Kollman rock w/ Glenn Hughes 04-04-09

Chad Smith on "Soul Mover" @ Whisky 04-04-09

"Sheer Drama" COSMOSQUAD 04-11-09

Paul Gilbert: the italian job, cover versions II

A new set of videos... with more cover version from Paul Gilbert!

Paul Gilbert: covers italy II 2009

Vinnie Moore: ufo promo "gydget"


Banner 2 Banner 1 go!

Marius Pop: displays some hot neo classical fusion

Marius Pop had to change the last video posted... but in exchange you get some top notch neo classical fusion... guitar idol vote:

Rob Balducci: guthrie govan featured on voilet horizon


Rob Balducci says:
I am happy to announce that you can now listen to streaming new songs from my upcoming release Violet Horizon. Friction and The Essence. I really like these two tunes so I picked them for you to listen to. I really love the guitar tone we got on this record, my best to date. I hope you enjoy them.

Stay tuned for information on the release. The CD will soon be available for download worldwide from Favored Nations... It will be on Itunes and much more other download sites. As soon as it is available I will be posting information on where and how to get it.

I am very excited about this release. I have to thank Dave Weiner and Guthrie Govan for there guest solo spots... they just killed! I also have to thank Chris Ingram for his guest keyboard part on the tune Trinity.
Thank you for your support!

Joe Satriani: chickenfoot full tour dates list


Yes, the US dates are announced and the presale is coming up fast! We've updated the tour page to show onsales and presale dates so you can set your alarms. These US shows are in smaller, more intimate venues and are sure to go fast! Once the presale starts, direct links to get tickets will be added to the Tour page.

North American "ROAD TEST" Dates

Playing a series of intimate venues, this initial tour is set to launch on May 14th and runs until May 29th. Keep an eye on the site in the next day for a special video from the guys announcing these shows!

May 14 El Corazon - Seattle, WA - Onsale 4/18, presale 4/17 10:00am
May 15 Commodore Ballroom -Vancouver, BC, CA - Onsale 4/17, presale 4/16 10:00am
May 17 The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA - Onsale 4/18, presale 4/17 10:00am
May 19 The Roxy Theatre - West Hollywood, CA - Onsale 4/18, presale 4/17 10:00am
May 22 Park West - Chicago, IL - Onsale 4/17, presale 4/16 10:00am
May 24 The Mod Club Theatre - Toronto, ON, CA - Onsale 4/18, presale 4/17 10:00am
May 26 Middle East Upstairs - Cambridge, MA - Onsale 4/18, presale 4/17 10:00am
May 28 The Fillmore NY @ Irving Plaza - New York, NY - Onsale 4/17, presale 4/16 10:00am
May 29 TLA - Philadelphia, PA - Onsale 4/18, presale 4/17 10:00am

Europe Summer 2009 Dates

Sat Jun 20 AUSTRIA Nova Rock Festival
Tue Jun 23 CORK, IRELAND: Live at the Marquee (solo show)
Thu Jun 25 LONDON Shepherd's Bush Empire (solo show)
Fri Jun 26 HOLLAND: Heerhugowaard (solo show)
Sun Jun 28 BELGIUM Graspop Metal Meeting Festival w/ Marylyn Manson, Nightwish, Disturbed, Chickenfoot
Mon Jun 29 PARIS: Olympia (solo show)
Wed Jul 1 Madrid (venue tbc)
Fri Jul 3 PISTOIA, ITALY: Blues Festival (line-up TBA)
Sat Jul 4 MONTREUX, SWITZERLAND: Stravinski Hall Featuring Steely Dan, Dave Matthews, Chickenfoot
Sun Jul 5 UDINE, ITALY: Lignano Sbbiadoro
Tue Jul 7 HAMBURG: Docks (solo show)
Wed Jul 8 COPENHAGEN: Vega (solo show)
Fri Jul 10 KILAFORS, SWEDEN: Rockweekend Festival
Sun Jul 12 WEERT, HOLLAND: Bospop Festival Featuring Bryan Adams and Chickenfoot

Devin Townsend: say hi to ki

A new guitar project from

Devin Townsend:
1.) Who are the musicians in KI, where did you find them and what did they do before?

Ki is the first of 4 albums in a series of albums under the moniker 'Devin Townsend Project.' Each album is essentially a different 'band' (or collection of session musicians) playing my music. They were chosen based on what the theme of the album is, and the vibe that the album is trying to project. The album Ki is very specific in this quartet of albums in that 1) It controls it's anger throughout the album barring one song (Heaven Send), and really is an exercise in having little to prove.

Devin Townsend Gear Demo Part 1

For drums, I went to a blues club way up in the North of Canada and saw Duris play, I am very conscious of drummers and the energy they bring to the bands, so I watched him to see what he was going to play for the drums fill in the song. He kept staring the tom down throughout the song, sizing it up... when the opportunity came, he just went 'BANG'. One big hit in a 2 bar spot - perfect. Then he looked at the drum like 'What are you gonna do about it?' That's the vibe I wanted for the drums here. Nothing to prove, but strong and a bit angry. Duris has played with many, many people. Off the top of my head, Heart, Jefferson Starship, The Powder Blues, Tommy Chong, The Temptations he even jammed with Hendrix. The list is endless, he is an older cat (62) but he's heavy.

Jean, the bass player, is the department manager of the bass department of the biggest music store in town. He plays in a Beatles cover band, and spent years playing in cruise ships all over the world. Name a style and he can jam it for hours. When I went to the store for the first time, we had no idea who each other was, and he treated me like someone who I would want to be friends with - a solid, good soul who truly loves bass. His technique is accomplished and the fact that he had never played heavy music made him and Duris perfect for the project. An objective perspective on the music is what it needed. Younger metal heads playing this music would have made it a much different beast, so finding folks who were older and more settled was the whole goal when searching players out.

Devin Townsend Gear Demo Part 2

Dave Young is the Keyboard player for the Devin Townsend Band, and I have been playing with him for years. He is the most schooled musician out of all of us and can play any instrument. He knows theory and can read. Keyboard players typically annoy the hell out of me but Dave is more of an Ambient musician. He fills the spaces with fitting but unusual note choices simply by watching where I am on my fret-board. He is intelligent and centred and the most obvious choice for this. Dave co-wrote 'Terminal' with me.

2.) Is KI a band, a project? How do you see yourself?

Ki is a project, one of four. The next record in the quartet is an entirely different cast of characters. The whole point is to have the RIGHT people for the job, no square pegs into round holes. At the end of the 'DTP' (Devin Townsend Project) when it gets played live, (which it will) I will choose one group of people to represent it all. But, for the albums, the aesthetic of each record partially depends on the folks involved. So yes, Ki is a 'Project band' :)

3.) What was the reason for forming KI, when did you start working on that idea?

I quit many bad habits in my life after SYL ended. I felt depressed, angry and unhealthy and was not satisfied with living the rest of my life that way. I quit all drugs, alcohol and a host of other 'addictions' that were controlling me and my world. It took three years to formulate the DTP and to write Ki. I had to re-learn how to create without drugs and through that personal transformation, I learnt a great deal of things. Ki was very hard to do, to break the musical constipation so to speak, but now that it's here... watch out... I have lots to say that now I'm in control of myself.

4.) Who wrote the songs, who produced and who mixed the record?

I wrote everything on ki, except for 'Terminal', in which Dave Young had a hand, and 'Ain't Never Gonna Win' which was a live jam in the studio. We jammed A LOT of things, and when the box set comes out next year, we will include many of those spur of the moment, magic jams. I produced, mixed and engineered the record. The drums were recorded at The Factory Studios with the engineer there, Sheldon Zaharko. I spent the last three years - while figuring out my world - producing many bands and learning how to mix and engineer. I'm happy to say I've learned a lot.

5.) Please put the music in your own words? What is the common ground to your previous releases, and what is the major difference?

Ki is a subtle, severe album. A challenge in some ways. As the 'Intro' to the story (the story being the 4 records) it needs to set the stage. The point to the music is that the whisper is louder than the roar in many ways. Ki is (on the surface) quiet and unassuming. Whenever it begins to lose it's temper, it stops. It does not let it go, it is avoiding that temptation, as that sort of anger is really gratifying but ultimately just leaves me unhappy. Ki is about control, and although it is not an overtly 'Heavy' album, it is heavy thematically. On these four records, it starts with Ki, which is essentially a cross section of all the albums, but the idea is that it is not here to impose itself. It just does it's thing. Like a little a.m radio playing in the corner. Many folks have been waiting to see what I do next after SYL and Ziltoid, so after careful consideration, I wanted the first record to be quiet and subtle, however fear not chaos fans... the next 2 records in the quartet are progressively heavier, and the third album, 'Deconstruction' is the heaviest music I've ever created. So with Ki, I wanted to make it a bit of an appetizer. I know myself, that as I get older, a steady diet of Chaotic music does little more than give me a headache. So with Ki, I wanted to re-introduce myself in a way that says "I can make chaos like you've never heard, but for starters, please get comfortable." The common ground to my previous releases would be my voice, but even my guitar playing has changed. I use primarily a clean tone now (no distortion) and in terms of the sonics, I have used very little compression and it is not mastered very loud. The term 'Ki' loosely means 'Life Force' and, therefore, in almost the antithesis to my previous albums, there is no real editing or triggers on the drums. Much of the music was recorded 'Live off the floor.' I wanted to preserve the energy flow without worrying so much about mistakes.

Devin Townsend Shred Section

6.) How would you describe the philosophy behind KI, musically, lyrically, artistically?

Ki appeared after I quit drugs. I found myself angry at drugs in all honesty. I spent many, many years stoned out of my mind, making music that although clever, was a misrepresentation of what I truly feel I wanted to say. Once I started 'clearing up' I found that reality in many ways is much HEAVIER than the drug world. It has sharper edges and less release, but the point with Ki, is that I feel I needed to clarify a lot of things I've said in the past musically. I believe in spirituality, and that life force is much more intense when I participate in it with a sober mind. Although Ki is a relatively quiet and unassuming album in and of itself, when folks hear 'Addicted' (record 2) and especially 'Deconstruction' (record 3), I have a feeling there will be a percentage of folks who will appreciate Ki even more than they do from the get go. The whole idea is to listen to Ki for what it IS rather than what it is NOT. There are leagues of people in my world that refuse to accept music from me that isn't destructive and chaotic. For them I am writing 'Deconstruction,' but for myself, and many people my age, that element of chaos becomes very tiresome if it is not juxtaposed by some sonic 'space.' So Ki is a sober introduction to an (admittedly) epic musical undertaking and as such demonstrates some highs and lows without going to extreme in either direction. I assume that fans of my heavy heavy output will be far from 'blown away' by this album, but in a way, that's the point. I appreciate Ki almost more than any of the records, and am very proud of what it stands for.

7.) Is the album a concept work? Are the songs lyrically connected? What are the lyrics dealing with?

It is part of a larger concept, and I think once the 4 albums are all completed, not only will Ki be the introduction, it will also be the moral. Everything I do is connected, lyrically, musically and otherwise. I have a hard time writing without metaphor. The theme of aliens is present on the record, but again, as a metaphor. An obvious image that implies those thoughts that haunt us that ARE us, but we have a hard time dragging into the light. Elsewhere, the lyrics are pointed towards my new-found ability to say NO. In the past, I have been so insecure about myself and my music that I found myself agreeing to things for the sake of acceptance or whatnot. As a new father, and as a sober adult, the answer to many things now is 'no', and not loudly either. I feel that although the person I am today is shaped by my past (including my past music and drugs etc) what I need to do with my talent now is to represent exactly who I am in a clear world. I am not 'pure' and I am not 'evil', I am just me, and I'm absolutely fine with that.

8.) Could you please take 2 or 3 songs and describe them in details - maybe the most important and the most unusual ones?

'Coast' is the intro to the story, quiet, dark, haunted and unsure... it builds at the end with 'the voices' and then seemingly stops, but the story progresses through 'Disruptr and Gato', slowly becoming more aware of the mistakes and consequences. Again, it doesn't really 'let it go' throughout these though. Right when it feels like it's going to explode, it just stops and takes a deep breath, but indeed, under the surface, it is furious and murderous. When 'Heaven Send' comes though, it does indeed LOSE IT at the end, in a way, burning the past. The last chorus finalizes that tentative nature of the past, yelling BURN, and 'Face your chaos, know who you are.' Then, as is the case with the rest of the record, every time it presents us a crushing moment, it is followed by something relaxing. The tension and release in life is integral to music, and in my past, there has not been much release. If everything is 'suspended' then you are always on eggshells. The end of the record is special to me The song 'Ki' is a big build up to a climax that in some ways represents a personal breakthrough, cresting in 'Quiet Riot' which basically sums up the idea that, although I am 'damaged' I'm fine, and have chosen to make my life better.

9.) Please make one sentence about the unusual cover artwork.

The entire artwork is 3d, and comes with a little pair of 3d glasses. I live in the South Coast of Canada, and I believe in terms of spirituality, the native cultures of the world have it really down. Nature is 'God', in all it's subtlety and terror...and we are all a part of it, whether or not we want to be. The mask on the cover is based on native north American and Chinese paintings. It is not authentic, and is just meant to be 2 faces in one.

10.) Will you play live with KI, are there any concrete touring plans right now? What is the plan for the future?

When all 4 records in the DTP series are done, and the box set is released at the end (8 records including a dvd), I will play selected shows throughout the world. I will not be climbing into a van and playing clubs in the middle of nowhere though. I am going to assemble a sober team of incredible musicians to play ALL the records, perfectly, to many people. You will see me soon, and get ready for the next 3 records in the series, Ki is a subtle introduction to a sprawling theme. Please enjoy, it's good to be back.

The CD cover

Nigel Tufnel: spinal tap this cd goes upto 12... due to hearing loss!


Spinal Tap:
David St. Hubbins, Nigel Tufnel and Derek Smalls, have just finished recording what will be a double album in The Treehouse, a studio in Hollywood, Calif.

If you liked the tongue-and-cheek nature of the songs on the first album, you'll love what they've done with the new material. For example, the song 'Short And Sweet' is about Nigel's four-foot-nine-inch girlfriend (and clocks in at longer than seven minutes).

The material on the double album consists of a reworked version of Spinal Tap's first album, plus new material.
full post

Paul Gilbert: shreddin' italy plus billy sheehan!

I think Paul Gilbert must have the most video of any guitar player on youtube! So here's a few more!


Paul Gilbert: live includes billy sheehan

News: youtube orchestra, a wonder to behold!

A brilliant idea, I always wondered how the orchestra was laid out, and youtube have created a special interface to the videos... very clever:
We called for professionals and amateur musicians of all ages, locations and instruments to audition for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra by submitting a video performance of a new piece written for the occasion by the renowned Chinese composer Tan Dun.

Finalists are selected by a judging panel which is comprised of the worlds most renowned orchestras and your vote on YouTube (Feb 14-22).

Winners are announced on March 2nd and will be invited to travel to New York in April 2009, to participate in the YouTube Symphony Orchestra summit, and play at Carnegie Hall under the direction of Michael Tilson Thomas.

All the Tan Dun submissions will be compiled into a mashup video which will be premiered at Carnegie Hall on April 15th and will be hosted on this channel on April 16th.
the video

Neil Zaza: back to 1998 with bobby rock!

This is a live version of "Hailin'" off of Neil Zaza's "Sing" CD performed live by Neil, Bobby Rock and Bill "The Buddha" Dickens at the Key Club on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California. This was an opening set for Steve Vai in 1998.

Neil Zaza/Bobby Rock/Bill Dickens- "Hailin'" 01-1998