New: WIN a prize sometime tonight... just grab an image of 1,000,000 visits

Nearly there!!! As per usual there will be a prize for that screen grab of 1,000,000 visitors. We are currently at 999,214 visitors... you know the deal... get a screen grap of the 1,000,000 visitors, submit you news... "Hey Mr Truth in Shredding!" I have the 1,000,000 visitors screen grab!!! ... I send a prize... I seem to recall a previous competition there were 3 people had 700,000 visitors! I have a feeling at the current rate of visits it will happen overnight for me, so if you capture the time it happened where you were that would be very cool too.

Remember no more no less. May be once you have that screen grab you could do a CTRL and F5 together... that way you'll bump the number past 1,000,000!