Wednesday, 22 April 2009

George Bellas: rest in peace my friend... when I finish my web site!

I caught up with George Bellas today, he's probably one of the busiest players on the planet at the moment. He's just in the process of completing his own web site, yeah that's right built with his own fair hands! The site has some of those great videos like:

George Bellas: improvisation 3

The web site will include performance videos up to George's super high qualities in addition, podcasts, music videos, instructionals, performances and gear demos... yeah he's been that busy...

You get George Bellas's highly respected tuition options, whether a crash course, instructioal series or private tuition!

Finally if you didn't know about George Bellas you can catch up with is latest bio

Over the course of his career George has been fortunate to have recorded and performed with some of the most elite musicians in the world, including: Deen Castronova, Ansley Dunbar, Virgil Donati, Marco Minnemann, Brad Kaiser, Jon Doman, Gerald Kloos, Mistheria, Uli Jon Roth, Michael Batio, Joe Stump, Johnny Highland, James Murphy, Robert Barry, Jason Becker, Marco Ferrigno, Pete Way, Phil Mogg, Tony Franklin, Phil Bynoe, Jon Onder, Tony Levin, Eric Martin, Trent Gardener, Ian Anderson, Barry Sparks, John West, Mike Terrana, Vitalij Kuprij, Matt Guillory, Kevin Chown and many more...

This latest CD Step Into The Future

"One song – one track, no division, meant to be heard in it’s entirety – ambitious you say; well for axeman George Bellas it comes as no surprise that he can undertake this type of musical endeavor and execute it well. The stuff that he does with the six strings is nearly impossible – as if his last record (Planetary Alignment) exposed just how far he could go; well ladies and gentlemen, he takes it a step further with this seventy-five minute opus... exposes not only Bellas’ abilities as one of the most innovative axemen, but also one who can clearly communicate with his instrument in way that so few shredders know how to; he knows how to make speed work to make it sound appealing to the ears instead of just playing lightning speed arpeggios for the sake of being technical. It’s only January and one of the first contenders for instrumental guitar album of the year has already arrived." jtsejam

George Bellas: rest in peace my friend

News: can you get paid for your content?

A content-tracking software company wants the internet's biggest advertising networks to siphon money from advertising on copyright-infringing websites and divert it to the material's original owners. No major ad network has signed up yet.

Attribute is forming the Fair Syndication Network, a grouping of publishers who will use Attribute's content-tracking technology to identify websites which use whole chunks of other people's material in order to attract advertising. The Network will then try to divert advertising money from those sites to the creators of the content.

"What if you received a portion of the ad revenue from the reusing party whenever a full copy of your content is found on another site?" says Attribute's description of the Fair Syndication Network. "Technology now exists that can identify your content wherever it is monetized and ensure that you get your fair share from the ad networks serving the ads."

To ensure that creators get their 'fair share', though, the Network will have to persuade advertising networks to divert money from website owners to the original creators of content.

The system is designed to divert money to content creators from spam blogs, websites which simply reproduce masses of content in full in a bid to appear like news sites and attract pay per click advertising from the major ad networks, such as Yahoo!'s or Google's.
full post

Uli Jon Roth: reach for the sky... more shows!

ULI JON ROTH’s SKY ACADEMY will hold two more single day introductory Sky Academy seminars, as well as concerts. They will take place in Tempe, Arizona on June 16th at the Clubhouse Music Venue, and in San Diego, California on June 25th at the Brick By Brick. Tickets

Yngwie Malmsteen: mark boals and more

Mark Boals remains my favourite Yngwie Malmsteen singer...

Mark Boals & Yngwie Malmsteen I'll See The Light Tonight

Yngwie Malmsteen Black Star Live In Detroit 1986

Derek Sherinian: molecular heinosity free release event!

Derek Sherinian's new solo album, entitled "Molecular Heinosity", will be held on Thursday, April 30 at 7 p.m. PST at Musicians Institute (1655 McCadden Place) in Hollywood, California.

The event is fee and open to the public. Derek will be there shaking hands and signing CDs.

Paul Gilbert: 777 heavens number

Paul Gilbert Clinic in Bocca di Strada on 28/05/2008 Part 6/7
This is not the whole clinic, but in 7 parts I've got more than half an hour of Paul Gilbert playing!!! ;) That's really INCREDIBLE and INSANE. High quality exhibition and HIGH QUALITY VIDEO
... only problem is there are only 3 of them... more posted soon?



BEST Paul GILBERT clinic EVER in VERY HIGH QUALITY!!! PG SHREDS!!!! Part 6/7 (scarified)

John Petrucci: road rash


Road Rash John Petrucci Dream Theater Guitar World Interview

Derek Furr: boss loop station express

Late night improv with a Boss Rc-20 Loop Station, crybaby 535q, and a boss blues driver, it all running into a fender cyber twin. Thanks for watching, and please subscribe if you like what you see! I'll try to post some better stuff in the future!

Having Some Fun With A Loop-Station

Enver Izmailov: smoking the water!

Smoke On The Water (intro Pamiec) live - jazz guitar and vocal - Enver İzmaylov and Leniye İzmaylova - Crimean Tatar artists

Live Teatr Muzyczny ROMA, Warsaw Poland, Jazz Jamboree Festival, 26th November 2007

Enver İzmaylov (b. 1955 in Fergana, Uzbekistan) is a prominent Crimean Tatar folk and jazz musician (guitarist) resident of Ukraine. Born into a family previously deported from Crimea (Ukraine), İzmaylov returned in 1989.

Enver İzmaylov graduated from the Fergana music school in 1973 majoring on bassoon, and had started playing the guitar at age 15 (about 1970).

İzmaylov does not pluck the strings, but uses jazz tapping - an original technique of electric guitar playing when a musician plays with both hands on the neck by tapping on the strings with his finger-tips, as if it were a keyboard. He developed this technique to a climax simultaneously with, but not knowing of Stanley Jordan.

İzmaylov's music is an original blend of mainstream jazz, Crimean Tatar, Turkish, Uzbek and Balkan folk music and classical music. Many of his pieces are composed in time signatures which are not standard in the Western music, but are common in the Balkan music and Central Asian music, such as 5/8, 7/8, 9/8, 11/8, 11/16 and 13/16.

İzmaylov has toured extensively in Russia, Ukraine and Europe and has participated in several cross-cultural projects in Eastern Europe. He was the first-prize winner of the First European International Guitarist Competition. Enver İzmaylov was voted for the Musician Of The Year 1995 by the Ukrainian music critics.

İzmaylov is also a competent throatsinger.

Enver's daughter Leniye İzmaylova is a popular singer among Crimean Tatars. She combines jazz, folk and pop music in her repertoire.

Smoke On The Water (introPamiec) jazz guitar vocal Enver & Lemiye İzmaylov(a) Crimean Tatar artist

Jimmy Herring: all about jazz interview

Nothing fishy about this guys... Lifeboat strikes me a lot like Jeff Beck's early solo albums, where there's immediacy of playing but also real compositional acumen.

Jimmy Herring:
Thank you very much! That's one of the things I was shooting for. When we started playing together - Jeff, Oteil, Kofi and myself - we were fusion heads. We were into anything from Weather Report to the Dixie Dregs - one of my favorite bands - to Mahavishnu Orchestra and the bands that Miles Davis had. And Allan Holdsworth is my all-time fave. He's in a class by himself, and I'm just happy to be in there somewhere [laughs]. He's somebody I have the utmost respect for. Both he and the Dregs, too, battled uphill struggles for years, being told by everybody, “You can't do this." They told the Dregs, “You can't have an instrumental rock band. It just won't work." And Holdsworth was always being told no, too, by record company people and such, but in the '80s Eddie Van Halen discovered Holdsworth and [Eddie] was the biggest guitar player on the planet at the time. He started telling anybody who'd listen, “If you think I'm good then you have to hear Allan Holdsworth. He's doing things that I couldn't even dream of." He got him a record deal, and if Holdsworth had wanted to get rich he could have. He's one of the few true masters that we have. He doesn't think so but the people who listen know. I stayed away from listening to him for years [to avoid being overly influenced by him]. He's one of my favorite musicians, period, and the guitar just happens to be what he plays.
full interview

News: guitar warfare, a new guitar gunslingers shoot out web site


The Worlds Premier online site for guitarists to showcase their Skills.
Record your video, Upload it to our site, Pick your skill category, Pick a battle! Sign up now for FREE and start battling with players from around the globe. Do you have what it takes to become No.1 ?

Rusty Cooley: premier guitar lesson posted


A new Rusty Cooley guitar lesson on premier guitar:

Rusty Cooley: derek sherinian new project requires some killing singing power!


Rusty Cooley posts:
Vocalist Needed For Sherinian/Cooley Band, The Vocalist Search Continues Keyboardist Derek Sherinian and Guitarist Rusty Cooley are now auditioning singers for their new aggresive metal band. Thank you for the hundreds of volcal submissions sent in as of February 14th. There were some very good prospects, but the search continues.
Here is some more detailed criteria:
* Must be a U.S. resident
* Must be male
* Looking for hetfield meets meshuggah no prog/operatic (hey abbot) style
If you fit the above criteria, please send your myspace link or mp3 to:

t-cophony: new albums unknown coloration

T-cophony remains one of my top acoustic tappers so it's great news for tap guitar fans!

New album "Unknown coloration" 2 versions !!:
I've ever made many songs.
It is a thing for me entirely. All of them were already collected to my mp3 player.
However, one day it may be broken. Or I may lose it. I don't know.
My uneasiness is not broken off even if I copied it as a spare. 
Because the copy may disappear, too.

But once, the uneasiness was broken off by releasing an album.

So I again decided doing the digital distribution all .
It is right the next album "Unknown coloration (Edition for download)"!

It includes many songs more than CD.

It will be released on May 13 by iTunes.
Yes, the same as CD sale date !!

Please check out them !

"Unknown coloration" CD

Song list

① Make up your mind
② Closed
③ Riverbank (band ver.)
④ A place that see the earth
⑤ Medicine
⑥ Remind
⑦ Meaning of life
⑧ Dummy amulet
⑨ Artistic place
⑩ Graduation ceremony
⑪ Wall man
⑫ I and mom
⑬ Cover up hero's blunder
⑭ Little mistake
⑮ Anxiety tomorrow
⑯ Special day

Make up your mind - T-cophony

"Unknown coloration (edition for download)" digital version

Song list

01. Make up your mind
02. Closed
03. Riverbank (solo version)
04. A place that see the earth
05. Medicine
06. Remind#
07. Meaning of life
08. Dummy amulet (version2)
09. Artistic place
10. Graduation ceremony (solo version)
11. Wall man
12. I and mom
13. Cover up hero's blunder
14. Little mistake
15. Anxiety tomorrow
16. Special day
17. October sky
18. Trip in spring (solo version)
19. Wall man (acoustic version)
20. Dummy amulet (solo version)
21. Recreation (solo version)
22. Strange wind (solo version)
23. Down spiral
24. A person in the water
25. Keep in sight
26. Escape to a relax
27. 14days for life
28. Samurai

I'd like in particular you to check 5 songs (from another project "Insomniac’z Work") of my favorite.

Thank you !
Dummy amulet - T-cophony (Guitar)

Charly Sahona: explains venturia solos... caution serious rippage alert

Charly Sahona lesson: caution serious rippage alert!

Runningblind solo slow Mpg2

solo lovegamers mpg2

Gustavo Guerra: tribute to andy timmons

Gustavo Guerra has a covers youtube:

Andy Timmons "Electric Gypsy"

Marius Pop: guitar idol in the family


Google Translate:
Talent is a family inheritance. Proof is the son of guitarist band other words, Calin Pop. Marius has only 24 years old and has a chance to win a contest that could send it directly into the top of the best young guitarists in the world.
view the video

Atanas Shishkov: exotic nights

I just purchased a bunch of CD's from Atanas Shishkov, after enjoying his videos, the band spiralless and his guitar idol entry from 2008.

Atanas Shishkov says:
I wrote this song in 2002 and included it in my debut album "Flying Colours".This version is a bit different from the original, but all solos are exactly the same as the original ones.I tried to keep all parts, because this is a very interesting "tapping based" song.
You can see here how I play some of my favourite licks.

I have changed the arrangement of the backing track only and I hope this version will be exciting at least as the original.As you can hear I have recorded a second guitar on the main themes as well as on the final solo part.

Enjoy with these "Exotic Nights" :)

Atanas Shishkov - Exotic Nights

Wolfgang Zenk: 7for4

Thanks to Uli Tisch-Rottensteiner for spotting these videos... this is his former guitar tutor.

7for4 - E-Gyptian - Live @ Drummer's Focus Festival 2003

7for4 - Burnt Chicken Wings - Live @ Headway Festival 2006

Also check out "Mr Alfred" the entry from Uli Tisch-Rottensteiner in guitar idol competition:

"Mr Alfred" Uli Tisch-Rottensteiner

News: dean guitars private stash


Dean Private Stash. We are having a lot of fun sharing these top of the line guitars with you. To enhance your customer service experience we are happy to introduce the Private Stash Premiere Service Package.

Beginning April 22, 2009 all Dean Private Stash purchases will include the Premiere Service Package which includes:
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Check out the recent additions to the Private Stash and get yours today!

News: dean guitars namm streaming highlights

Dean Guitars relive NAMM

By popular request, we are reliving the great moments from this year's NAMM show. We know that not all of you could be there, so we captured all the action with a multi-camera shoot and you can see it all this weekend on DeanTV!

The NAMM Replay features over 100 exclusive interviews, new Dean instrument spotlights and much more. Look for interviews with MICHAEL SCHENKER, MIKE AMOTT, LESLIE WEST, MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO, DAVE MUSTAINE, ERIC PETERSON & CHUCK BILLY OF TESTAMENT, VINNIE MOORE, DEAN ROLAND of Collective Soul, Mark Tremonti, Kerry King, Dave Navarro,as well as members of GWAR, SHINEDOWN, MORBID ANGEL and many more superstars of rock. THIS IS A "DO NOT MISS" INDUSTRY INSIDER EVENT brought to you exclusively by your friends here at Dean Guitars.

Fri. April 24 1pm to 7pm EST
Sat. April 25 1pm to 7pm EST
Sun. April 26 12pm to 12am EST (full replay of both Friday and Saturday action!)