Sunday, 12 June 2011

Oral Shred: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition - MUST SEE

I know this guy might sound mad... but I know where he's coming from... If I had a microphone in my car you'd hear licks like this... (except, of course, mine would be better :) ) Plus there must be an extra 10 marks for the Allan Holdsworth hat too... plus any one who claims Shawn Lane as an influence gets a gold star! Take it away buddy!!!! and as my Grand Pappy would it all the way through you all!!

When Oral Shred was a little boy, his only dream was to be a guitar shredder like his idol, Shawn Lane. Unfortunately, his daddy was barely able to feed poor Oral and his 19 siblings, let alone, purchase the much desired guitar. But one day, Oral was playing in the alley behind a music store and he watched as the employees threw away hundreds of busted guitar parts.

This was the closest young Oral had ever been to actually owning a guitar, so he brought his wagon back to the dumpster and hauled all those parts home. As there was no chance of assembling a viable guitar, the resourceful boy had another idea. His teacher had taught him that "You are what you eat." So he utilized his daddy's chain saw to cut the guitar parts into little pieces and, over the course of three months, Oral consumed all of them!

Miraculously, the musicality of the parts transformed him into a human guitar, articulated by himself via his lightening-quick tongue! This is Oral's first video. Join with us in witnessing history in the making as virtuoso Oral employs his magical tongue to literally lick and lap the competition!

Oral Shred: Daniele Gottardo's Guitar Competition

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Daniele Gottardo Competition

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Chris Alcala: Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge

Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge - Entry - Chris Alcala

Eric Maldonado: Ernie Ball Dreamscape Challenge

Eric Maldonado - Ernie Ball Dreamscape Challenge

Atanas Shishkov: Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge

Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge - Atanas Shishkov

Dennis de Bruijn: Appie X jam in Bmin

Dennis de Bruijn has been posting a series of videos on his youtube channel that are a jam over one backing track. It is very interesting to see how the ideas progress. The series is entitled Appie X jam in Bmin

Dennis de Bruijn: Appie X jam in Bmin

DoZ,Daniel Peroine,Kermheat: Smart Shredding on CD Baby

Instrumental music such as John Petrucci, Steve Vaï or even Greg Howe ... crazy stuff, various styles covered, epic, progressive and experimental. A MUST listen for the curious !!! Backing Tracks available with the special edition ! ;) One groovy tube, one electro rock tune, two progressive and epic tracks, one prog metal song and a experimental dubstep interlude ... enjoy !!! buy

Karolina Sustova: The Fight Inside

Karolina Sustova just graduated with this track whcih was posted on Sound Cloud. The graduation composition is called The Fight Inside and was created as a piece for rock group and string orchestra,so includes parts for guitar, cello, violin and drum solos and vocals.

Music and lyrics by Karolina Sustova

Karolina Sustova - guitars, vocals, keyboards (sounds of Hammond, Glass and Glockenspiel)/ Michal Jiran - drums/ Matous Peruska - I. violin/ Veronika Linhartova - II. violin/ Dorota Rybkova - viola/ Kristina Vocetkova - cello

Music mixed by Petr Susta

The bass guitar and the double bass are programmed.

The Fight Inside by KarolSustova

Kelly Kereliuk: Glen Drover "Ground Zero" solo contest

A cool solo for the Glen Drover competition.

Kelly Kereliuk-Glen Drover "Ground Zero" solo contest

Theo van Niel: Speedy G - finest country picking

Some great country style picking on this video... Theo van Niel certainly has these country finger picking licks down.

This song is dedicated to my beloved dog Fayak..

I used 2 custom build Penucci Telecasters in this clip and recorded them straight thought a DI. Then I used Guitar Rig as amp modeler.

You can find the full track on Myspace:

Theo van Niel - Acoustic/Electric guitar, Slide, Mandolin and composer
Hidde Roorda - Bass guitar
Marijn Geerts - Drums

Speedy G. - Theo van Niel

Joop Wolters: Jesse Galante tour

Six videos from the recent tour.

Joop Wolters: Jesse Galante tour

Tony MacAlpine: pen and ink at the ready for mass CD signing.

Tony MacAlpine sitting down to a mountain of CD's to sign from the pre-sales... I hope he doesn't smudge the ink on my copy :)

If you don't have your's there is still time to get a signed copy.

Tony MacAlpine A few people have asked how they can preorder the new CD - just visit my official site. We ship worldwide, plus you get a high-quality download of the album a week early!

Tony MacAlpine :: Store

Rune Berre: Glen Drover "Ground Zero" solo

I like the original style and tone of Rune Berre's playing. This isn't actually an entry for the competition, but just a solo over the backing track. I must admit, I'm really enjoying Glen Drover's release too.

Rune Berre-Glen Drover "Ground Zero" ( no entry).

Steve Vai: almost a million facebook friends... next stop a party for all.

Steve Vai Wow, I just looked at all my "friends" and realized there are almost a million of you. I'm stunned... deeply touched. No way to thank you... except perhaps when you hear this new track I just recorded called "Weeping China Doll." It's the best I can do. Thank you, sincerely. When we hit a million I'm throwing a party and you are all invited!

Alex Skolnick: performs at the Marriott Marquis on June 8th, 2011

Alex Skolnick performs at the Marriott Marquis on June 8th, 2011. This track is titled 99/09 from their album, Veritas.

Alex and Nathan (on bass) are both playing through AmpKit and AmpKit LiNK, wired directly into the PA system. Find out more about AmpKit at

The iPad mount being used in this video is from, highly recommended. Sturdy, works with iPad 1 and 2, instant rotation between landscape and portrait

Alex Skolnick Trio performs Fade to Black with AmpKit during WWDC

Alex Skolnick Trio performs Skol Blues with AmpKit during WWDC

Alex Skolnick Trio performs 99/09 with AmpKit during WWDC

Fred Brum: Vortex

Vortex by Fred Brum

Bill LoNero: metalunderground interview

Bloodofheroes: How did your first album influence how you approached “JFL”? Is there anything you specifically tried to do the same or differently?

On the first album I produced it. We also recorded it at someone else’s studio. With “J.F.L.” we had Michael Rosen and I produce it and we recorded it at our studio which was fantastic. We basically took a warehouse and converted it into our own recording/rehearsal studio. It’s perfect. We also use it for photo shoots and generally hanging out. We’re pretty self-contained. I recommend this approach to every band out there that takes their career seriously. It not only creates a musical environment that is more conducive to creating but it gives you peace of mind knowing that you have everything you need at your fingertips.
Bloodofheroes: Guitar instrumentalists of all stripes are clear influences on your music - What are some influences on LoNero that aren’t so obvious?

Actually I don’t listen to instrumental guitar. I can’t sit through it. It’s too much wanking and not enough shaking. What I mean by that is instrumental guitar is always about the lead and always about how many notes you can play and how fast you are and how many arpeggios you know. To me that’s so boring. Give me some groove. Show me a song. I want to hear a verse with a melody. I want to hear a kick ass rhythm. Not some guy wanking with his whammy bar. Most instrumental, if you take away the lead and you leave just the rhythm, the whole song falls apart and there is nothing there. My biggest influence is Angus Young. I love his tone, attitude, style and conviction. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve got nothing against speed, arpeggios etc. But there is a time and place for everything and doing it non-stop in a song is just not my thing. Can I do it? Absolutely. Do I need to in every song? Not a chance! more

Allan Holdsworth: SynthAxe Demo

a little snippet of Allan at the end, but it's worth seeing the whole video to understand how the Synth Axe worked.

SynthAxe Demo from the 80's