Tuesday, 28 April 2009

News: guitar idol finalists... get the CD's

I'm keepin this page to add all the CD's that guitar idol finalists let me know about. My plan is to republish when new ones are received. So if your a guitar idol finalist then let me know about your CD and you'll get added here and your own promo post!

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Hedras Ramos, awesome guitar

Faraz Anwar - Abstract Point of View buy

Kosta Vreto - Skin On Stings buy

Lucky Singh Project 8105: buy

Ivan Mihaljevic - Sandcastle: Buy

Muris Varajic - Let it out buy

Conrad Harpham Conradical - email charpham@hotmail.co.uk

Claudio Passamani - Belos HInos Cristãos email passamani@passamani.mus.br

Andrew Gorny Unconditional buy

Maneli Jamal demo 2006 paypal

Pablo Mendoza "My Destiny": buy

Benjamin Teacher Violet Sky buy

Maneli Jamal: acoutisc tapper still gunning for votes in guitar idol 2009

Maneli Jamal is a solo acoustic instrumental guitarist, whose unique style of playing and ability to connect with his audience transcends the age, culture and generational boundaries that limit the majority of mainstream music found today.
vote for guitar idol: http://guitaridol.tv/online_final/entry/lucid_drawl

Lucid Drawl

It's a great track and fans of this acoustic style will no doubt be pleased to hear you can buy a CD via Maneli Jamal demo 2006 paypal

Alex Skolnick: testament preaching to the uk... tour dates announced

Alex Skolnick and Testament are set to tour the UK. Testament UK dates include:

19 - Manchester, UK - Academy II
20 – Sheffield, UK - Corporation
21 – Glasgow, UK - Garage
22 – Newcastle, UK - Academy
23 – Bristol, UK - Academy
24 – London, UK - Shepherds Bush Empire
25 – Birmingham, UK - Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall

John Petrucci: one nation under a prog... the tour continues

European leg of the Progressive Nation 2009 Tour just expanded:

23 - Ice Hall - Helsinki, Finland
25 - Hovet - Stockholm, Sweden
26 - Spektrum - Oslo, Norway
27 - KB Hallen - Copenhagen, Denmark
29 - Arena - Berlin, Germany
30 - Luczniczka Hall - Bydgoszcz, Poland

2 - Sporthalle - Hamburg, Germany
4 - Zenith - Paris, France
6 - Zenith - Lille, France
7 - Ahoy - Rotterdam, Netherlands
18 - Frankfurt, Germany - Jahhrhunderthalle *
19 - Ludwigsburg, Germany - Arena *
31 - Ljubljana, Slovenia - Tivoli *

Lucky Singh: happy after all that sorrow?

Lucky Singh just got some tier 2 promo too for the guitar idol final. Lucky Singh says:
Lucky here, just posting to let you know im on BBC Radio Shropshire tonight at around 6:30pm to talk about Guitar Idol 2009 and also to discuss the band "7ucky" and a little about myself and the guitar. After hearing my story and then seeing my GI09 entry they were more than happy to show me thier support. They will be playing the studio version of "Sorrow" and then after the interview i might be playing a completely "improvised" guitar piece live on air (rather nerve racking i know lol)cNot only that...... Myself and the band will be performing live in the studio this Friday for the Friday Night Gerbil Sessions also held at BBC Radio Shropshire so please stay tuned for that:

Ive already been in the local Paper "The Shropshire Star" and will be hopefully front page on the "Telford Journal" this Thursday too!

You can vote: http://guitaridol.tv/online_final/entry/sorrow


Matias Rengel: guitar idol reaches argentinian news papers

Matias Rengel gets press coverage in Argentina for his entry to the guitar idol competition. Matias Rengel says:
"I am very open musically," he says to clarify the reasons that can vary in format or style so easily. The same ability that places him on May 8 between players who will participate in Tucumán in Argentina Guitar Fest 2009 with the participation of recognized violeros Pablo Soler Xavier Moyano.
full translation

You can vote for Matias Rengel: http://guitaridol.tv/online_final/entry/lost_paradise

Lost Paradise

Jack Gardiner: getting tier 1 guitar idol coverage

According to Jack Gardiner, he has just been covered in a UK national newspaper, The Daily Star and he'll be on BBC Radio Merseyside tommorow at 4pm!

Another promo track posted and you can vote for Jack: http://guitaridol.tv/online_final/entry/ambitions

Improv over a Ballad Track (15 Year Old)

Mattias IA Eklundh: musikmesse or bust

See I told you so... more Musikmesse video being posted.... you can't give a good guitar show down!

Mattias IA Eklundh has been a Laney endorsee since 1996 and has been a fixture of Laney trade shows around the world for the last decade.

For those of you who dont know Mattias IA Eklundh you should! He hails from Sweden and is quickly becoming one of the most exciting players around. Mattias combines his very individual technique with stunning compositional skills drawing on everything from growling metal to Indian reduction rhythms making for a very unique style of Swedish folk music!

Mattias amp of choice is a GH100L a 100 watt All tune tone machine! The clip features him using this amp and plugging into a GH100L into a GS212IE cabinet. There is nothing in between the guitar and the amp apart from a couple of cables and a wah pedal. The delay on the song is put on at the desk.

Father is off the A Road Less Travelled and is a track which demonstrates a more melodic side of Mattias playing, sure there are amazing chops in it but on this track the melody is king.

Check out www.freakkitchen.com for more details of Mattias and his band Freak Kitchen and www.laney.co.uk for all your amplification needs.

Mattias IA Eklundh performs Father on the Laney booth at the 09 Frankfurt Messe

Reb Beach: the right to rock podcast


Reb Beach appears on the right to rock podcast: http://www.therighttorock.com/media/podcast-079.mp3

Kostas Karamitroudis: gus g back to musikmesse


You thought it was over for another year... welll not quite still some video to be posted... here's Gus G. I'm looking forward to seeing Firewind with Stratovarious on the first date of the UK tour!

Gus G. @ Muskimesse Frankfurt 2009 / Into The Fire, Insanity

Gus G. @ Musikmesse Frankfurt 2009 / The Fire And The Fury, Feast of Savages

Gus G. @ Musikmesse Frankfurt 2009 / Medley

News: graham bonnet interview

Classic Rock revisited interview Graham Bonnet about the new Alcatrazz album and other guitar related things... what it must be like to have played with Yngwie Malmsteen, Richie Blackmore,Howie Simon, Steve Vai and Michael Schenker.

Graham Bonnet:
Well with Ritchie obviously I have to thank him very much for giving me the job. He is one of the originals and that’s who Yngwie was influenced by which I think is pretty obvious. I will always look upon the time that I was with Rainbow, even though it was a very short time- Ritchie was the guy who turned my musical tastes around because I was more into R&B and pop stuff or whatever. He will always be close to my heart because as I said he was an original and the best guitar player that I had ever heard in my life when I played with the band. It was just such an exciting thing to do and to be accepted by the other side of music which I didn’t think I would be because I had short hair and was into doo-wop and whatever else. I had nothing to do with metal [laughing].

When Yngwie came along what I wanted to do was sort of put a Rainbow band together so when he came along he was the perfect guy for the job. He was very young and very eager so it was just a magical thing. Yngwie went on to become something that he very much wanted to be and that was a star, it was inevitable and I could see it happening. He wasn’t very happy with the players in the band, he was ok with me but he just didn’t think the others were good enough to be one of the front men so to speak. So he left and became successful and the band went down the shitter [laughing]. Then Steve came along and we were rescued once again. We made what I think is a great album, we did some gigs and then David Lee Roth came along and stole him away. Steve was as I said a very easy person to work with and very humble about everything. There was “No it has to be done this way”, he always listened to other people.

Michael was – a lot of his songwriting kind of rambled, we had to edit things down a lot, but again he’s a different player altogether. I saw Michael play a couple of years ago and I did a track on his MSG anniversary album. He asked me to write a tune for that so I did and it was really great to do that again. Unfortunately Michael and I are very much alike, well we were. We used to drink a lot which was one thing that screwed up my time with him because I got totally drunk and made an idiot of myself. I was fired from the band because of it. We used to drink from morning until night. Michael and I would be drinking champagne in the morning, whenever we had the money for champagne that is, and beers throughout the rest of the day. Michael is a great talent and I’m probably going to ask him if he can maybe do a track for me possibly for Alcatrazz or for something else. He told me “I’ll do anything for you anytime Graham”. We’ve got lots of ideas so Michael might contribute to this new Alcatrazz album like a couple of other outside writers have, Russ Ballard being the one people know most.

Chris Impellitteri: sea of tranquility interview


Chris Impellitteri :
"Thank you !! Obviously I love to shred and play metal, but I understand the importance of creating a great song too…I usually start by writing a riff that is catchy, melodic, and memorable. For example, listen to "Crazy Train", or "Ain't Talking 'Bout Love" by Van Halen. Those two riffs are easily remembered and inspirational, all the way, right? I try to create similar patterns in order to please the listener and inspire them. My favourite tracks on the record are "Wicked Maiden", "Last Of A Dying Breed", "Garden Of Eden", and "Hi School Revolution". I am a metal kid at heart…, so my passion is with the heavy, more aggressive tunes."
full interview

Victor Smolski: rage tour dates

Rage with their 25th Anniversary tour

1 - Villach, Austria - Nikolai Saal
2 - Burghausen, Germany - GUM Eventhalle
16 - Kerkrade, Holland - Rock Temple

4 - Sölvesborg, Sweden - Sweden Rock Festival **
26 - Montabaur, Germany - Mach 1 Festival

9 - Vizovice, Czech Republic - Masters Of Rock
17 - Neukirchen, Germany - Dong Open Air
14 - Oulu, Finland - Jalometalli Metal Music Festival **

17 - Sofia, Bulgaria - Blue Box Club **
24 - Gaildorf, Germany - Sundown Festival

11 - Düsseldorf, Germany - Philipshalle **

Rage will also play the Wacken Open Air in Wacken, Germany, which runs from July 30th to August 1st. A performance date will be confirmed soon.

News: madrid guitar festival



guitar I Festival Madrid, for this first edition will have guitarists Jackson Browne, Vieux Farka Touré, Gary Moore, Rosendo alongside Reincidentes, Joe Henry , Joao Gilberto, Joe Bonamassa, Manuel Barrueco, Kee Marcelo Band alongside Uli Jon Roth and Jorge salted, David Russell, Scott McKeon, Jan Akkerman, Dayna Kurtz, Benito Cabrera, and Mónica Giraldo.

The festival will be held between May 15 and June 21, and we'll find a wide range of styles, Blues, Jazz, Flamenco, Rock, Pop, Heavy, Classic and Bossa Nova.

The program and prices for concerts are:


* Friday, May 15 - Jackson Browne Sala Heineken Hora: 20:30 35 €
Sunday May 17 - Vieux Farka Touré Sala Heineken Hora: 20:30 25 €
Wednesday May 20 - Gary Moore Sports Palace Time: 20:30 40 / 35 €
Sunday May 24 - Rosendo + Reincidentes Sports Palace Time: 19:00 30 / 25 €
Wednesday May 27 - Joe Henry Lara Theater Time: 20:30 30 / 27 / 25 €
Friday May 29 - Joao Gilberto Congress Hall Time: 20:30 120 / 100 / 80 €

Tuesday June 2 - Joe Bonamassa Sala Heineken Hora: 20:30 25 €
Saturday June 6 - Manuel Barrueco National Auditorium Time: 20:30 30 / 35 €
Monday June 8 - Kee Marcello with Uli Jon Roth Band (special guest) + Jorge salt - Sala Heineken Hora: 20:30 25 €
Thursday June 11 - David Russell National Auditorium Time: 22:30 30 / 35 €
Tuesday June 16 - Scott McKeon Teatro Lara Time: 20:30 25 / 22 / 20 €
Wednesday June 17 - Diego del Teatro Lara Morao Time: 20:30 30 / 27 / 25 €
Thursday June 18 - Jan Akkerman Teatro Lara Time: 20:30 30 / 27 / 25 €
Friday June 19 - Dayna Kurtz Teatro Lara Time: 20:30 25 / 22 20 €
Saturday June 20 - Benito Cabrera Teatro Lara Time: 20:30 25 / 22 / 20 €
Sunday June 21 - Mónica Giraldo Teatro Lara Time: 20:30 25 / 22 / 20 €

Oziel Zinho: guitar idol talking

Brilliant Brazilian player, posted these tracks some time ago but it gives you some idea of the talent of this guy!

Ozielzinho - Talking (Rick Furlani cover)

Ozielzinho - Sonda-me, Usa-me(Aline Barros cover)

Oziel Zinho is a guitar idol finalist and has 124 points but he needs more!: http://guitaridol.tv/online_final/entry/argos


Dave Justo: soraia by solos


Solos from various venues from Soraia's Spring Tour 2009. PLEASE SHARE AND RATE. Thanks!...

"Vampire" - Gary's Spot in Tomball, Texas: 03/24/2009
"Somebody to Love" - Doc's Music Hall in Muncie, Indiana: 03/16/2009
"Shed The Skin" - Crazy Frogs in Houston, Texas: 03/21/2009
"Long Time" - Circle Bar in New Orleans, Louisiana: 03/25/2009
"Vampire" - Chelsea's Bar and Grill in Baton Rouge, Louisiana: 03/26/2009

Soraia Spring Tour Guitar Solos 2009 Part 1

Solos from various venues from Soraia's Spring Tour 2009. PLEASE SHARE AND RATE. Thanks!...

"Shed The Skin" - Carousel Lounge in Austin, Texas: 03/18/2009
"Long Time" - Soho Lounge in San Antonio, Texas: 03/20/2009
"Little Cat" - Chelsea's Bar and Grill in Baton Rouge, Louisiana: 03/26/2009
"With A Little Help From My Friends" - Carousel Lounge in Austin, Texas: 03/18/2009
"Little Cat" - Soho Lounge in San Antonio, Texas: 03/20/2009
"Little Cat" - Crazy Frogs in Houston, Texas: 03/21/2009
"Vampire" - Chelsea's Bar and Grill in Baton Rouge, Louisiana: 03/26/2009

Soraia Spring Tour Guitar Solos 2009 Part 2

Andrew Gorny: guitar idol finalist promo winner

Andrew Gorny is one of the few acoustic players going for grand final honours. This is his current CD

This is the official debut from Pacific Northwest solo fingerstyle guitarist Andrew Gorny. Carrying the "Hedges torch," the tracks vary from the somber tribute "Michael Beautiful," to the frenetic "Pretentious," to the ominous "Aurora," a part of a classical suite for guitar. Showing a virtuosic facility over creating solo instrumental music, while still maintaining the traditional rules of good composition, this record is surely a valuable contribution to the fingerstyle
Andrew Gorny Unconditional buy

1 Pretentious
2 Vitamin C
3 You have My Heart
4 Catching Up
5 White Folk, They...
6 Beautiful Sadness7 Unconditional
8 Aurora
9 Double-Edged Sword
10 Beatin' Tha Gutz
11 Nothing Like
12 Clair De Lune
13 Michael Beautiful

Vote: http://guitaridol.tv/online_final/entry/rather_walk_you

Rather Walk With You

Brett Garsed: a musical oasis awaits us...

Chris Johnstone says:
Like I promised.....feel bad that I've been holding out on you guys!
plus look at for some more William Stravto... coming soon if we can prise it out of Chris's hands, LOL!

Oasis - Live in Italy

Buddy Guy: chicago blues summit guitar workshop

'Chicago Blues Summit with Buddy Guy' on National Guitar Workshop!

Don't miss the chance to see Buddy up close!

Time: July 12, 2009 to July 17, 2009
Location: Judson University
Organized By: Jason Shadrick

Event Description:
Blues Summit
The Blues Summit is open to intermediate and advanced guitarists, bassists, and drummers. Students choose one class from those listed and attend this class each day. In addition, all Blues Summit students attend Faculty Master Classes and participate in Performance Class where students will work with a rhythm section on repertoire related to their chosen class. Students also attend a Master Workshop with a Guest Artist.

Bluesblaster with Matt Smith
Bluesblaster is designed for blues guitarists who enjoy the string-bending, speaker-blowing power of the blues. Class topics include how to improve bending and vibrato, modal blues improvisation, double stops, mixing major and minor pentatonic scales, and expanding your chord vocabulary. Learn phrasing secrets and styles of the great masters such as B.B. King, Albert King, Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Jimi Hendrix. Study a variety of styles including rock, swing, Texas Shuffle, Rhythm and Blues, Delta, slide, and country blues.

Total Blues Guitarist with Dennis McCumber
This seminar will expose students to the diverse world of blues guitar playing, providing students with everything they need to be great blues guitarists. Beginning with simple blues progressions, students will leave the class playing licks in the styles of greats like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Muddy Waters, B.B. King, and Bonnie Raitt. Topics covered will include scales, chords, licks, and tunes in many different blues styles including funk-blues, jazz-blues, and modal blues.

Full Frontal Blues with Murali Coryell
If you have always dreamed of being the front man in a blues band, this is the class for you. Topics include lead and rhythm playing, improvisation, and singing while you play. Learn skills for leading a blues band such as choosing repertoire, getting gigs, and working with a rhythm section.

Ultimate Blues Bass with Casandra Faulconer
In this seminar, students will analyze and dissect bass lines of some of the great blues bass players such as Duck Dunn, Roscoe Beck, and others. Students will learn to use pentatonic scales, modes, and 7th chords to expand bass lines they already play and to create bass lines from chord changes. There will be an emphasis on the groove and the importance for students to infuse passion and expression into their bass lines.

Ultimate Blues Drums with Ernie Durawa
In this class, students will explore the skills and techniques of the blues drummer. Students will study drum rudiments, comping techiques, brush work, and develop a strong internal sense of time. This class also focuses on the different rhythms found in blues as well as how to work with a bass player in the idiom.

See more details and RSVP on National Guitar Workshop: (you need to log in)

Dejan Toracki: new cd in production

I apologise for the lack of communication. As do most musicians, I have had numerous, unorganised ideas that form the basis of songs but havn't quite been completed. The problem with coming up with a killer riff is that it sometimes takes ages for you to come up with another killer riff worthy of complementing the first one!!

HOWEVER, I am well under way in Pre-production of a second album with 9 songs now fully completed!! I am hoping to recoird drums tracks in the coming weeks/ months.

I have posted some initial ideas on the home page, but I assure the new material is awesome (If I do say so myself!!). I have decided to just go nuts and shred my backside off. I will start positing completed demos shortly for your listening pleasure.

More to come ....

You can listen to sound sample on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/dejanmusic