Adam Moore: After School Guitar Club new CD

Fusion, pop, rock and progressive tunes from Adam Moore's catalogue rearranged and performed on lots of acoustic guitars. Includes some new pieces completed especially for this project.

Conceived, produced, engineered and performed by Adam Moore at The Birthing Pool on six days between 18th and 29th August 2010. The tracks use anything between 5 and 13 guitars. Each part is played on an Ovation 1861 with Martin SP Strings direct into the desk with a little compression. No track took more than two hours to record and any new ideas were added to the song in that time. This is work with purpose.

Hooligan Dance is taken from the album Curious Liquid (Evesound Music, 2004)
Inca and I Will Be Gone are taken from the album Endless Clamour (Evesound Music, 2007)
Fuchsia, The Knot Garden, Empress in the Beginning and Lo’s Orchard taken from the album Regent (Evesound Music, 2010) buy