Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Orianthi: before Michael Bolton show

Orianthi before Michael Bolton show here in Bushnell :):):)

Vivian Campbell: I was frustrated by my lack of technique

Vivian, did your guitar style change when you joined Def Leppard?

CAMPBELL: Yes. My guitar-playing has always been a work in progress. When I was 16 or 17, I just wanted to play a lot of notes, and play as fast as possible. Then, when I worked with Ronnie Dio, he tried to make me embrace something in my style that he heard, something I hadn’t recognized before. He would point out specific moments and say, “That’s you. That’s what you should emphasize.” Life is all about change, whatever the endeavor. Things never stay the same. When I joined Def Leppard, I found things less challenging as a guitar-player, but more challenging as a vocalist. And that’s a challenge I wanted at the time. Being in this band made me a much better singer. The guitar challenge was different, because I was taking on Steve Clark’s guitar parts. To this day, those songs constitute 80 percent of our live performances – stuff from the classic, Steve Clark era. His parts are very thematic, very melodic and very integral to the song. They certainly can’t be omitted. I’ve had to step into Steve Clark’s musical persona, to carry off these parts. But I do bring my own physical side to the playing. I’m a much more physical player that Steve Clark was.

Do you pride yourself more on individual style, as opposed to technical expertise?

CAMPBELL: Well, in my younger years I was frustrated by my lack of technique. That was especially in the 1980s, when I was playing with Ronnie Dio. I was living in Los Angeles – that’s where the band was based – and I was surrounded by guitar players with great technical skills. The GIT thing was in full swing. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t play guitar like Paul Gilbert and Yngwie Malmsteen. But I’m fine with that now. The guitarists who influenced me most were blues-based players, and that’s more about phrasing than about the technical aspects of the instrument. I do believe it’s more important to have your own voice than it is to have great technique. You could cite Bob Dylan as an example, in a different way. No one would ever say Bob Dylan is a great technical singer, but you sure as hell know it’s Bob Dylan when you hear him. more

Leslie West: loses a leg in order to save his life.

Leslie West is recovering in a Biloxi hospital after having part of his leg amputated.

West had flown in to Mississippi to perform at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino with his band MOUNTAIN. On Saturday, his leg began to swell, and as a diabetic he was rushed to the emergency room. It was decided that an amputation was required in order to save his life. Surgery was a success and the procedure removed his limb up to the knee.

West is expected to fully recover and faces extensive rehabilitation
WE wish Leslie a speedy recovery and best wishes to all his family and relatives.

in happier times:
Mountain live at Newcastle Opera House, during the 'Mystic Fire' tour, performing 'Nantucket Sleighride' in 2003. Great version although not complete due to Youtube time restrictions.

Mountain - Leslie West & Corky Laing - Nantucket Sleighride

News: Truth In Shredding Video views passes 3,000,000 views!

Truth In Shredding TV
Videos Uploaded: 473
Video Views: 3,000,493
Favorites: 1,935

Channel Type:
Channel Views: 192,834
Subscribers: 5,860

Thanks to all of you who watch the videos and pass positive comment (for the most part)

Zakk Wylde: talks

Zakk Wylde: talks

Leonardo Guzman: wins Hufschmid Albinodroid Competition

Congratulations to Leonardo Guzman

Chappers TV Episode 8 - (Featuring Chapman ML2 update & the winners are...)

1ST PLACE: Hufschmid Albinodroid Competition: 'Strange Days' by Leonardo Guzman

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Rob Chappers: Monkeyfest 2011 impresario is ready to rock!

Rob Chapman - Interview with Ultimate Guitar

Working on my solo's in preparation for Monkeyfest \m/ *Warning

Live crazy stuff from Chappers at 20:00!!!

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Marco De Cave: Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge

Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge entry by Marco De Cave

Tony MacAlpine: Piano NAMM 1994

NAMM 1994 - Tony MacAlpine - Piano

Ron Thal: Bumblefoot "Catfight"

Bumblefoot "Catfight" (preview - available June 23, 2011 @ bumblefoot.com)

Preview of Bumblefoot "Catfight" featuring vocalist Mark Tornillo (Accept). Available June 23, 2011 at www.bumblefoot.com

Jason Becker,Joop Wolters: Not Dead Yet Amsterdam 13-11-2011 #6

Jason Becker's http://jasonbeckerfest.com/

NOT DEAD YET! The new festival is in the Netherlands... Get ready to book your flights to Amsterdam!!

Already committed to the cause:
Guthrie Govan
Mattias IA Eklundh
Daniele Gottardo
Stuart Hamm
Atma Anur
Kiko Loureiro
and more cool names to come!!!!

About a dozen of the worlds' best guitar players will appear on stage for the right cause...
They will entertain you...
Expect over 5 hours of stunning guitar...
Over a million notes...
Each note hand crafted and dedicated to Jason Becker!
One of them performing November 13, 2011 will tell you himself why you need to be there!

Jason Becker,Joop Wolters: Not Dead Yet Amsterdam 13-11-2011 #6

Not Dead Yet

Richard Lainegard: TQ Funk

Richard Lainegard:
Sat around jamming over a brilliant backing by Tom Quayle, and here's what came out. For some reason (duh) I can't seem to resist playing hybrid picking whenever I turn on a TQ-track hehe :) And guys, if you ever need a truly groovy track made (or just some inspiration), make sure you contact Mr.Quayle!!

TQ Funk Improvisation

Doug Aldrich: Les Paul frying

Doug Aldrich Warming Up in the GW Studio

Sam Bell: Middlesex Sundance

Found my old guitar in the attic, strung it up, found a backing track, aimed the camera roughly towards the guitar and had a good fun jam on it. Nothing perfect here, but this guitar is great fun to play.

Acoustic Noodling - Sam Bell

Sam Coulson: Les Paul day

Filmed Guitarworks Macleod Trail, Calgary where I work as a full time guitar instructor.

Sam has a Les Paul day

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Tony MacAlpine: talks 7and 8 string guitars with guitar muse

How did the new 8 string affect the compositional process of the CD?

There’s a sonic fullness…the instrument is so full itself that I’m able to double harmonies and double concepts of sound with other instruments like lower keys and especially with the bass. Being able to strengthen the bottom end in a way that isn’t a bass – but a guitar sound was very important to the outcome of this record. It’s a very guitar sounding record and that’s what I truly wanted. I really wanted to have that effect and being able to duplicate that with an 8 string was important.

You’re using 7 and 8 string Ibanez guitars on the recording. Are these the RG models?

These guitars are my Ibanez Prestige models they were custom made in the Southern California shop.

It looks like the models you have use a Floyd style bridge and EMG’s but I’ve read that DiMarzio was winding some pickups for you.

What happened was the pickups weren’t finished … they didn’t have a die cast for the 8 string poles so they didn’t really have anything available. So when the guitar was made, the EMGs were put in and that’s what I recorded the CD with. They’re active pickups and they sound very nice.

Can you talk a little about the specific unique elements to the 7 and 8 string guitars and will these be available as a signature model?

I have cut gains on the volume so that I can really achieve cleaner sounds with an overdriven amp. Those are push-pull pots. It’s something I worked on with Carvin but took it a little further with Ibanez. It’s something that’s very important for me because I do a lot of things that would normally sound very distorted but it’s actually a cleaner sound and that’s from the push-pull gains. more

Arnaldo Garcia: Mike Stern Bright Straihth

Mike Stern Bright Straihths Arnaldo Garcia

Pablo Mendoza: First Festival of Guitar Corp Banca

For the First Festival of Guitar Corp Banca BOD l Cultural Center, we provide a comprehensive picture of the guitar today. Diversity is one of the strengths of the event, parading various musical genres on this long weekend of June 29 to July 3: jazz, rock, pop, fusion, blues, the Venezuelan academics The flamenco.
Venezuela is the land of guitarists, just to mention three pioneers like Antonio Lauro, Alirio Diaz and Rodrigo Riera, with them he went around the world as much rejoicing. In this first edition we have chosen a handful of fine musicians solvents, we know that many are missing the talents, the excellence is at the surface when it comes to Miguel Esteves Delgado, Aquiles Baez, Juan Angel Esquivel, Rigel Mitxelena, Alvaro Paiva (Kapicua), Pablo Mendoza, Bartholomew Diaz, Pedro Castillo, Luis Zea, Germain Cova, Alvaro Falcon, Gonzalo Mico. From Italy comes Flavio Sala, winner of the International Guitar Competition Alirio Diaz.

Friday July 1Pablo Mendoza 10:00 pm

Pablo Mendoza

David Wallimann, Nahuel Schiumarini: Slow Motion Blues

Slow Motion Blues - Featuring Nahuel Schiumarini

Marc Konig: Alley Cat

Alley Cat by Seventh Wonder (with solo) by Marc Konig

in case you missed it

A little tribute to guitarist Andy James. This solo is inspired by some of his ideas and phrasing. To me his playing symbolises the perfect blend of feeling and technicality/speed. I got the backing track from LickLibrary.com and jammed to it, enjoy!

Insane Shred Breakdown by Marc Konig

Dave Martone: Guitar Workshop Plus 2011

Dave Martone and Guitar Workshop Plus 2011

Jason Becker: working on a CD release

Jason Becker's "Not Dead Yet" Festival Amsterdam (November 2011)Jason have told us we can release the following news:
- Jason is working on a CD release, the recordings are pre-Shrapnel and recorded when he was 15, 16, 17 years old. The album's possibly will be named "When I Was A Child"

Not Dead Yet

Guthrie Govan: Erotic Cakes - The Aristocrats - a side ways look at life :)

Erotic Cakes - The Aristocrats

Tony MacAlpine: Pyrokinesis

Pyrokinesis - Tony MacAlpine

Daniele Gottardo: The House of the Rising Sun - Eddie Lang Festival

See and learn from Daniele Gottardo to this years Eddie Lang Festival in Monteroduni

Daniele Gottardo Band performs "The House of the Rising Sun" in this exclusive Soundcheck Session @ Eddie Lang Jazz Festival in Monteroduni (Isernia, Italy).
Daniele Gottardo (guitar)
Marco Pollice (piano)
Alessandro Zaia (bass)
Lele Veronesi (drums)

Facebook events page

Daniele Gottardo Band performs "The House of the Rising Sun" (Exclusive Soundcheck Video)

Ricardo Marins: new NIG pedals demo

Ricardo Marins demonstra nova serie de pedals pocket da NIG

Fabrice Lacourt: Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge

LACOURT Fabrice -Ernie Ball Music Man Dreamscape Challenge- .wmv

Nili Brosh: wafer

Nili Brosh - Wafer (Sample: Form & Solo)

Richard Lainegard: conceptual approach to guitar

Richard Lundmark: I'm pleased to announce that I'm about to embark on a writing spree!
I've been commissioned to write a (BIG) book for the Japanese market about my conceptual approach to guitar, which will cover everything from improvisational guidlines, to timing, technique and much much more. I plan to make it as extensive and exhaustive as possible. more

Jack Gardiner: wins Dawsons Music competition

Dawsons MusicCongratulations go to Jack Gardiner, winner of our Ibanez shred-off competition with 370 "likes". It was a close run thing between Jack and Chris Gallagher (346). Jim Ellis also did very well in the voting (124).

Martin Miller: Improv with 2 different approaches

Martin Miller - Improv over a Soul Track with 2 different approaches