Monday, 27 April 2009

Uli Jon Roth: announces some tour dates

Uli Jon Roth concert dates are now confirmed:

June 16 - Tempe, AZ - The Clubhouse Music Venue<,br> June 18 - Santa Ana, CA - The Galaxy Theater
June 20 - Redondo Beach, CA - Brixton South Bay
June 23 - Exeter, CA - Orance Blossom Junction
June 25 - San Diego, CA - Brick by Brick
Uli will have a very special guest on bass at both the Santa Ana and Redondo Beach shows - Elliot Rubinson CEO of Dean Guitars and DDrum will be playing bass in Uli's band. Uli and Elliot frist played together a few weeks ago when Uli sat in with Cactus. Elliot has been playing bass in Carmine Appice's band Cactus.

Derek Sherinian: downloading will put me out of business


SoT: So what is your take on the digital downloading revolution? I'm just curious about that.

DS: I think it sucks because its stealing money out of the artist's pockets. In one sense its good because it is exposing people's music to places where there are no record stores, but at the same time everyone gets your record for free and no one wants to pay for it. So then what happens is smaller artists like myself end up being put out of business and we are not able to make records any more. It would be nice if everyone bought the record instead of just stealing it.
full interview

Marty Friedman: new cd complete

Blabbermouth posted.
Marty Friedman has completed work on his ninth album, "Tokyo Jukebox". Produced and arranged by Marty, the new disc reflects the chaotic lifestyle of Tokyo, its unique music and Marty's futuristic interpretation of it.

According to a posting on Marty's web site, "Sonically, it goes from his 'Loudspeaker' lineup all the way to a 70-piece symphony orchestra. Marty covers the most unlikely artists to get his guitar heavy treatment, including PERFUME, MAXIMUM THE HORMONE, AI, NAKASHIMA MIKA, IKIMONO GAKARI and seven other staples in the world of current Japanese music."

"The songs were chosen in part by the readers of Nikkei Entertainment!, Japan's all-time number one entertainment magazine, which features a popular page on Marty each month for over three years and still going strong.

"All the songs go through Marty's extravagant, epic, and quite often brutally twisted treatment. 'Tokyo Jukebox' is the new definitive display of Marty's current state of mind as well as the deepest evolution of his guitar playing and overall musicality ever."

"Tokyo Jukebox" will be released on May 20 in Japan via AVEX

Richie Kotzen: premier guitar interview

Kudos to Mark McGuigan for spotting this one

When asked if "Tone is in the hands."

Richie Kotzen says:
I agree with that. The thing about gear is that if I have a shitty amp or a good amp, in general I’m still going to sound like me. I’m going to play stuff that I would play. If I have a great amp, it’s going to make it easier for me to play. It’s going to make it easier for me to express myself, so therefore I’m going to play better.

The real core of what you’re doing of course comes out of your hands, but so many times you can plug through an amp that’s just god-awful. You gotta roll with it. You gotta do what the amp is capable of doing because if you try to do everything and the amp is only capable of some things, you’re not going to be able to do what you gotta do.
full interview

Joe Satriani: chickenfoot crazy rock n' roll show

Joe Satriani and the Chickenfoot band "ham" it up and discuss their "beefy" music and "chop" laden songs...

Chickenfoot - "ROAD TEST" US Tour announcement

Joe Satriani will be featured guest on IRON MAIDEN singer BRUCE DICKINSON's BBC 6 Music Friday Rock Show on Friday, May 15th.

Eric Johnson: wind cries mary dallas 2009

Another video posted from the Dallas 2009 show

Eric Johnson Wind Cries Mary Dallas Guitar Show 2009

Adam Hughes Henry: testing, testing, 123

Adam Hughes Henry... hopefully a new video camera on the way... you can also here a new track on his MySpace:

Greg Howe: first guitar victims of swine flu

Looks like the unlucky Mexicans will lose ourt on a visit from Greg Howe.

Greg says:
Clinic's postponed in Mexico City: Due to the Swine Flu outbreak in Mexico City, Greg's clinics, that were scheduled for next week, will be postponed to a later date.

One suspects this won't be the only thing affected by the out break.

James Muller: the man behind green eyes!

James Muller Trio with guest Karl Laskowski perform Muller compositions
James Muller - Guitar/Composition
Karl Laskowski - Tenor Saxophone
Brett Hirst - Bass
Tim Firth - Drums
5 videos in all!

James Muller Trio with Karl Laskowski

Brett Garsed: and then a crow came out...

Chris Johnstone is a naughty boy! Had these hidden away... but now they see the light of day! Chris says:
I've had this for a while now but waited to see if someone else uploaded it first...........but I guess not!

I have a whole stack of stuff that I will leak onto the tube over the next few weeks/months

Crow - Live in Italy

Marius Pop: starting hitting the guitar idol news in Romania

The TV appearance has started to have an affect for Marius Pop in the guitar idol online final with his score now higher than fellow competitor and guitar idol finalist from 2008, Muris Varajic. Vote

First Step (On Steroids) ... -59283-l-1 ... -idol.html ... 49818.html ... itar-idol/ ... -ai-nostri ... de-succes/ ... -marius-2/ ... idol-2009/ ... 37345.html ... 6-02040095


News: national guitar summer workshop on the way


David Smolover founded the National Guitar Summer Workshop in 1983, wanting to create an educational and collaborative atmosphere for students and teachers alike. Within this environment, participants would live, learn, and practice with each other. In the words of one student that year, “It’s like a dream come true to think, eat and sleep guitar for a whole week.” During the day, they would take courses in a variety of musical styles, and they would attend master guitar workshops at night. This first summer, many noted musicians including Al DiMeola, Rory Block, George Gritzpah, Arlen Roth, Eric Schoenberg, Dennis Koster and Larry Coryell taught the master classes. The first faculty consisted of folk, rock, jazz, classical, bluegrass and bass guitar experts, many of whom were New York City studio musicians and college professors. The first summer took place at the South Kent School, located inSouth Kent, Connecticut, and consisted of four one-week sessions.

“It was a nice feeling to be involved with a new and innovative program. There was nothing like the NGW at the time and it was exciting to help to get the program off the ground and established.” –Lou Manzi, founding and current faculty member

The NGW experience is like a year’s worth of material compiled into one week. Like most workshops, the benefits of NGW don’t completely take form until the participants have gone home. “It would be impossible for someone to learn and use everything they hear at the Workshop in a week or two,” said owner David Smolover. “They should be able to just absorb everything, and then take it back with them and begin to work it all out.”

As part of the NGW experience, students have the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience, jam with other musicians, and study with world-famous artists in an accessible and relaxed manner. The NGW provides a positive, supportive and non-competitive learning environment through hands-on teaching and teamwork.

here is a link to some dates and locations that the NGW will be taking place this summer if you would be interested in doing a feature.

here is a link to all the guest artists/teachers this summer:

Muris Varajic: final dance skips into the free promo slot

Muris Varajic says:
I called this song Final Dance cause it has some dance feel to me, pretty subjective, yeah. :DThis time I wanted to keep it as musical as possible, get a main theme, develop it, keep progression not too complicated etc. It has lot of that “Balkan” vibe once again, specially the trills part in main theme. Now, groove isn’t that much Balkanish, it’s actually simple 6/8 all the way but I tried to get compensation by expression, note choices and trills of course, what can you say….I’m a Balkan boy. :D About solo it this song, first part of it is played with tapping and I tried to “emulate” the sound of domestic flute which has been used a lot in this region, specially in rural parts of Balkan, like old villages and such. Not sure if I’ve had a success with that. it’s up to you to decide. ;) Anyhow, enough talking, I hope you’ll like this song and good luck to all other participants!! Cheers :)

Final Dance

Muris Varajic - Let it out buy
1 Mojo Oro
2 Blue Note in A
3 Bumps On You
4 Where We All Belong
5 Gas At Once
6 Drunk Funk
7 SRV Or What?
8 An Old Modern Time
9 Put a Smile On Your Face
10 The Water
11 A Story From Eastern Europe

Claudio Passamani: guitar idol free prom slot

Claudio Passamani is another finalist from Brazil and he's produced a very meolodic track for the final.

Claudio Passamani says:
The game of LIfe is a song to my next album that i decide to advance to the Guitar Idol due the importance of the competition. i simply love this tune. full of good effecct such as whammy and flanger and a very shredding solo at the end. influences on this tune – John Petruccci, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani Paul Gilbert, Y J Malmsteen
You can follow a thread on guitar idol forum to find out more about Claudio.

Guitar idol final vote:

The Game Of Life

His third CD is called Belos HInos Cristãos (Beautiful Christian Hymns) and it's a compilation from classic hymns from protestant churches in a Shred Guitar Format. The Cds can be purchased by email in or in the Guitar Stores from my state(ES) in Brazil.

Juan Madera: yamaha guitar hero 2008

One I missed last year... but worth a look.
Performance by the guitarist Juan Madera (John Wood) (Cantabria) winner of the final round of Yamaha Guitar Hero held in Barcelona on March 1 2008

yamaha guitar hero 08

Fendermania: tribute to roy buchanan

Thanks to Magnus Olsson for spotting this one.

KA "Drunk Playing" The Messiah will come again by Roy Buchanan Played by fendermania. Thanks for your comments! I, soullessautomaton, am not the guy in the video. I'm just a fan of him, wishing I could play that much. He, fendermania, said that he drank and played, so he made lots of small mistakes. He just used POD 2.0 and computer speakers...and the "tick, tick" noise came from the digital camera focusing him. Without drinking :) his other playings are not that emotional, but this is so emotional, and that's the reason I like this and wanna share it with many people

Very Moving Guitar Playing

Stefano Sebo Xotta: jamming with paul gilbert!

Paul Gilbert Clinic Tour 2009: Essemusic Store - Montebelluna (IT) 14.4.2009, During Hendrix's Red House, Paul jams with Stefano "Sebo" Xotta; it turns out pretty cool, with some great solos improvisation.

Paul Gilbert Solo Ft. Sebo

Terry Syrek: ngw trainer delivers heavy shred!

Terry Syrek's an amazing player, so it's always a joy to find a new video. Terry is featured on a well as an incredible player he shows you what can be done when you have a postive outlook on life as he suffers from focal dystonia. If you get a chance get hold of a copy of his latest CD Aum.

Terry Syrek:
Me improvising over a track i made. Too many notes; i get a camera in front of me and play kinda silly. Oh well. Next time i'll take a xanax.


Paul Gilbert: italian clinic perspectives

Jenn has been busy again working on the translations of some reviews / perspectives of the recent Paul Gilbert clinic / vip concerts in Italy.

(in English)

(in Italian)