Thursday, 25 November 2010

Myx Harnett: Blue Bug Competition - 13 years old!

Milan Polak T-Rex Blue Bug Competition (Myx Harnett)

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Ulf Katschrowski: Ron Thal TC electronics competition

TC Electronic G-Major 2 - Solo over Marco Sfogli's Spread the disease

Ron Thal TC electronics competition

Daniel Homola: Ron Thal TC electronics competition

TC Electronic - TC Nova Repeater - Daniel Homola

Ron Thal TC electronics competition

David MeShow: Ron Thal TC electronics competition

☺ TC Electronic Powercore X8 (Video for a contest)

Ron Thal TC electronics competition

Alex Machacek, Wayne Krantz, John McLaughlin: Rich Murray from guitar channel posts Universe Music Festival gallery

Rich Murray:
Here is my full gallery of photos from both days of the amazing New Universe Music Festival. I'm still buzzing from this incredible event

Here are a few classics

Alex Machacek, Wayne Krantz

John McLaughlin

Alex Machacek

Orianthi: cool love jam!

Orianthi Live!

Christophe Godin,Dudley Ross: UK live show date in Guilford

Morglbl and Sizen + Sally Jo: Metal Violin Goddess live @ The Boileroom

Time 30 November · 19:00 - 22:30
Location The Boileroom, Guilford
13 Stokefields
Guildford, United Kingdom

More info book here:

Morglbl, back to the UK for the third consecutive year will blow you away with their killer musicianship, faultless stage craft and wacky French humour. Christophe Godin is renowned as one of Frances best guitarists, his virtuosic guitar skills and sense of humour has meant he is in high demand across the world. Ivan Rougny, bassist for Morglbl also plays Vigier, his formidable technique contributes to his unique playing style, which stretches the sonic boundaries of the bass guitar.

Sizen received rave reviews from Metal Hammer, Rock Sound, Big Cheese & Power Play, which was topped off by a 4 ‘K’ review for their debut album ‘What Do You See’ in Kerrang! Vigier guitars endorsee Dudley Ross joined the band in September 2008 and since then there has been no looking back. Sizen are currently in the studio working on their highly anticipated second album as well as completing a busy schedule of shows in the UK and abroad. As a one off special for this evening, Sizen will be joined by Sally Jo, six string metal violinist & the Sizen Shadow Orchestra.

Based in France, Vigier's luthiers started out with the ambitious goal of creating the best guitars in the world. With a focus on design, material and build quality, the numerous awards they've won suggests Vigier are at least near to their goal. Other Vigier artists include Ron Thal (Guns’n’Roses), Roger Glover (Deep Purple), Stanley Jordan, Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath) and Shawn Lane. The hand crafted instruments are in their 30th year Vigier and are going from strength to strength. Renowned for innovating the guitar, Vigier have revolutionised the guitar building industry with their carbon fibre technology as well as a desire to create beautifully hand crafted instruments with exceptional attention to detail.

* Age Restriction: Over 16
* Doors Open: 19:00
* Regular Price: £5
* Student Price: £3
* ACM Price: £3

Sam Bell: Christmas deal on skype guitar lessons!

Sam Bell:
As its nearing Christmas, i am offering online Skype Guitar lessons for only £5 for a 30 minute session. You will need Skype, Paypal, a webcam with a mic and a guitar!

If your interested please send me a email ( with your location/time zone (let me know how many hours infront/behind you are from the UK), and when your avalable!

Looking forward to sharing some ideas with you!

Irene Ketikidi: "Rambler" live at Steve Vai Masterclass

Hope you enjoy my live performance of Rambler, I was on the stage literally 3 metres away from Steve Vai!! Had an amazing time and got some really good feedback from him!
(I'm playing a shortened version due to masterclass time limitations)
You can also vote for me in Guitar Idol III if you like "Rambler"! Rock on

Irene Ketikidi - "Rambler" live at Steve Vai Masterclass

Jelena Milojevic: female fusion from Slovenia

Great fusion playing by Jelena Milojevic from Slovenia

Jelena Milojevic

Robert Conti: thanks giving sale!

Thanksgiving Event 2010

Our annual Thanksgiving Holiday sale has begun. To receive the discount, simply enter coupon code THANKS2010 (case sensitive) on the shopping cart page before proceeding to checkout. The sale will end at 11:00PM PST November 30, 2010.
Note: Equity Edition Conti Guitar is not included in this sale event

News: how itunes dictated entrance to their market space.

He really made a point of saying, “We want the iTunes Music Store to have every piece of music ever recorded. Even if it's discontinued or not selling much, we want it all.”

This was huge to me, because until 2003, independent musicians were always denied access to the big outlets. For Apple to sell all music, not just artists who had signed their rights away to a corporation, this was amazing!

Then they showed the Apple software we'd all have to use to send them each album. It required us to put the audio CD into a Mac CD-Rom drive, type in all of the album info, song titles and bio, then click [encode] for it to rip, and [upload] when done.

I raised my hand and asked if it was required that we use their software. They said yes.

I asked again, saying we had over 100,000 albums, already ripped as lossless WAV files, with all of the info carefully entered by the artist themselves, ready to send to their servers with their exact specifications. They said sorry - you need to use this software - there is no other way.

Ugh. That means we have to pull each one of those CDs off of the shelf again, stick it in a Mac, then cut-and-paste every song title into that Mac software. But so be it. If that's what Apple needs, OK. Full post:

Tim Morrison: the return of the tapper!

Tim Morrison new youtube channel: please subscribe as his previous channel was deleted by someone!

Tapping Guitar: Chopin Prelude in E Minor

Tapping Guitar: Bach Prelude in C Minor

Dr Slaggleberry - Crow Crippler Demo

Marcelo Barbosa: clinic details

Do not miss! Great year end event of the "guitar virtuoso" sponsored by the Modern Music and Audio Landscape. Masterclass with Marcelo Barbosa, and live show with Alex Martin and all school teachers. MFA in Theatre Day 09/12 at 20:30pm. Ensure your ticket now!

For more info:

Marcelo Barbosa em Niterói dia 09/12/10 + professores Música Moderna / Apoio Landscape Audio

Ian Bemolator: Lydian jam

JVC GZ HD500 Lydian Test

Tom Quayle: Port City Pearl Tone to die for!

Quick Port City Pearl Tone Test - Full Demo Coming Soon...

Nikolay Karageorgiev: Blue Bug Competition

Nikolay Karageorgiev:
Hey guys :-) Here's my quick entry, hope somebody will like it

Thanks to Milan, T-Rex and all the judges for this great competition

Blue Bug Competition by Milan Polak and T-Rex - Nikolay Karageorgiev entry

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Andreas Oberg: Ziua Chitarelor 3

andreas oberg ziua chitarelor 3

Dave Martone: Ziua Chitarelor 3

Dave Martone Ziua Chitarelor 3 by TVR Cultural

Michael Lee Firkins: Ziua Chitarelor 3

Michael Lee Firkins Ziua Chitarelor 3 by tvrc

Jennifer Batten: Ziua Chitarelor 3

Jennifer Batten Ziua Chitarelor 3 by TVRC

Luke Fortini: Thunder God

Instrumental power speed metal song composed and performed by Luke Fortini.


Richard Smith: Effortless Jazz Guitar Soloing Click Here to order this Effortless Guitar Jazz Soloing Techniques DVD.

Learn Jazz Guitar techniques from Richard Smith. Guitar Lessons on Octave basics, using the thumb, fingers and pick for mazium versatility, learn chord solo concepts using octives, blues licks, sclae and chromatic riffs in octaves and much more.
These guitar lessons will help you develop your playing in to your own style.
Play melodies expressively with octaves developing an awesome touch using right hand tonal techniques
developing a naturally expressive style using techniques such as expressive dynamic contouring
expressive devices such as slurs, tremolo, slides,
additional harmony beyond octaves

To Order this great dvd follow this link:

Effortless Jazz Guitar Soloing Techniques - Solo Performance - Lessons With Richard Smith

Arielle Schwartz: Bohemian Rhapsod

Arielle Schwartz plays Bohemian Rhapsody Guitar Solo

Fabrice Lacourt: Guitar addiction Contest

Guitar addiction Contest - Fabrice LACOURT

Enter: Guitar Addiction solo competition

Márcio André: Guitar Addiction solo competition

Guitar Euro Media Contest by Márcio André..wmv

Enter: Guitar Addiction solo competition

Allen Hinds: So You Say at the Baked Potato

Incredible playing by Allen Hinds, Jeff Babko, JV Collier at The Baked Potato in Hollywood. Please excuse the iphone recording, the sound was awesome live!

Allen Hinds and Jeff Babko playing John Scofields "So You Say" Part 1

Allen Hinds Guitar Solo on John Scofield's "So You Say" Part 2

George Lynch: guest guitarist for Black Sheep

WILLIE BASSE has announced dates for first leg of his upcoming tour in December. Basse is touring in support of his new single, 'Break Away' featuring George Lynch.

Willie Basse tour dates:

5 - Tucson, AZ - DV-8
6 - Hollywood, CA - Key Club
7 - Gallup, NM - Juggernaut
9 - Houston, TX - BFE Rock Club
10 - Janesville, WI - Back Bar
11 - Barrington, IL - Penny Road Pub
17 - Redondo Beach, CA - DIVE @ Brixton So Bay