Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Daniele Gottardo: signature pedal available

Description: Special Tapping Distortion Pedal - Eleven Electrix
Specifications: Special Tapping Distortion Pedal
"Daniele Gottardo" Signature
System distortion of the original Eleven Electrix Special Tapping Germanium
Tone Controls: Passive 3-band circuit with the original Eleven Electrix
Controls Volume / Gain / Trable / Bass
Low Noise Operational Amplifiers
True Bypass
Standard steel chassis size 1.5 mm
Control panel backlight color Blue Clear
9V battery or power ext. (Not supplied)
Designed and built entirely in Italy

Signature pick ups too!

Prashant Aswani: more cool guitar tips and tricks

Warm Up Exercise: Prashant Guitar Tips

Palm Muting Chords: Prashant Guitar Tips

Slide Vibrato: Prashant Guitar Tips

Francesco Artusato: Guitar Lesson #3

All Shall Perish's Francesco Artusato Guitar Lesson #3

Luke Fortini: somewhere over the rainbow


Lalle Larsson,Richard Hallebeek, Stefan Rosqvist: infinity of worlds

Lalle Larsson: Infinity Of Worlds

Lalle Larsson (Keyboards); Jonas Reingold (Bass); Walle Wahlgren (Drums); Richard Hallebeek (Guitar); Stefan Rosqvist(Guitar)

In the last two years the world has seen several releases from Swedish keyboard virtuoso Lalle Larsson. The ground breaking DVD “Seven Deadly Pieces” (Weaveworld Music), the critically acclaimed debut album “Weaveworld” on Reingold Records and several other appearances on various albums. His work with Karmakanic and Agents Of Mercy together with his solo recordings quickly put Larsson on the map as one of the upcoming strong forces in modern progressive music. Now Lalle is back with yet another hard hitting solo release. Reingold Records is once again proud to announce the release of the second “Weaveworld “ album “Infinity Of Worlds”. more

Jeremy Barnes: Frying the Fretboard in Crematoria

Jeremy Barnes Crematoria

Ayman Mokdad: Guitar addiction solo competition

AYMAN- Guitar addiction solo contest

Enter: Guitar Addiction solo competition

Travis LeVrier: Scale The Summit - City In The Sky

Travis LeVrier playing "City In The Sky" • Scale The Summit • Featuring Chris Letchford

Sam Coulson: appearence on Kyle Night track

Tell Me A Lie - Kyle Night

Eric Johnson: Gibson interview

Eric Johnson Interview

Subway Bandit: Presonus Firebox

Subway Bandit Gear Demo - Presonus Firebox

Subway Bandit Gear Demo - Presonus Firebox: http://www.subwaybandit.co.uk *Coming Soon*

Mark McGuigan: Blue Bug Competition

Mark McGuigan - Blue Bug Competition

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Nikitas Tsaousis: Blue Bug competition

Milan Polak's - Blue Bug Competition (NIKITAS TSAOUSIS)

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Marco De Cave: wins second live4guitar competition

marco de cave 2nd live4guitar competition

You can check out the results and scores over at live4guitar

Derryl Gabel: Shred Knowledge review Outside Secrets 1 and 2 special discount!



May be one day your chops will be up there with Derryl Gabels!

Lydian Flight Demo HD

Richie Kotzen: live4guitar interview

What is your advice for the new guitarists out there who want to make it in the business?

It’s important to realize something. Everybody I guess wants to step out from what they are and be something bigger than what they are. I think you have to realize that all that other stuff is a byproduct to the work. If you think like “I want to become famous, I’ll learn the guitar”, it's not gonna work. People become recognized because of their actions and what they do. People are talking to me because they’ve heard my music and they like my music, not because of anything else. You do the work, you learn the instrument, you play. Some of them like it, some of them don’t but you cannot control that and when you are trying to control that you set yourself up for a lot of heartbreak because it’s a big world, there is a lot of people out there who make music and you got to do it for loving it. You play music because you have to, it’s the only thing that you really know. I don’t know how to do anything else, that’s what I do. If I wasn’t playing here, I’d be playing in my bedroom. I’d be sitting there with my guitar playing because I like it, I enjoy it. So my advice is don’t worry about what I’m doing or don’t worry about what your neighbor is doing, make sure you’re happy. You like playing music, go play. You like being in a band, form a band. You like playing your own music, go write some songs. You want to play in front of others, book a gig. You want to hear your music through the speakers, go to a studio and record it. Be proactive! Do that stuff but by no means don’t expect everybody to love your work but if you connect to someone that’s a byproduct, that’s the bonus. But the objective is to make yourself happy and play music. more

Rusty Cooley: Guitar Asylum TV... join the guitar crowd!

Rusty Cooley: Guitar Asylum TV - Join host and super shredder Rusty Cooley February 2011 for your exclusive chance, each week, to get lessons, tips and tricks. Catch Rusty's interviews with some of the hottest guitarists past, present and future. All, only, on Guitar Asylum TV!

Rusty Cooley: Guitar Asylum TV

Andrea Cesone: demo ThreeGuitars aluminium body guitar

Demo ThreeGuitars SHG33 Milano guitar show, player Andrea Cesone, guitar META , aluminium body ,carbonfiber neck, pickups Di Marzio dp166

shg33 demo3.flv

Juliette Jade: winning youtube awards

Juliette Valduriez: winning youtube awards

#69 - Most Viewed (This Month) - Musicians - France

The Great Gig In The Sky (Pink Floyd)

the first video now has over 209,000 views

Lost Paradise (Juliette Valduriez)

Krisztian Lovrek: Ron Thal TC electronics competition

Hangszereim: Music Man gitárok, T.C. Electronic G-major, Diezel VH-4

Ron Thal TC electronics competition

Chuck Czajkowski: Guitar Fusion Contest

Guitar Fusion Contest - Chuck Czajkowski

Enter: Guitar Fusion Competition

News: Guitar Addiction solo competition - your guitar playing on a top name CD!

Enter: Guitar Addition solo competition

Another super competition, this with an awesome prize of special guest solo on a new CD what will be packed with top name guitar players and featuring the drumming skills of Atma Anur amongst others. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get your soloing onto a cool CD!

Guitar Addiction CD - Guitar Solo Contest

Guitar Addiction CD - Guitar Solo Contest

Showcase your guitar playing skills to the world by entering this online You Tube contest, and get a chance to appear on the "Guitar Addiction" CD !!

To enter first download the backing track (Tempo is 108, starting on 0 point) here http://www.guitareuromedia.com/?page_id=11

Once you have the backing track, record your solo and upload your video to YouTube as a video response. (direct link is http://www.youtube.com/video_response_upload?v=K3F8hgTAuVE)

(To do this first upload your video as per usual, then go to the competition video click in the post comment textarea and a "attach a video" link will appear to the right, click on that and select your video it will be automatically added.)

Send us an email with your full name and the link to your YouTube video here http://www.guitareuromedia.com/?page_id=18

In the end the judges will choose what they believe to be the best solos. All entries will be valued based on creativity, composition, sound and technique.
The competition actual closing day will be 15 December 2010.

The Judges are: (by alphabetical order)

Cyril ACHARD(Solo, Taboo Voodoo, Sessions..)

Atma ANUR(Jason Becker, Richie Kotzen, Tony MacAlpine...)

Ludovic EGRAZ(Editor in Chief of GuitarExtreme paper Magazine)

Franck KARMATTITUDE(Solo, Double Heart Project, Music Distribution..)

Laurie MONK from the great "Truth In Shredding" Blog

Some Rules: * The Contest is open to anyone, from anywhere, and of any age, gender. * The video submitted must show you playing live over the backing track provided. * Only the judges will choose the winner, and their decision will be final.

All informations on http://www.guitareuromedia.com/?page_id=11

Here's a little edit of my last recording session at D Studio for a guest solo on Guitar Addiction CD. There's not a lot of material though to show here but it was fun to be there and great to contribute the guitar addiction's album. The perfect excuse to ride to Klaukkala and have fun at my fav "D Studio" with the great Jarno Hänninen at the mixdesk!
(we chat actually in a mixture of finnish and english, should be hard to understand everything)...
Check out: www.guitareuromedia.com
for the updates and infos!

Recording session for Guitar Addiction album project at D Studio (Nurmijärvi-Finland)

JP Stratoblogster: time from some Chunka Chunka in Em

Stratoblogster Chunka Chunka in Em

Oscar Morales: Live in Ecuador

Oscar Morales Live in Ecuador

Nahuel Schiumarini: Fusion Funk Contest

Fusion Funk Contest-Nahuel Schiumarini

Enter: Guitar Fusion Competition

Jon Bloomer: demo Blackstar HT Stage 100 & HTV-212

Using the intro to Lamb Of God's Redneck I pre-recorded the right track using the same settings as the live recording of the left track you see in the video. I didn't use any OD or Distortion pedals this is straight Blackstar OD 2 Channel tone and as you can see it is set at a pretty low volume so imagine at gig volumes! I used an Audix i5 to capture the recording straight into my Tapco Audio interface and no post processing in Ableton live.

Blackstar HT Stage 100 & HTV-212 Metal demo

Nahuel Schiumarini: modal jam opens new youtube channel

Don't ask... here's his new video channel http://www.youtube.com/user/NahuelMusic

Modal Jam Nahuel Schiumarini

News: Live4Guitar 10 lesson free bundle

We have decided to make this bundle easily available for all of you that enjoyed our "Lick of the Week" series. There are all files included - videos, tabs, backing tracks, text, scale diagrams... Everything in one ZIP file for FREE. We hope this will be helpful and you will enjoy it. Download

Live4guitar.com - Licks of the Week 1-10

Andy Mclaughlan: Blue bug competition

Milan Polak Blue Bug Guitar Competition Entry by Andy Mclaughlan

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Angel Ruiz: tribute to Alex Hutchings

Alex Hutchings-Feeling Fine cover por Ángel Ruiz

Anthimos Manti: Guitar Addiction Solo Contest

Guitar Addiction Solo Contest-(guitar euromedia-Anthimos Manti).wmv

Enter: Guitar Addiction solo competition

Martin Miller: joins Infinite Guitar

Infinite Guitar welcomes Martin Miller!

Infinite Guitar is very excited to welcome Martin Miller as a new guitar instructor! Martin is a professional guitarist from Germany who specializes in several styles including fusion, rock, blues, and jazz. He's looking forward to covering improvisational techniques, accompaniment, modern lead playing, phrasing, timing and much more!
Some of Martin's favorite guitarists include: Pat Metheny, Joe Bonamassa, Scott Henderson, Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, Steve Morse, 90's John Petrucci, Brent Mason, Guthrie Govan, Eric Johnson, Frank Gambale, Paul Gilbert, Sylvain Luc, Tommy Emmanuel and many others.


Martin Miller joins Infinite Guitar!

Steve Vai: Justin Sandercoe interview

Steve Vai Interviewed by Justin Sandercoe (MA-005)

Darren Housholder: Special tapping lessons with tab

Darren Housholder has put together some lessons for special tapping ideas. If you like these Darren is quite interested in producing more. You can email him with your requests, details of lesson and email address in attached PDF document: tapping lesson Darren Housholder can also be found featured in www.thesound-guitarmagazine.com

A trio of old but good videos

Darren Housholder - Misty

Darren Housholder - Maltshop Serenade

Darren Housholder - Noodle Surprise

News: Seventh Wonder release party details for Stockholm

With the release of their highly anticipated fourth album "The Great Escape" fast approaching on Dec 3rd, 2010.  Swedish progressive metal outfit Seventh Wonder have announced details of the official release party which takes place the following day. 

The release party will also prove to be the end of an era for the band also marking the departure of drummer Johnny Sandin.

The info is as follows:

Release party for The Great Escape including live performance by Seventh Wonder

Saturday December 4th, 20:00

Nöjespalatset in Bromma, Stockholm, Sweden

How much:
100 SEK paid in cash at the door (no exceptions and no cash machine nearby!).
This is dead cheap, so bring your pals and stop by! The more the merrier!

•Full live show by the band –last show with drummer Johnny Sandin!
•Bar inside (where you may pay with cash or credit card)
•Find your way:
•Ulvsundavägen 106A, 168 67 Bromma, Sweden
•Very close to Bromma Airport (~10km from Stockholm city)
•Busses depart from Sundbyberg station (commuter train/pendeltåg), Brommaplan (subway/tunnelbana), Solna station (commuter train/pendeltåg) and Alvik (subway/tunnelbana)
•Bus 176/177 from either Solna station or Brommaplan
•Bus 509 from Sundbyberg, Solna station or Brommaplan
•Bus 110 from Alvik
(Swedish only)
•Door opens at 20:00 and closes at 01:00

Full information on "The Great Escape" can be found at